Torn - A Zayn, Harry and Barbra triangle

Barbra Palvin is your average nobody. She's ever been noticed and she hasn't expected to, but when brothers Zayn and Harry move to town, she's swept off her feet by one and then the other. The only problem is, Zayn is out of control and Harry has a wild temper, so the competition for her love isn't a journey that's going to be easy. With her heart on the line, she decides it's time to step up and out of her shell.


1. Why hasn't anyone noticed, yet?

Barbra's P.O.V*

Mornings are so  not my thing. I am not a morning person, I thought as the alarm clock went off on my bedside table. I groaned, sitting up and shuffling to my closet. A pair of jeans and a baggy sweatshirt ought 'a do. The birds outside brightened my spirits slightly, but not enough that I would be happy to head to school.  I grabbed my bag, slipping the strap over my head and sighed. Another day at this stupid school.


"Barbra, get down here," I heard my father scream from the foot of the stairs. I cringed and slowly sauntered towards the stairs, my eyes hitting the floor when I saw my dad, obviously drunk.


"Morning," I muttered, walking past him to the kitchen and grabbing an orange.  I began peeling it, tossing the peels into the trash and closing it. "I'll see ya after school." I kissed him on the cheek and felt my stomach churn as the stench of scotch slapped me in the face. He didn't say  anything, simply stumbled to the couch and fell back, turning on the T.V.


As hard as it is to ignore, I continued off to school, only to be met by a very large, very muscular chest. My body hit the floor and thank god that Cliché 'bumps in the hallway' didn't apply here, and all of the objects in my bag didn't fall out. I would die if a tampon slid to the foot of some overly hormonal teenager. 

With a sigh, I sat up and then took the hand of a tall guy with black hair, whom pulled me up. "Sorry," he chuckled as I brushed myself off.

"No, it's cool," I said my eyes finally lifting to meet his hazel ones. "I-I wasn't looking where I was going."

He smiled and soon we were joined by a brown haired guy. His hair was a mess! It was a combination of curls and tangles. "Who's this?" His deep voice interfered.

"I'm not sure," His eyes never left mine. "What's your name?"

I quickly snapped out of it, giving the tiniest smile. "I'm Barbra. My friends call me Bee," I said, realizing that I didn't really have enough friends that they could call me 'Bee'. 


"Well, 'Bee'," The black haired boy  dragged the word on, before smirking. "I'm Zayn Malik. This is my brother, Harry Styles."


"Were last names really needed? She didn't give us hers," The boy named Harry, protested. 


"Shut up, it's just a last name." Zayn countered, rolling his eyes. 


As they continued to argue, I looked down at my phone. I was going to be late. "Listen," I interrupted. "I'm going to be late for class. So, as wonderful as this is, I've gotta go." I started away but a hand grasped my upper forearm and pulled me back lightly. 


"Wait, we're actually lost," Harry piped up. "Can you help?"


"Do you guys have the same schedule?" I asked, shocked. It was weird for Mr. Hanger, the principle to place new kids together. 


"Yeah, basically." Zayn replied. 


I sighed. "Fine, sure," i agreed and we started down the hall. 

As we walked around, Zayn stared up and down the hall. "What the hell?" he declared, frustrated.


Harry and I looked at him. "What?" We asked in unison. My cheeks tinted lightly when Harry smirked and winked at me. 


Zayn, who had noticed and was obviously annoyed, ran a hand through his hair. "Why haven't they noticed yet?"


This time I kept my mouth closed, and Harry shrugged. "We're not that great," he answered.


"What're you two talking about?" I asked.


"Zayn likes attention," Harry filled me in.




"He's wondering why  girls aren't falling all over him yet."


"Cocky much?" 


Zayn smirked and quickly stopped dead in his tracks. My eyes widened and before I could do anything, he had me pinned against a wall,  his lips less than an inch from mine. He stared into my eyes for a few moments, not saying anything. His smirk was still painted on his face. My breath had suddenly left my chest and I opened my mouth to say something, but no words came out. Our 'moment' was quickly stiffled when Harry cleared his throat before roughly yanking Zayn back. Zayn's face turned red and he huffed. 

"What the hell, Harry?" He growled.

"I don't dig P.D.A," He dismissed. 

"No," His voice went low so that I couldn't hear. "You dig her."

"We just met. Shut up." Harry continued walking and I rubbed my makeup-less eyes. Shit. Today was going to be a long day, I thought, running to catch up with the boys. 



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