Condemned Soul (The Vampire Diaries Fanfiction)

Morgana Jenny-Angel Pierce was only 14 years old when she and her older sister, Katherine, stayed at the Salvatore home. Morgana was small but petite, young girl; beautiful and was very talented. Katherine was extremely beautiful. Every man in town wanted her. She was just heavenly stunning. But that was not until the Salvatore brothers had seen her.


PS: Keep in mind that this was written by a then 15 year old teenager (me) so there may not be much detail but this kept me occupied in school.


4. Chapter 3: Caution

The very next day, Katherine and Damon took off for a morning walk leaving Stefan at home. Morgana got dressed and walked to her bedroom window. She saw Stefan, alone, playing football. She walked downstairs and walking out of the front door; she went up to him and said "Can I play?" He looked up, smiled and stood up saying "Morning Morgana. Yes you can play but one question" with a curious look on his face "do you know how to play football?" Straight away Morgana said "Does running around the field and kicking the ball count?" Stefan gave her a small glittering laugh "Is that a 'Yes'?" he said to Morgana. Morgana replied with a small shining laugh "Yes". So the Morgana and Stefan played football. As Morgana was about to score a goal, her sister, Katherine, came back with Damon, from their morning walk - which took forever to get home. As they walked in Katherine saw Morgana playing football and Damon saw Stefan all so happy. Katherine and Morgana, Stefan and Damon, their eyes met one another. Katherine was calm and said "Morgana, go walk inside the house I would like to speak with you." In her head, Morgana knew this was going to be bad. She gave a worrying glace to Stefan and walked off. Katherine turned to Stefan and Damon in a calm voice "I'll be back in a moment." The Salvatore brothers watched her walking slowly to the house. Katherine opened the front door and closed the door shut.

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