Let Me Kiss You

I went to their concert and I have fallen in love all over again.

Now, some might say Isabell met them by fate, that's what every other fan would want, but she wasn't a fan. She just knew that her best friend Kate was obsessed with them. Was Isabell going to fall in love with the boys after seeing them in person, or is it the other way round.

***this story has no relation to Isn't She Lovely***


10. You're Leaving

Harry's POV:

She doesn't know how much I'm into her, but I guess I have to understand that she is scared. I don't blame her. 

Just as I was sitting beside her my phone rang.


"Hi Haz, Lou here. Just letting you know we are leaving tomorrow. Finished our tour here, going back to England." 

"No! no no no no no no!" I couldn't leave. Not just after I told Isabell I wouldn't.

"Everything okay Haz?" Louis asked.

"It'll be fine."

"All right, well I'll see you later then," He said as he hung up.

What am  going to do now?


Isabell's POV:

"No! no no no no no no!" Harry exclaimed. 

What's going on?

"It'll be fine," he said back into the phone, then hung up without even saying goodbye.

Harry sat there gazing off at his phone, twisting it around his fingers. I looked up at him as he was in deep thought. 

"Everything okay?" I asked a bit worried.

His eyes, filled with sadness as he looked at me. The green was now slightly grey. He gave a look as if he was thinking on what he could possibly say.

"Harry?" I called for him to get out of this thoughts.

"We're leaving tomorrow," he blurted out. 

My face in shock. What? I knew it. I KNEW IT! Tears formed.

"Please don't cry. We can sort something out," he moved closer to me. 

I shot up from were I was sitting. 

"Stop lying to yourself," I tried to say, but the tears and sadness got in the way. I couldn't have this happen to me again, so I should be the one leaving him. I ran for the door twisting the knob. I couldn't quite grasp it. 

A hand had grabbed my wrist pulling me around, "Isabell, don't leave me." 

I shook out my wrist from his grasp, finally opened the door, grabbed my big jacket and ran. I don't know where I was running to, but I needed to get away until I knew that Harry wasn't in this country any more.


My heart hurt and my eyes stung as I sat in the library of campus. I don't normally come here when I don't have uni, but it was the most silent place I could think of and silence was what I needed.


Harry's POV:

Where is she going? I didn't want to follow her,I was in my underwear. Besides, she needed some space for the day, but I was going to wait here till she came back. This was her house after all.

I got my clothes on and made myself comfortable at the kitchen bench. On her fridge I could see a uni time table. I went over to read and found out that her semester was almost over. About a month to go. I guess that means I can't bring her to England with me. She probably doesn't even want to go back there. She did leave England to come here after all.

It grew late and she still wasn't back so I decided I would give her a call. As I was waiting for her to pick up I could hear some faint ringing. I followed the noise all the way to her room to find her phone on her bedside table.

"Great," I moaned. How was I going to find her now? I better get going, I need to pack. I went back to the hotel room to find Louis sat on the couch. 

"Hey Lou," I  walked in placing my keys on the counter. 

"Haz, what's up? Seem a little down," he turned to look behind the couch at me. 

"Apart from getting a call saying I have to leave, great," my sarcasm was unnecessary. 

"Haz? Why is that a bad thing, it's part of what we do moving around a lot. Anyway we'll be back home. Isn't that a good thing?" 

"What about Isabell?" 

"Ohhh," he remember.

I had to do something about it. I decided I would pack my things and go back to Isabell's house. After I saw Isabell I would make my own way to the airport. 

I parked my car round the corner from her house so if she came back she wouldn't leave knowing I was still here. Using the spare key I found and took I let myself in placing it back where I found it. 


Isabell's POV:

"You're going to have to leave lil lady," the janitor explained. 

I got up and headed for the door. I guess I should go home and get some rest then. I had to come back here tomorrow for a lecture. 

I reached my driveway, all seemed normal. With the key I luckily had in my pocket I unlocked the front door and headed for my room to put some warm clothes on. Harry must of left. His clothes were gone. I checked my phone. 1 missed call. He obviously didn't care that much. I saw a light shining up the stares to my room, must be the kitchen. So I went down to go switch it off.

I went in being scared half to death from Harry sitting on the kitchen stool eating some crackers. 

"What are you doing here?" I complained.

"Do you realize what you did today?" he asked ignoring my question.


"You left me, without telling me why. You ran without saying goodbye. I couldn't let you do that. You have experienced it, so how in the world were you able to do the same thing he did to you, to me?" 

I thought about what he said, 'Same thing he did to you, to me.' He had a point. I was just leaving him without an explanation. But wasn't him leaving an explanation enough. He was leaving, he will be leaving.

"But Harry, you are leaving tomorrow," I frowned. 

"With you?" he offered. 

"I can't. I have uni to worry about and I'm too far into it to just leave," I admitted. 

"I knew you would say that. That's why I made a few phone calls, postponed the tour for a month. I checked your calendar and that's how long till you finish. I knew that you probably don't want to move to England with me so you can visit me a lot? I will pay the flights," he explained. 

"Harry are you kidding me? I was planning on moving back to England ever since I started Uni. It's my home," I mentioned. 

"Really, you would do that? Leave everything here, and come back? With me?"

"Yes Harry, of course I would."

I saw a grin place on his face. He got up and came towards me holding my waist with his big hands. Looking down at me with those green eyes of his, no more were they the slightest bit grey.

"You know, I think I can tell what mood you are by your eyes," I admitted.

"Oh really?" he seemed surprised and I nod in agreement. 

He leaned in kiss me softly at first but got even harder as I wrapped my arms around his neck. Our bodies grew warm as our skin touched bringing us ever so closer. Lifting me up, he placed me on the counter top. 

"What about now?" he grinned.

His eyes were now a darker green.

"So it wasn't the lighting of the room," I winked.

"What?" he seemed mumbled, but I carried on exploring his body, kissing every part. 

"I can't believe I found you by chance," he added before carrying me to my room. 

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