Let Me Kiss You

I went to their concert and I have fallen in love all over again.

Now, some might say Isabell met them by fate, that's what every other fan would want, but she wasn't a fan. She just knew that her best friend Kate was obsessed with them. Was Isabell going to fall in love with the boys after seeing them in person, or is it the other way round.

***this story has no relation to Isn't She Lovely***


5. It Was Quite Late

Isabell's POV:

I heard faint moans of pain from the living room. 'Kate,' I thought. I should check up on her. I walked out from the bathroom where I just had a shower and got my comfy clothes on, and went to Kate. 

"How you holding up?" I asked brushing her hair from her face.

"Not too good actually. How the hell did I get here?" she sat up and freaked out a bit. 

"You fainted Kate. Twice actually," I faintly laughed.

I passed her a glass of water and let her take a sip. Her face was white and her lips were blue. She didn't look too good. 

"Maybe I should take you to the doctors, you don't look good at all," I was full of concern for my best friend. She grasped her head in her hands and closed her eyes tight enough to see huge crows feet at each side of her eyes.

"Please do," she sounded in pain. A big headache must of been starting up.

I grabbed my keys from the kitchen side and helped her slowly to my car. As I drove her to the doctors I explained to her what had happened. 

"What? So I actually met the boys of One Direction?" she questioned. 

"Don't faint again...PLEASE!" I laughed and with that she joined but soon stopped because it hurt her head too much.

"Gosh, you don't sound good," I pointed out.

"Well of course not. I didn't get to fully meet the boys," she moaned, "I mean I had the chance. I missed it. I fainted in front of them, twice. I can't even remember standing in their presence after the show. They are amaz..."

"Be quite will you," I interrupted her, "You're going to give yourself more of a headache."

"But it was one direction!" she exclaimed.

"Yeah, one direction...not the end of the world, so stop making a fuss," I spoke out. 

She went quite all the way to the doctors. I can tell she is upset, but there isn't anything I can really do to help that. I can't turn back time.

Soon we were in the doctors. I was in the waiting room while she is getting checked up on. I tap my nails on the handle of the old worn plastic chairs making quite a loud sound. The blue walls were dim and old. Upon the wall was a clock, with the ticking awfully loud it rattled in my head or it could be that everything else was awfully quiet.

The coughs of patients contaminated the area. Made me feel sick. I really don't like being in doctors offices and hospitals, even though the place has been cleaned and all the equipment is clean, I just get the feeling that everything is dirty and full of deadly germs. I just can't help but think that. That's why I like to help animals, because I'm no good at helping people, as much as I try.

Kate walked out from her doctors office and walked towards me with pain in her face. 

"How are you?" I asked curious and worried. 

"Perfect," She replied.


"No. I'm very sick. The doctor put me on some antibiotics. Seems as thought I hit my head pretty hard when I fell to the floor," she admitted.

"Oh no. This is my fault, I took you round there to see the boys. I should have known you would of fainted," I believed. 

"No, none of it was you. It's just me being lame," she painfully laughed softly.

If felt a vibration in my pocket, "I really need to turn my phone off silent."

It was quite late at night, about 11:00pm so I didn't know who possibly could be calling. It just showed a number on the screen so it wasn't any of my contacts.

"Hello?" I answered as Kate and I slowly walked for the car. 

"Hi, this is Nathan. Isabell?" the voice rung a bell. Oh yes, Nathan from the coffee shop.

"Oh hi. What makes you call so late at night?" 

"I couldn't stop thinking about you Isabell. I just really want to know if I can see you sometime. Maybe Saturday?" 

"Um, I'm actually busy on Saturday Nathan, so sorry," 

"Please it's the only time I get for a week. I can't wait that long?" he begged.

"Oh, okay then, I guess you can come with me on Saturday," with that we sorted out times and places and said our goodbyes. 

"From what I heard he sounded a bit needy," Kate admitted. I nod my head looking straight forward not really wanting to tell her what was happening on Saturday and got in the car.


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