Mysterious Girl

Leah was known as the popular girl at school, she was a cheerleader, very beautiful and had an amazing personality. She had many friends and she could always count on her best friend, Alyssa for anything. But, what no one knew was her secret, a secret she held on to for so long. What happens when the new boy comes to the school and finds out what she's been hiding?


1. I am Mysterious Girl

Let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Leah, Leah Washington. Most people know me as the popular girl, the cheerleader or the party animal. I was well-known in school and to most people I was an angel. I had a narrow, oblong face with angular cheekbones and a slightly pointed chin. My slit-like eyes were a dark brown, and my thin plucked eyebrows were always shaped into a perfect arch that followed the curve of my eye. My small nose just above my light pink pursed lips accented my long brown hair. From my thins arms to my paper-thin waist, screamed a perfect body to everyone around me. I had a perfect, pearly white smile which continued to show everyday. I was taller than most girls in my third year of high school, I stood at 5'6" towering over most girls in my school. 

I was the only child, and I lived with my mom in London in a flat nicely built with a bit of a victorian edge to it. My dad died of cancer when I was five and I don't really remember much of him and my mom hardly speaks about him which I respect. My mom worked a lot which left me at home by myself a lot, I never really cared much. The silence was calming and it always kept me at peace with my thoughts. 

Alyssa was my only close friend, who knew almost everything about me. She was always there for me when I needed her and vice versa. A lot different from me, appearance wise. Alyssa was very short to most girls, besides me and she had long blonde hair, pale skin and blue eyes. She had twin brothers, who were older than us and she lived with her mom and dad in a flat just one block away from me. I knew her since I was in diapers and we were inseparable since. 

What hurt me the most about Alyssa and I's relationship was that she didn't know my secret. The only person who pretty much knew was my mom. The thing about me was that I was different. The only time my mom ever talked about my dad was when she told me about why I was the way I am now. 


"Mom! What's wrong with me? Why am I hearing all these voices in my head?" I yelled frighteningly. I was only 7 years old, I didn't know what was going on. But by the look of it, my mom did.  Her eyes went wide and she covered my mouth almost immediately. She grabbed my wrist tightly and pulled me towards the car. 

When we got inside the car I couldn't help but continually hearing voices in my head. I started to cry, I was young, naive and scared. I didn't know what was wrong with me and most importantly I didn't know why. 

As soon as we got home, my mom stopped the car forcefully and quickly told me to get out and follow her. We ran upstairs and into her room. Like a mad woman, she was running around the room not saying a word. 

"Mommy, what's wrong?" I said concerned by her rapid moving.
"Nothing sweetie, hold on." I nodded my head and continued crying softly to myself. 
"Honey, look at me." I did what was said and looked at my mom with my slit, almond-shaped crying eyes. 
"I have something to tell you." She pressed forward, "You have a gift." 
"What do you mean, I have a gift mommy?" My little seven year old voice questioned confusingly. 
"You can do things most people can't." She paused for a moment, trying to find the right choice of words, "You can read minds. Daddy told me this day would come around the time you turned ten, but I guess it came sooner. Daddy was a super-natural being, he wasn't like me, I'm human. You hun, you're half human/half super-natural being. Because of this you have a power and or gift. There are simply things you can do to control this, but for now on, you have to live it with. You have to promise me one thing thought sweetie." My mom said softly.
I nodded my head as a sign for her to continue, "You can't tell anyone, and by anyone not even Alyssa."
"Mommy! But why? Alyssa is my best friend, we tell each other everything."
"Honey, but you can't. If you do the monsters would get you." I gasped at that. She knew my fear of monsters, I hated them and they hated me.
I put my head down in defeat and played with my fingers and continued to cry.
"Honey, everything will be okay. I will be with you always, you aren't alone."


Until this day, I still remember it all. It was horrifying, gruesome and sickening to hear the thoughts of people at such a young age. Imagine living in my life, but the worse thing of it all was the guilt of holding on to a secret from everyone, even my distant family. 

It's was my secret, my mysteriously abnormal secret. I was a Mysterious Girl. 


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