Torn - A Zayn, Harry and Barbra triangle

Barbra Palvin is your average nobody. She's ever been noticed and she hasn't expected to, but when brothers Zayn and Harry move to town, she's swept off her feet by one and then the other. The only problem is, Zayn is out of control and Harry has a wild temper, so the competition for her love isn't a journey that's going to be easy. With her heart on the line, she decides it's time to step up and out of her shell.


6. I tried to say sorry!

Barbara's P.O.V

Ugh, why the hell does my face hurt?

Your face is hurting me, Emily's voice rings in my head. Except, it wasn't in my head. I said that out loud and Emily is a butthole. 

"You're funny," I cringe, replying sarcastically as I sit up. Nurse's office. Harry punched me. Okay, now we're getting somewhere.

"A-are you okay?" I turn to look and Zayn is standing there, his hands in his pockets as he stares at me. I nod. 

"Can we talk... alone?" I say to Emily who is texting. 

"Hm?" She looks at Zayn. "Oh! Yeah!" She quickly gets up and I smile as she walks out, but it's replaced by a frown. As she closes the door, she blurts out, "BOW CHICA WOW WOW." I want to hit her!

Zayn sits on the edge of the small bed and bites his lower lip as he stares at me. I reach to touch my eye but my hand snaps away as soon as my fingertips put a bit of pressure, it stings. 

"I'm sorry, Barbie," he says quietly, staring at me.

"That bad, huh?" I chuckle lightly. He smiles. 

"Even with a black eye, you're beautiful." I feel my cheeks get red and I turn away.

"You're turning my face into a circus, Z," I say quietly, and mentally slap myself for calling him 'Z'. 

"Whoa," he says seriously. "I didn't hit you, Harry did."

"I know. But you made me blush!"

"Not the same thing," He insisted, putting his hand on my cheek. 

"Listen, Za-" I was cut off by his lips crashing into mine and for a moment I didn't know what to do, so I froze. I felt his soft, warm lips moving against mine and then I felt his hand on my hip and my lips synced with his as we kissed.

He slowly pulled away but I tangled my fingers in his hair and brought him back, kissing him a little harder. 

He chuckled against my mouth and pulled away, unlacing my fingers from his hair. "Barbie, as much as I wanna continue this," he said, huskily, his eyes dark and serious as they stared at my lips. His hand squeezed my hip, sending tingles through my body. "You just got hit in they eye. You need to go home and get some rest."


"But-" I started to pout but then remembered who I am and where I was. I'm not the girl who gets punched in the eye by a dude then makes out with his brother while I'm in the nurse's office. Where is she anyways? Doesn't she get paid to make sure this shit doesn't happen?


"You're beautiful, barbie. I've gotta go, Em is gonna take you home," He pats my hips, releasing it before he stands up and I feel a pang of jealousy as he calls her 'Em'. I sigh and sit up, swinging my feet off the bed as Emily walks in. 


"I wonder how long it'll be till he realizes he's wearing your lipstick," Emily smirks as she walks in. 

"huh?" I frantically wipe all of the lipstick off my mouth with the bedsheet. Ugh. Gross! 

"Ew, what if someone rubbed their butt on that!"

"Yeah, Emily, I'm mentally regretting it right now."

"Oh.. sorry. " She quieted down and stayed that way until we got to my house.


She pulled in front and sighed. "I'll have Zayn bring your car home later."

I nod. 



"Forgive him."
"Harry, bee. Forgive Harry. Zayn's not as innocent as you think - that punch wasn't for you. Zayn was provoking him. Some guys watched the whole thing." She was leaving something out. 

"What do you mean?"
"There's something else. What is it?"

"Well, they sai-" She froze. I followed her gaze and my eyes met where hers were staring. There were two figures wrestling around on the front lawn. One was... Harry. And the other was... my dad?



Harry's P.O.V*

I banged several times on her door, figuring the nurse must've sent her home hours ago. Nobody answered and I tried one last time. "Barbara!" I yelled, stepping back to look in the window. There was movement behind the curtains before the door swung open and a portly man stood before me. He had five o'clock shadow covering where his chin met his neck, and he wore a cliche navy blue robe that didn't go high enough to cover his stripped boxers, and was open in the front enough that his white t-shirt was exposed - stains and all. 

"The hell do you want?" The man slurred. The smell of whiskey and vodka was evident, even from five feet away. 

"Is Barbara here?" I asked, calmly. 

"No, she ain't fucking here. Why the hell'd you think that?"

"She..." I took a deep breath, attempting to control my temper. "She lives here, sir."

"No she ain't. Sh-" he was cut off by his own loud burp in my face and I growled. "She don't live here. Ain't you see all her stuffs in the trash?"
I turned to see a brown trash can full of frilly blankets and pillows and a few noticeable books and albums. 

"You threw her stuff away?!" I boomed, stomping over to the trash and removing her belongings. 

"Hey! That's stealing, don't touch that!" The man was at my heels, grabbing my elbow and yanking it in an attempt to pull me away. 

"It's Barbara's stuff! Why the hell would you throw it away?"

"She ain't live here no more!" 

"It's her house!" I yell yanking my arm away and turning to the man. His eyes met mine and they were cold, dark and uncaring. 

He hated her.

That was all I needed to send my fist flying to his face and him to the ground. I didn't stop. I kept hitting and kicking. He fought back.. a little. He got the upper hand once but heaved over out of breath and I caught it back with an upper cut. I was ready to bash his semi-conscious face in when I heard a voice. 

"Oh my god, stop!"


"Harry, what the hell!"


I pulled myself together, standing up quickly. 

"It's not what it looks like... I.. " I looked at her things in and around the trash can. They did too. My eyes fell on her father. Theirs did too. "I came by to say sorry. I tried to say sorry, but he uh... he's.. he's not a father, Barbie."
"Leave," Barbara gasped, falling to her knees beside her father. 

"Barbara, wait.. Just calm down," Emily came to my defense. 

"Leave! Both of you!" She cried, laying her head on her now unconscious father.

And so we did.



A/N Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I will more often. :D I want to see comments and feedback, though! Don't just tell me to update, tell me what you think. Team Zayn or Team Harry!? Or Team Emily? ;D Just kidding. But really! Feeeeeedback. Favorite. Love you guys! 

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