Let Me Kiss You

I went to their concert and I have fallen in love all over again.

Now, some might say Isabell met them by fate, that's what every other fan would want, but she wasn't a fan. She just knew that her best friend Kate was obsessed with them. Was Isabell going to fall in love with the boys after seeing them in person, or is it the other way round.

***this story has no relation to Isn't She Lovely***


6. Something Off About Him

Isabell's POV:

With paparazzi everywhere outside, we drove up the driveway to the party. Conversation got a bit dull and silence was echoing about us. 

"We're here," I said towards Nathan. 

Walking up to the door we were welcomed by Louis, "Hey babe, how are you?" 

"Good thank you," I smiled. "I hope you don't mind me bringing a date?" 

"No, not at all," he smiled towards Nathan and went off to greet the other guests. 

"Would you like a drink?" Nathan asked. 

"Yes please," I smiled. I saw Harry in the distance and he noticed me. His face lit as he squeezed through the crowd. He looked great in his black jeans and white top. Casual but still classy if you know what I mean.Watching those biceps get closer was amazing. Snap out of it Bell.

"Hi Isabell, glad you could make it," he smiled giving me a hug. It felt as though we were friends, which was pretty cool I guess, but I knew that in time they will be leaving and he would forget me, so I didn't make much of an effort to be friends, so instead I was just being friendly.

"Here is your drink," Nathan came back handing me a wine. Harry looked confused towards him. 

"This is Nathan...my...date," I don't know why I was hesitant to say that.

"Hello, I'm Harry."

"Yes, I know who you are. From that gay guy group One Direction?" he smiled. I coughed out my drink in shock of what he said and I apologised. 

"Nathan, they aren't gay," I said sharply.

Harry looked a bit hurt by that. "So sorry Harry," I apologised, but he just turned and walked away with his head down. 

"Was it something I said?" Nathan asked. What the hell is wrong with this guy. He really is a piece of work isn't he.


Harry's POV:

"Here is your drink," a random man came up to Isabell passing her some wine. Who was this? He seemed a bit too old for her.

"This is Nathan..my..date," Isabell said. Date? She has a date? Oh...

"Hello, I'm Harry," I said covering my jealousy. I was upset, jealous, angry. Mixed emotion really.

"Yes, I know who you are. From that gay guy group One Direction?" he smiled. Isabell coughed out her drink. Did he just say that. Wow, way to make it worse dude.

"Nathan, they aren't gay," Isabell said sharply giving him a little bit of a death stare. 

I was kind of at breaking point there, so I turned around and walked off full of shame and embarrassment. I went and sat at the bar looking out through the crowd. Katy Perry, Lady Gaga,Will.i.am, they were all here and more people. Paparazzi everywhere, interviews being held now and then. Famous life really. 

I kept glancing at Isabell and that Nathan person. I really don't like him. It looked like she wasn't enjoying his company. There was something off about him, I could sense it. I watched him walk through the crowd to get two more drinks. That was just in minutes of her having the other. Was he trying to make her drunk? 

When the drinks were served I saw him glance around then when he thought no one was looking he entered some powder into the drink then went off to get Isabell. What was that stuff? I wasn't sure, but I do know it wasn't good at all, so I slowly moved closer and ordered another of the same drink and replaced it before they got to them. 

'That'll teach him a thing or two,' I thought. For the rest of the night I kept my eye on him.     

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