Torn - A Zayn, Harry and Barbra triangle

Barbra Palvin is your average nobody. She's ever been noticed and she hasn't expected to, but when brothers Zayn and Harry move to town, she's swept off her feet by one and then the other. The only problem is, Zayn is out of control and Harry has a wild temper, so the competition for her love isn't a journey that's going to be easy. With her heart on the line, she decides it's time to step up and out of her shell.


5. A little green monster.

Harry's P.O.V*
I clenched my fists, tilting my head back. It was 7th period, 8 minutes until the bell rang.I was counting every second. I beat a steady rhythm on the desk, the scene from earlier today in the hall, replaying in my head. It pissed me off because Zayn knew that I wanted Barbie. Sure, he did too, but dibs don't count and he pisses me off. "Pssst," made my snap out of my thoughts, and I contemplated opening my eyes, since there wasn't anyone in this class that I even remotely liked. "Pssssssssssst," I growled, opening my eyes and snapping my head to the left.

"What?!" I demanded in a low whisper. My eyes landed on BT. Emily. BT stands for Big Tits. It's the name that Zayn and I came up with for her. My eyes softened as my eyes roamed to her boobs, causing my to shift my pant leg with one hand. I smirked at her and changed my tone. "Oh, hey Emily. What's up?" I asked, casually. 

She scoffed, realizing where my eyes were and I chuckled, moving them to her face. "Stop that," She hissed. "I know you're mad."

"What?" I asked, taken back. "No I'm not." I denied.

"Yes, you are. You're mad Zayn asked Barbie out," she paused. "Although, I don't know how you found out, unless you were stalking-"

"I don't stalk," I growled in a low voice.

She giggled and turned to face the board. Two minutes. "Whatever you say."

"And I'm not mad," I said flatly. 

She shrugged her shoulders, her face going blank as she awaited what every other student was; the end of the day. When the bell finally rang, I stood up and grabbed my white binder and pushed through several kids to make my way outside. I spotted Zayn standing by his car, his phone in his hand as he texted. 

"'Sup asshole?" I huffed, throwing my binder at him. He moved quickly, and it barely missed him, but I kept walking towards him. He tossed his phone in the car and I could hear him groan. 

"What did I do now, dude?" He asked. 

"You fucking asked her out! What happened to the bro code?!" I stopped in front of him, my anger getting the best of me as I clenched my fists. 

"You can have her after I do," He chuckled. "No worries."

"Son of a bitch," I huffed. "I get the virgins. You get the hoes."

"Since when? Everyone you get is a hoe. That's why you get them. Any girl with options won't choose you."

"Yeah? Care to make a bet?"

"What kind of bet?" His eyebrows raised and I smirked.

"Whoever takes her virginity.. $1000."

His mouth was open slightly before it curved into a smirk. "You're on."

He held out his hand to shake mine but I walked to the passenger door of his car instead. I pulled it open but not before I heard him make a snark comment. 

"$1000 says you end up with a dude instead."

I turned, loosing my temper and throwing my fist at him, hitting him right on his cheekbone. I felt my hand go numb for a moment before it was shot with seering pain and I shook it. I smirked down at him as he fell to his knees, holding his cheek. "Ha," I said quietly. "Enjoy loosing the girl, and your money."

"Oh my god!" I heard a gasp and I froze, my eyes slowly moving up to Barbra, running towards us. 

"Shit," I mumbled, hiding my hand. 

"Thanks for the sympathy vote, bro," Zayn smirked before his face twisted with pain. 

Fucking asshole! I Lifted my fist to punch him again but Barbra intercepted it, trying to catch my fist in her hand. Wrong move. Fuck!


"Harry!!!" I heard Emily scream just before I watched my fist slam into Barbra's fingers before landing on her face. 

I was in deep shit. 

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