Love and Lust: The Guy at the Cafe

Have you ever imagine yourself meeting a stranger and end up falling in love with him? But what if your best friend is not happy about it? What will you do? What will you risk? Friendship or Romance? Find out what Thads did to save the friendship he have and the romance he made.


4. Chapter 1

I decide to leave since there's nothing much to talk about. I get my registration form and place it in my notebook. I want to say goodbye to him but there's some part of me wanting to stay and enjoy the moment, enjoy being accompany by this cute and handsome stranger. But how can I stay and enjoy being with him without boring ourselves. I guess, I don't have any choice but to leave. I am now preparing my things and ready to leave when I saw him staring at me, his black sparkling eyes is looking at me until our eyes meet at a certain same point.

"Why? Is there's something wrong?" I ask him with a confused look.

"None, it's just..." he said while smiling and giggling.

"Ooookay?" I replied. "Uh I have to go, thanks for the accompany" I added.

I was shock and completely static as if my blood stops from flowing in my body as I felt his very masculine but gentle hands holding my arms. I look back to ask him what's wrong.

"Uh, I know this is too fast, but can you go with me for a movie?" he asks putting his hand at the back of his neck, his eyebrows raised and his lips almost pouting.

How can someone refuse an invitation from him? Of course, anyone could possibly go with him. His charm, his handsomeness and his gentleness would of course drive anybody to go with him and either I could go with him.

"No, it's alright but.." I replied being unsure of what to say, I am thinking of a great excuse.

"Pretty please? Let's just say, I just want to return the favor for you" he said smiling and looking at me.

I looked at the time again on my phone and realize that I can possibly go with him, I still have plenty of time to be with him. But, can I trust him? I mean, he's a stranger, I cannot possibly trust him that easily. Then I decide to ask him some stupid questions of mine.

"Uh, are you sure you're not doing anything to me? I ask.

"What?" he asks softly laughing.

"I mean, I just met you and to think that we're not that real close..I mean we're both strangers to each other." I told him.

"No, that's funny. Okay, to prove that I am not going to do anything bad to you. Get this" he replied handing me his phone and his purse.

"No." I said smiling at him.

"Please." he replied softly.

I get his phone and his purse. We are walking our way to the movie house and we both planned to watch 'Monster's University'. We were both on the line and I can still feel awkward beside him. 

"I'll pay for our tickets" he said looking at me flashing a smile.

"No, you don't have to." I replied.

"Nope." he said

I replied shutting my lips close showing my dimples. Honestly, I was really trying to make him fall for me, flirt with him or just anything that he could possibly fall for me. We get to buy pop-corns and sodas, he was the one who bought everything which is kinda embarrassing on my part.

"You know, you don't have to do all this stuff" I said to him looking at his face. "This is too much" I added.

"Again, it's okay. I just want to return the favor." he politely replied.

"I know but.." A teenage guy came suddenly bumping me at my back causing me to lose balance and fall straight to Carlos' chest. Luckily, the food didn't drop from his hand. I eyed the guy's back with a fierce eyebrows. Then I close my eyes and went to flung my eyes open looking at Carlos'. His eyes were looking at mine, I focus my eyes to his, everything seems to be moving in a slow motion at that time, I felt what I suppose to feel that moment and I could say that it is our perfect moment. He smiles at me and I smiled back. I clear my thoughts and try to gain my balance once again.

"I'm a so so sorry" I told him while I can feel my face completely turning red.

"It's alright. It's not your fault." he said giggling and I can saw him blushing. "Uh I already have the food and the tickets, shall we go in?" he added smiling.

We both get to the movie theater and watch as the trailers, advertisements shows and finally the movie. While we are watching, I really wanted to talk to him and ask anything about him like his childhood life, what are his interests and etcetera but then again, I am damn shy to ask him all that stuffs. Until he opens a conversation.

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