Let Me Kiss You

I went to their concert and I have fallen in love all over again.

Now, some might say Isabell met them by fate, that's what every other fan would want, but she wasn't a fan. She just knew that her best friend Kate was obsessed with them. Was Isabell going to fall in love with the boys after seeing them in person, or is it the other way round.

***this story has no relation to Isn't She Lovely***


4. Meet and Greet? No, Meet and Faint

Harry's POV:

I was waiting by the door were she left the last time. Where is she? It's been 20 minutes since the concert ended. Well, I guess I should of realised she wouldn't come. She mustn't of seemed very interested in me. It's just too good to be true. I went back and sat on the couch were I had been before. 

"Hey Harry?" Liam called. I was hoping he was here to say that Isabell was back. 

"Yes?" I stood from my seat. 

He looked at me puzzled. Probably wondering why I stood. "Can I borrow your car?" 

"But Isabell's friend is coming. She is a fan," I explained. 

"I know but it's been 20 minutes. I'm going to go and pick up Sophia then I'll bring your car right back. Please?" he asked.

"Okay sure," I responded. I threw him the keys and fell right back onto the couch.

Damn it. I really wanted to see her again. I sat there for a while in silence with no one else in the room, then I heard shuffling near the door. I look up to see want the movement was and there was Isabell! I shot up off the couch and went right over. 

"Hi girls," I smile looking into Isabell's eyes. Then I realised I should probably be devoting this time towards her friend too, "Hello," I glanced at Isabell's friend and gave her a wink.

"So sorry we're late," Isabell said, "This is Kate a big fan of you boys."

Isabell was pointing towards Kate but Kate didn't say anything. Looked as though she needed to scream, but then she fell right back hitting the ground. 

"She just fainted didn't she?" I asked just to be sure. 

"Yep. I told her not to scream, so instead I guess she fainted," she sighed. 

"Niall? Can you get some water please?"I asked as I saw Niall down the hall. He nodded, turning around and went to get some.

I picked her up and went to place her on the couch.

"And again, I'm sorry. Told you it wasn't such a good idea," she nervously laughed. 

"That's okay and nope you're wrong. It is a good idea trust me," I admitted

"Okay," she smiled glancing at me then back to Kate.

"Here's your water," Niall passed me a bottle, "She going to be okay?"

"She just fainted," Isabell explained, "She'll be okay."

I watched as Niall was checking out Isabell and I gave him a slight death stare to back him away. He understood right away what it was that I meant. 

"Sorry," Niall said to me. 

Isabell looked a bit confused as she lifted her head from looking at Kate.

"I burped," Niall hesitated to say as he was trying to think of an excuse. 

"It's okay," I laughed and in joined Isabell with a little laughter. Progress. 

As time passed pretty much everyone was in the room. Liam was back with his girlfriend Sophia and all the boys were in here. We all got along chatting with Isabell and we learnt much about her. I found out that she loved animals. That was really interesting.

"Where am I?" we heard a faint voice come from Kate.

She slowly sat up rubbing her eyes and realised where she was.

"Oh my god!" she was gob smacked and with that she fainted back into the couch.

"Well isn't she cute," Niall smiled looking at her. 

"Niall has a little crush," Zayn laughed.

"Not just Niall who's got a crush," Louis smirked looking over to me. 

I could feel my cheeks getting warmer and warmer. I could see by the corner of my eye that Isabell was looking at me. Oh god, the embarrassment.

She laughed a little and turned back to Louis, "So I'm guessing that's you having a crush on Harry then?" and the boys laughed as did Sophia. Was that flirting she was doing with Louis? I don't know, but I wanted her to really notice me.

"Boys, boys, no time for a love story. Is she going to be okay?" Sophia asked with concern looking at Kate then turning towards Isabell. 

"Yeah, she's just over excited." 

It was late and I just realised that once Kate wakes up and meets us they will have to go, and so will me and the boys. I need a way to see Isabell again. We have a party on Saturday which is in a few days, I should invite her. I've got to. 

"Hey Isabell?" I called over and she looked up at me in question, "We have a party on Saturday with a few other celebs. I was wondering do you want to come. Bring along Kate too?" 

"I'm not too sure. I have a lot of work for uni to get finished," she replied.

I'm guessing that Liam knew what I was trying to do so he added, "It would be great with you there."

She gave a reasoning look but still declined. 

"C'mon Isabell!" Louis shouted over the group chatter. 

She laughed and looked at Kate, "I don't think Kate would last 5 minutes with a bunch of celebs."

"Then just come by yourself, we don't want Kate to be fainting. It's not good for her," Zayn said. 

"I guess it would be great to meet and greet some celebs. I'll see if I can make it then," she replied. 

The night got later and it was suggested that Kate should get put into the car and taken home before she wakes up and faints again, so Zayn carried her to Isabell's car and they left. 

I don't know what it is but I feel a big desire for Isabell. She just seems so perfect. 


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