Condemned Soul (The Vampire Diaries Fanfiction)

Morgana Jenny-Angel Pierce was only 14 years old when she and her older sister, Katherine, stayed at the Salvatore home. Morgana was small but petite, young girl; beautiful and was very talented. Katherine was extremely beautiful. Every man in town wanted her. She was just heavenly stunning. But that was not until the Salvatore brothers had seen her.


PS: Keep in mind that this was written by a then 15 year old teenager (me) so there may not be much detail but this kept me occupied in school.


2. Chapter 1: New Home

Sorry about the intro for being really short.


It was 1864, the day they were carried by a coach ready to take them to the Salvatore home, where they will stay when their father is out of town in Florence for business. When the coach stopped at the front gate a handsome young man came to escort the ladies inside. The young woman came out by her side was her sister. The man said to the young woman, "Good morning I'm Stefan Salvatore, you must be Miss Pierce?" as he offered his hand to her. "Please, call me Katherine" as she took his hand, did a curtsy and smiled. "This is my sister, Morgana" Katherine introduced to Stefan. Stefan replied, "Good morning, Morgana" looking down at her while bowing down. Morgana said, "Good morning to you too, sir. When I'm 20 years old, I want to change my name and to travel the world" to Stefan. "It looks like you already have some things to do with your life. How old are you?" he said to her. "I'm 14 years old" Morgana replied to him. "Well, you both look stunning. Shall I take you both inside the house?" he said to the girls. "Yes, of course. Morgana can explore the fascinating books" replied Katherine as Morgana smiled. So Stefan escorted both Katherine and Morgana inside.

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