Love and Lust: The Guy at the Cafe

Have you ever imagine yourself meeting a stranger and end up falling in love with him? But what if your best friend is not happy about it? What will you do? What will you risk? Friendship or Romance? Find out what Thads did to save the friendship he have and the romance he made.


3. Chapter 1

I look to see who's the guy and I am surprised that it was not my best friend, I focus my eyes to the guy's face. He have two beautiful eyes, pink sexy lips to die for and a good physique, overall I must admit, he is handsome, very handsome.

"I am so sorry, I didn't mean to" I softly apologized to him with my sweet voice.

"No, it's okay" he replied smiling at me.

Damn! He has a gorgeous smile. I created a red tint on my cheeks.

"Sorry" I apologize once again.

I then erased the thought of him and get to find a seat for me. The cafe have many customers but luckily, I found a seat. I immediately get there, placed the tray with the things I ordered and the notebook in the table. I sit then I opened the notebook to where I have an assignment, I get my school registration form and put it aside. I put once again the earphones and listen to a soft music, it helps me organize my thoughts. I am in the middle of doing my assignment when I notice someone standing in front of me. At first I didn't mind, I focus myself to my notes but he's still standing there. I get the earphones off of my ears and I face the guy standing. I was in complete shock as I saw the guy whom I just stepped on the shoe. 'What does he want?' I think.

"Oh, yes? I am sorry. What is it?" I said smiling at him. My cheeks are turning red actually. Stupid!

"Uh can I ask a favor?" he replied smiling at me. 

'Please stop, you're making me blush.' these words keep running on my mind.

"Yes, sure. What is it?" I asked him politely.

"Can I sit with you? Uh I tried to look everywhere for available seats but there's none." he asked raising his eyebrows and making a cute face.

'Again! Please stop doing things like that. You're making me blush!' I think of this once again. At first, I didn't believe at him not because I don't want him to sit with me it's just that he's a stranger and I am not cool in entertaining strangers but I rolled my eyes everywhere and found nothing available seats for him. I pity him for that and so, I smiled to him and let him sit with me.

"Thanks" he said smiling at me.

"No problem" I smiled back.

 I then get back focusing on my notes. I pretend that I was doing something, I am really having random thoughts about me and this guy. I was smiling while having some thoughts of it to the extend that I let a soft giggle. Then I heard the boy asking.

"We're on the same school?" he asks in a complete cute shock.

At first, I pretend that I didn't heard him asking but then I guess it was kind of rude.  So to cover up me being rude, I ask him what he asks again.

"Oww, sorry. What is it again?" I ask

"Uh I said, we're on the same school" he replied smiling.

Same school? Oh gee! He must have noticed my registration form.

"Cool!" He added. 

I replied with a smile. The heck was that! I don't know how to entertain strangers! Gosh! I am so stupid. Then a couple of 5 minutes, silence filled the air. I want to talk to him but I don't know how, I am kind of socially awkward. Then I heard his masculine voice asking me once again.

"What are you doing?" he asks

I looked up to him and reply,"Oh I am doing my assignment but don't worry I am about to finish"

"Sorry. I really didn't mean to disturb you or anything" he said apologizing.

"No, it's okay." I replied smiling at him. 'Should I tell him my name or should I wait for him to tell me his?' this thought was I was thinking of.

"By the way, I am Thads...Thads Cammayo" I  said to him putting on my best smile while I offer my hand to him. This is confidence, I think.

"Nice name. I am Carlos Timbol" he replied shaking my hand with his full wide cute smile.

Oh gosh! The softness and gentleness of his hand made my cheeks turn red.

"Where are you staying?" he politely asks.

'Oh my gosh! This is it. This is it Thads. Tell him now' my brain tells me.

"Uh we have our condo at the Avida, I am with my brother actually" I humbly replied at him.

"Really? I also stay there. What tower and unit are you in?" he asks cheerfully.

'Is this coincidence, destiny, fate or accident?' I think asking myself.

"Gee! That's cool. We're in Tower 2, 3H. How about you?" I replied showing interest.

"I am in Tower 3, 4G. This so cool." he said still smiling

I replied smiling at him then it ends our conversation. I don't know what to tell nor to ask him. Oh my gosh! Silence filled the air once again, I try to finish my assignment and happily I did. I check the time on my phone and it was around 3 in the afternoon. I am done doing assignment, what should I do next? I don't feel like going home. I want to talk to this guy but I don't how to start. This is so stupid of me.


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