Love and Lust: The Guy at the Cafe

Have you ever imagine yourself meeting a stranger and end up falling in love with him? But what if your best friend is not happy about it? What will you do? What will you risk? Friendship or Romance? Find out what Thads did to save the friendship he have and the romance he made.


5. Chapter 1

We have been talking as we are watching the movie, we both laughed and shared different stories. After the movie, I check the time once again on my watch and found that it was almost 5 pm. 

"Why? What's wrong?" he asks. Well, he must have been noticing checking time.

"Uh I should be home at 7 and I haven't told my brother that I will go out" I told him.

"No worries, I'll take you home if you want to." he offers while smiling.

"Please, you're giving too much" I replied.

"Do I have to repeat it again and again?" he told me looking at me then we both giggles.

"Okay. If that's what you want." I said to him raising my shoulders and smiling at him. "So, what are we going to do next?" I added.

"You decide." he replied and I can see his cheeks turning red.

"Well, I don't know." I told him.

"I know, let's go to my place." he offers at me.

"Your place? But...what are we going to do there? I mean.." I stutter while talking to him.

"I don't know, watch movies again?" he replied.

"Again?" I replied.

The next thing leads me to be static, I still can't believe that he did it, I am in complete shock. He was holding my hand as we get out of the mall. His soft hands makes me want to hold on him forever. 'Who is this guy?' I just think of it. I erased the thought of that as I find myself blushing all the way, I really can't stop it while he glances at me. 'Was everything just an accident? Fate? Coincidence? Or destiny?' I once again think. I don't know, if this is just all accident then I should better stop assuming up on things but if this is destiny, then everything must work out in the end, I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens. We head to his place.


(This chapter will continue, I just want to publish it for my readers to read, I love you) :))))

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