Ayden is an 18 year old girl. She has dirty blonde hair that hangs just at her shoulders, hazel eyes, a petit frame and a glowing smile. Every school year has always been the same for Ayden. But when her first year of University starts relieving things about her and her past that even she didn't know, Ayden starts to faint and break diwn and any random time. She has to deal with homework, bullies, health issues, and the scarring backstory she is beginning to uncover, Ayden needs help. Her best friends Jade and Bella are willing to do anything to help her. But can the girls work fast enough to save Ayden, or will Ayden's health problems be the cause of her dying?


1. The start

Ayden woke up. She combed her shoulder height, dirty blonde hair and popped contact lenses in over her hazel eyes. She munched on a bagel, brushed her teeth, and then got dressed. It was a tough choice, but she finally decided on a union jack tank top with a navy blue tank top under neath, white cady pants and red toms. Ayden grabbed her bag, swung it over her small shoulder, and headed to class. 


If it wasn't for the two girls in the hallway, Ayden would have fallen over the railing and hit the hard cement ground below. She had been walking in the hall when she fainted and collapsed to the side. Jade and Brille ran over and caught her by the arms before she could flip over the railing. They set her down on the ground and, having taken first aid classes, the girls sat around her for twenty minutes waiting for her to wake up. 


Ayden's eyes fluttered open. She saw to white girls sitting beside her. One had straight, jet-black hair, rosy cheeks, a wide smile and a mint green lace dress. The other had curly brown hair, a pale face, small lips but white teeth, and was wearing a yellow top with a cute butterfly skirt. Both girls had hazel eyes. Ayden sat up and the first girl held out her hand. "I'm Jade! Nice to meat you!" Ayden shook her hand and replied with "My name is Ayden." She turned to the second girll. "Who are you?" "I'm Brille. You almost fell over the railing there. Do want us to walk you to class? We checked your schedule. We all have the same classes at the same times!" Ayden looked at the two girls. They seemed like good friends. Ayden nodded and they set off down the hall to Mr. Hills english class. 

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