Time Turning Watches

Lucille Tempus has a strange family. One person a generation can manipulate time by either pausing it, looking into the future or seeing the past. You can tell the chosen child by a small 'T' on their left wrist. But Lucille was born with the mark on her right wrist, does this mean she will get the powers on her 15th birthday or not?


2. The Wrong Wrist


On the 29th of March there was a young girl born to the joyful parents Eva and Ryan. Eva was so happy as she played with her younger daughter, but then her older daughter entered the room complaining. She knew something had to be wrong, everything was always unfair or horrible to her older daughter.

"Muuuuuummm. I couldn't find the bathroom. Hey! Is that my sister?" 

She clamoured for her mothers attention but fell silent quickly. This immediately caught her parents eye. She was barely ever quiet, she even talked in her sleep, her voice rang where ever she went regardless what was going on. The only time she was silent was when she was told the legends of the family. 

"What is on her wrist?" 

Even at her tender age of 6, the family had already told her the stories of the watches. Her family had made it painfully clear that she was not the chosen one, and had no way of changing it. Delilah would have snapped in half had it guaranteed her that mark on her wrist though.

Eva became very still as the baby watched her silently while she lifted up her left wrist. Ryan let out the breath he had been holding in when there was no mark, but still Delilah was talking about her wrist. When she put down the baby Eva saw it. Her brows furrowed as she thought about the legends. The mark was and always will be on the left wrist. Her fears were confirmed as she picked up the innocent child. There was the mark of the time travellers on the baby but they were on the right wrist.


The wrong wrist.  


 A deathly hush settled over the room as Ryan froze and Delilah stopped nattering away about some adventure she had in the 12th century while on her way to the bathroom. 


All Eva slowly put down her newborn and hugged Delilah tightly while Ryan choked out,

"I'll call my mother" and sprinted from the room as if the baby had been born with 3 heads.


Grandma Tempus was the only time traveller currently alive and she could see into the past. She would know if this child was possible and if it had happened before.

But whether she would help was the important question. 


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