Condemned Soul (The Vampire Diaries Fanfiction)

Morgana Jenny-Angel Pierce was only 14 years old when she and her older sister, Katherine, stayed at the Salvatore home. Morgana was small but petite, young girl; beautiful and was very talented. Katherine was extremely beautiful. Every man in town wanted her. She was just heavenly stunning. But that was not until the Salvatore brothers had seen her.


PS: Keep in mind that this was written by a then 15 year old teenager (me) so there may not be much detail but this kept me occupied in school.


3. Chapter 2: What Goes Around, Comes Around

The next day, Damon and Stefan Salvatore, were brothers and were best friends. They were playing football outside their home. According to Stefan, Damon learned to play football as a very young boy at school. They kept playing when Stefan said to Damon, "What are the rules?" while Damon was chasing for the ball and Stefan holding it. A figure of three women came through the front door, a housemaid, a beautiful, brunette-haired girl and a dark-haired girl. The beautiful girl said, "Who needs rules?" to the Salvatore brothers. It was Katherine. Their heads jerked up and saw her. Stefan and Damon saw Katherine, so stunningly beautiful that only a human eye can see. "Mind if I join you?" Stefan walked up to her "You could get hurt, Damon likes to play rough" as Damon looked at her. "Somehow I think you play rougher" she said to Stefan. Stefan smiled as Katherine snatched the ball out of his hands and ran laughing. Damon walked to Stefan to watched Katherine run. Damon glanced at Stefan and said "You just gonna stand there? Clearly that girl wants to be chased. Well if you won't do it I will" and so Damon ran after Katherine and so did Stefan.

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