Love and Lust: The Guy at the Cafe

Have you ever imagine yourself meeting a stranger and end up falling in love with him? But what if your best friend is not happy about it? What will you do? What will you risk? Friendship or Romance? Find out what Thads did to save the friendship he have and the romance he made.


2. Chapter 1

My phone alarms at its loudest tone as it can be. I open my eyes as the sun shines slightly onto my face. I went to the mirror and put my hands on my cheeks, trying to look for flaws. I praise my good looks once again and greet myself a good morning. I take a bath realizing I have a class today, the cold water running through my back and face makes me more awake, it causes my body to chill. After taking a bath, I put on my uniform, it suits me perfectly then I went to the dining room and waited for my breakfast to be serve. I once again look myself in the full-body length mirror in front me and is about the size of our table, I am still trying to look for any flaws, I look at both sides of mine and then  the front view, everything is perfect and nothing should go wrong. I really need to look good, somebody must fall in love with me, they have to. I cleared all my thoughts once I heard footsteps and it was our maid with the food on her hands. I smiled at her and she smiled back. I then sit on the chair and is still looking my face in the mirror. I hurriedly finish eating but with sophistication and check the time on my watch. Oh! 20 minutes left, I need to be in class on time, I then call for a taxi and head my to the school. I plunged the earphones in my ears and listen to a Kesha music trying to prevent myself from being bored. I arrived in school with three minutes left, I walk fast heading to the classroom and fortunately, I made it on time. I entered the room as our teacher entered, perfect timing! i get to my seat and sit. Michie, my cute and bubbly seatmate was obviously waiting for me.

"Glad, you made it on time" she said congratulating me.

"I know. I have to deal with traffic before getting here" I replied as I manly comb my hair using my hand.

Our Literature teacher, Ms. Nogot started discussing about something related to the subject. We have discussion all throughout from Ms. Nogot to my hated subject, Math. There's nothing interesting happened in the classroom except that we were laughing about my classmates ridiculous but corny jokes. After 4 hours of sitting and listening, finally! The class has ended, I can go home and have a rest or if not go to mall and buy random things. I was on my way to grab a cab when Michie shows beside me.

"Thads? Why won't you have your lunch with us?" she said smiling at me.

"Uh, I am sorry. I want to but my brother is waiting for me" I replied pouting my lip. My brother is really not waiting for me, I just want to lay on my bed and do nothing today. I just find this day as tiring.

"Oh it's okay but next time okay?" she said cheerfully.

"Yes, sure. Bye" I said to her smiling showing up my dimples.

I am now on my home. I plunged in again the earphones in my ears but this time I am listening to Lana Del Rey's Dark Paradise, my favorite emotional music. I arrived at our house immediately because gladly there's no traffic.

"Hey" I said to my brother as I was inside in the living room.

"Good you're here." he said sounding like he has something to tell "Uh, I'll be going to school and will be home around 7:30pm" he added.

"Uh yeah sure." I replied at him smiling, I know that's not all what he wants to say. "Come one, spit it out" I added teasing him.

"Okay...please do wait for me" he said begging holding my right arm "Please..please.." he said.

"Let me think." I said putting my index finger on my head. "Yeah sure" I added letting a soft laugh out.

He then leaves the house immediately. Oh well! I am alone again. I throw my bag in the couch causing my notebook to fall. I didn't mind at it first but when I suddenly remember that we have our assignment, I immediately went to it. I scan the leaves of my notebook and yes, there is an assignment. I put the notebook on the table and went upstairs to take a bath and change my clothes. I plan to do it outside because I can't do it inside, the quietness in the house is killing me and I can't concentrate with complete silence. After taking a bath, I put on my clothes and check the time on my phone. Great, it is still 1:30 pm, I went to the media player of my phone and played random musics, I got my notebook and leave the house. I get a taxi and head to the mall, I am planning to do it at Starbucks, drink coffee, have a tasty doughnut and read a magazine while doing my assignment. After a couple of minutes, we are in the mall, I paid the driver. I step out of the car, then I feel something crumpling inside my pocket, I try to get it and found my school registration form.

"Why it is with me?" I softly told myself "Oh well" I added.

I placed it inside my notebook and get to Starbucks. I am now in the line ordering for a caramel macchiato and a blueberry cheesecake. After ordering, I get to the next counter and wait for my order. After a worthwhile waiting, my order is being given to me and I am on my way to get a seat when I accidentally stepped on someone else's shoe, I look on the brown with some shades of blue shoe and it looks kind of familiar, was it Russel's?

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