Torn - A Zayn, Harry and Barbra triangle

Barbra Palvin is your average nobody. She's ever been noticed and she hasn't expected to, but when brothers Zayn and Harry move to town, she's swept off her feet by one and then the other. The only problem is, Zayn is out of control and Harry has a wild temper, so the competition for her love isn't a journey that's going to be easy. With her heart on the line, she decides it's time to step up and out of her shell.


2. Does your dad do this alot?

Barbra's P.O.V*

I hadn't talked to or seen the boys since I met them, but damn were they on my mind! My father went out binge drinking, so I haven't been to school since the sheriff's looking for him. I haven't slept in days. I sighed, grabbing a book off of the shelf and sitting down. It took all of my concentration, but i'd gotten through the first chapter when there was a knock on the door. I flinched, accustomed to the silence that came with my father's absence. I stood, walking to the door cautiously. "Who is it?" I asked, quietly. 


"It's me Bee," Emily's voice chirped. I opened the door and gave her a weak smile. "Hey," She cooed. "I heard about your dad.."


Before I could respond, her thin arms were wrapped around me in a tight hug and I broke down. Tears streamed down my face as Emily held me up, running her fingers through my hair. I wasn't sure what to do. Or say. I wasn't sure how to handle this. I was unequipped. 

"Listen, Sweetheart," Emily interrupted my thoughts. "I  know you need to let it out, but there are two boys parked in front of your house."


My head snapped up and I wiped my tears, looking out the door behind Emily. "Shit, who?" 


"These new boys. Harry and Zayn. They're super cute," She smiled, her eyes practically turning into hearts. 


"Harry and Zayn? How do they know where I live?" I asked her. 


"Oh, I showed them," she casually said, picking her nails. 

"Well, why in the hell did you do that?"


"They seen us hanging out after school and haven't let up on me since you missed class Monday," She explained. "They've been begging me to assure them you're okay. They convinced me to bring them here.. It's been a week, Bee."


I knew what she was going to say. I wanted to hit her. Not because she was wrong, or out of place but because of my anger. I knew what she was going to say. 


"You need to prepare yourself that he may be seriously injured or..." She paused as we both heard the boys noisily coming up my driveway. 


I wiped my puffy eyes and sighed. "Hey," Zayn said, a weary smile on his face. He stopped at the door and I was greatful. Manners. 

I barely knew the guy!

Harry followed and gave a small wave. "Hi Barbra," He smiled. Emily stood aside and smiled at the boys. Her smile and my own faded when I heard a snarling. "What the hell is that?" Harry asked. 


"Ohh, no," Emily warned. "Ya'll better go." 


"What? Why?" Zayn demanded. 


"Erm, 'least go sit in the car, or you aren't gonna have a whole lot of nothing to love Bee with," Emily warned again. The boys' eyes widened and their faces were tinted with red. 


I turned and saw Sammy and Rocco, my very large, very unwelcoming mastiff-rottweiler mixes creeping out of the kitchen. Zayn noticed them and his eyes widened. "Are those bears or dogs?!" His voice boomed, causing Sammy and Rocco to begin barking, and in a full charge, running towards the boys. I slammed the door and raised a hand. 


"Down!" I called, but they continued past Emily and I to the door, scratching and barking. "Down, Sammy! Rocco!" 

They stopped mid-action to lie down, their heads between their paws. "Bed," I demanded  softly and they jumped up to jump on me. They licked my hands and arms. "Bed," I giggled. It was the first time I'd laughed since my father had disappeared. I led them to the back yard, locking them out and returning to the living room where Emily had opened the front door and invited the boys in. 


"I wasn't scared," Harry insisted.


"You sure?" Zayn chuckled. 


"You were the one screaming bloody murder," Harry growled.

I swear, these boys.


"Both of you were scared," I said, stopping the argument and sitting down. I was worried out of my mind. 


"So, er.." Zayn broke the silence. "Does your dad do this alot? Disappear,  I mean." 

I glared at him. "No," I snapped. 

Nobody knew about his alcohol problem, and I wasn't about to start with the boys that I thought I could see myself with. Hell no. 

Suddenly, there was another knocking on the door. "Who the hell is it now?" I groaned, getting up. I opened the door to see the Sheriff, my dad's best friend,  holding his hat between his hands.

"Hi Barbie," He gave a pained smile. "We oughtta talk."

I gulped, feeling my heart fall into my stomach.  

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