Time Turning Watches

Lucille Tempus has a strange family. One person a generation can manipulate time by either pausing it, looking into the future or seeing the past. You can tell the chosen child by a small 'T' on their left wrist. But Lucille was born with the mark on her right wrist, does this mean she will get the powers on her 15th birthday or not?


3. A visit from the Past








Moyra Tempus woke with a start at five in the morning like she had since she was 3. When she began to understand the terrifying dreams. Which were never dreams, they were real lives of real people in her head just churning around. Waiting for the chance to escape.


What was different about this dream though, the girl in it was talking to her. Facing her and speaking. With crystal blue eyes, she saw everything. This only happened when a new time manipulator was born. Moyra quickly skimmed through all her family.

Out of her daughters and daughter-in-laws she knew all were pregnant, mostly to outdo each other. She knew the secret of getting a child that was a time turner. Love. What her three of her four sons didn't realise was that love was precious. Their wives would not have a child that they loved just because they were theirs. Their children would never live up to the expectations placed on them by their parents.


Ryan and Eva.


Moyra just realised, Eva was due this week. They were the only couple seemingly capable of love without a catch. Ryan hadn't told her but she could read Eva like a book, she had been acting guilty for four months before she had starting hiding for last three. 

Quickly getting dressed she went and sat by the phone in the hall. While pulling on her shoes and checking her handbag for everything, the phone began to ring. Moyra picked up on the second ring "which hospital?" she barked. Ryan panted out "Our lady, room 43, second floor."


By the time he had finished Moyra had already hung up and was in her car, a little green VW beetle. Speeding all the way to the hospital she skidded into a disabled park, slapping a bit of paper on the dashboard saying she was allowed in that park she was half in half out the car while turning it off. She swanned into the hospital without a hair out of place and took the lift to the second floor. As she reached the level she suddenly thought of Delilah. She would grow up resenting her sister who would be treated specially by her parents and cousins, even herself Moyra thought since she would have to train her.

Standing outside the hospital room she heard wining but from Delilah not a baby. Entering the room she saw a worried Eva clutching her baby with her eyes closed shutting out the world while Ryan was sitting on a chair with his head in his hands, Delilah was moaning and tugging at her mothers top. Moyra stood up tall and coughed. Ryan jumped up, Delilah was shooed out of the room but Eva still did not move. 


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