Condemned Soul (The Vampire Diaries Fanfiction)

Morgana Jenny-Angel Pierce was only 14 years old when she and her older sister, Katherine, stayed at the Salvatore home. Morgana was small but petite, young girl; beautiful and was very talented. Katherine was extremely beautiful. Every man in town wanted her. She was just heavenly stunning. But that was not until the Salvatore brothers had seen her.


PS: Keep in mind that this was written by a then 15 year old teenager (me) so there may not be much detail but this kept me occupied in school.


7. Chapter 6: Card and Flowers

Katherine came out of the house as always looking beautiful. She saw Morgana holding a bunch of flowers. She was curious to know who she was going to give those flowers to. So Katherine went up to her and said "Morgana, where did you get those flowers?" with a stern look on her face. Morgana smiled "they're for you" and handed her the flowers. Katherine took them, smelled the flowers and said "That's very nice but you still didn't answer my question" looking down at her. Morgana said "I got them by the stream. There's a river behind the house." Katherine then saw there was a card attached to the flowers. It said:


"Love is only a comparison when a girl and a boy in each of its forever love for all. Only one can be taken by the woman's side and to fulfill the loveless of all. PS: You are my friend I ask you to meet me at the house. 3:30 sharp. There's something I must give you."


Katherine saw that there was no name on the card. Morgana bent down to see her face but Katherine's head was up again. She handed the flowers back to her. "You keep them. There's a card attached to it" she said with a stern look on her face. Katherine hid her expression well. Morgana took the flowers, reading the card as Katherine said goodbye and walked off to the garden

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