Torn - A Zayn, Harry and Barbra triangle

Barbra Palvin is your average nobody. She's ever been noticed and she hasn't expected to, but when brothers Zayn and Harry move to town, she's swept off her feet by one and then the other. The only problem is, Zayn is out of control and Harry has a wild temper, so the competition for her love isn't a journey that's going to be easy. With her heart on the line, she decides it's time to step up and out of her shell.


4. Is she the new girl?

Barbra's P.O.V* 

I called Emily the next morning, begging her assistance in coming over to help me get a new morning routine into practice. She came over and gasped. "Bee!" She squeaked. "You look GORGE." I giggled and pulled my straight brown hair back behind my shoulders. 

"Think people will notice?" 

"Uh.. YES." She announced, playing with my hair. "Oh my gosh, are those your real eyelashes?" 

I nodded and she slithered in envy. My smile grew. "Ready to go?" She nodded. We both walked to my car, a 2005 honda accord, getting in. It was about a 15 minute drive to school and when we got there, I froze. My tight light blue torn skinny jeans and white v-neck held no confidence within them, as I thought they would. I stared at Emily, my eyes wide with fear, my brown hair falling over my shoulders in neat tangles. She smiled, patting my shoulder without me having to say a word of my hesitance. 

"Let's go," she said, getting out. I reluctantly followed her, immediately gathering eyes from several people driving by or getting out of their own cars. Suddenly, I spotted Zayn and harry. Harry was locking lips with some freshman girl, and Zayn was on his phone, yelling at someone. I looked at Emily and she smiled. We walked over to them and Zayn paused. 

"I.. erm... Gotta call you back," he explained. Harry didn't move from the freshman's lips until Zayn smacked him in the back of the head, causing the girl to yelp in pain.

"What the hell?!" Harry yelled, looking at him.

"You bit my tongue!" The girl gasped, covering her mouth.

Harry chuckled and waved her off. She growled and ran off. He turned and looked at me. "Whoa," he said quietly. 

"Dibs," Zayn announced. Harry scoffed. 

"No," he said. "You can't call dibs."

"Erm.. Right here!" I said, disgusted. "I'm not a thing. You can't 'dib' me."

"Shut up, boys," Emily intervined. "She is just wearing makeup. She was pretty before."

"Yeah but now she's smoking." Harry smirked.

I rolled my eyes, walking away. Emily followed, as did Zayn and Harry. We had become our own group now, one that Heeley Williams was jealous of, since it consisted of her two favorite boys; Zayn and Harry.

I smirked as we passed her, her eyes falling in anger. Harry noticed and to piss me off, turned and walked over to her. My eyes widened and I walked faster, going into the bathroom. Emily joined me a few minutes later, her arms crossed, her face contorted in anger. 

"He's sitting there flirting with her! He asked her out, Bee!!" She hissed. "What an ass."

"Seriously? Where?" I asked.

"Zayn said he asked her to Hollow's peak," She gasped. Hollow's peak was a romantic spot. Not a hookup spot. It was a 'I-want-to-seriously-like-you' spot. Not a 'i-want-to-seriously-take-your-pants-off' spot. 

"What? Ugh! He's suppose to be our friend," I retorted. We walked out and Zayn was standing there, waiting. His hands were in his pockets and his head was down, his beautiful hazel eyes watching the floor. "Hi."

His head lifted and a smile painted his lips. "Hey, Barbie doll," He smiled. "I know a perfect get-back plan."

"Really? What is it?!" 

"Go on a date with me."



Harry's P.O.V*

I had met ... shit. What's her name? Penny, or something. Well, i'd met her this morning when I 'bumped' into her boyfriend and he tried to start shit with me. I hit him, he fell, she found her knight in shining armor. We were making out when Zayn smacked me, causing me to catch her tongue between my teeth. I chuckled at her over dramatization. I looked to Zayn, completely unaware of the girls standing next to him. Ignoring 'Penny', I waved her off and heard the sound of her feet hitting the concrete. 

I turned to see Emily, her large breasts that I'm so intrigued by, covered by a baggie hoodie. I sighed in disappointment before my eyes moved to another set of beautifully exposed breasts. I followed them up to see Barbra. Holy shit, she was pretty as fuck. Her hair was in a straight brown mass of thick hair, her bright blue eyes now coated by a thin layer of eyeliner and cover up. I smirk. 

"Whoa," I said quietly, almost not realizing I had said it.

"Dibs," Zayn announced. I scoffed. 

"No," I said. "You can't call dibs."

"Erm.. Right here!" Barbra said, her face churning with anger. "I'm not a thing. You can't 'dib' me."

"Shut up, boys," Emily demanded. "She is just wearing makeup. She was pretty before."

"Yeah but now she's smoking." I smirked, eyeing her. 

Barbra gave a swift roll of her eyes before walking away. We followed as a posse and we walked past Heeley Williams, a girl whom's father was a constant friend to my father. Barbra was bragging with her blue eyes when I looked at her, and Heeley glanced at me with a quick look of sadness before flashing it into what I assumed what fake anger. I glanced at Barbra before turning my route and walking to Heeley. Barbra, obviously mad, ran to the women's bathroom while Emily and Zayn hung around.

"Hey, Heel," I smiled. 

"What, Harry? Come to gloat?" She asked, her eyes staring away from me.

"What the fuck? About what?"

"Your new girlfriend. Barbie."

I chuckled. "Me and Barbra aren't dating. We're friends, get over it," I smirked. "Jealous isn't a good color on you."

She blushed a light pink and smiled, her eyes meeting mine. "Oh yeah? And here I am thinking I look good in everything," She giggled. 

I wanted to puke at her obnoxious comment, but Instead I invited her on a date to Hollow's peak. She gasped before agreeing and I smiled. I turned to walk away, and spotted Zayn standing outside the girl's bathroom. As I approached him, I seen Barbra and Emily walk out of the bathroom and up to him. I was about to join them when I heard six words that made me want to smash Zayn's face in. 

"Go on a date with me."

He sure as hell better be talking to Emily, I thought. 

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