Let Me Kiss You

I went to their concert and I have fallen in love all over again.

Now, some might say Isabell met them by fate, that's what every other fan would want, but she wasn't a fan. She just knew that her best friend Kate was obsessed with them. Was Isabell going to fall in love with the boys after seeing them in person, or is it the other way round.

***this story has no relation to Isn't She Lovely***


2. Fan?

Harry's POV:

"Oh my god who is that gorgeous girl?" I saw the most amazing face and body I had ever seen. I was gob smacked. Her perfect brown hair with blonde underneath, those blue eyes and that crystal smile.

"Man, she's a fan. She'll probably be screaming in your face when she sees you," Liam said. We walked further into the room as we just got here.

I wanted to act casual and not make myself to much of a loser. "Who's got a range rover out there just like mine lads?" I said and sat on the couch across from her. 

"That car belongs to this girl Isabell. She got mistaken for you Harry," Louis said pointing towards her. Her being Isabell. Cute name.

"Hi Isabell. Fan?" Liam asked sitting next to her. 

"Well, it would be rude to say no and I would be lying if I say yes, but you guys are great," she responded. Her voice was so amazing. I felt like I was the fan of her. 

After that response Liam looked my way remembering what I had said and welcomed her with, "Well Harry here has an amazing voice." 

"So I have heard," she smiled. My cheeks turned red, I looked down to my lap and fiddled with my hands.

"Why is everyone doing that?" Louis laughed. Isabell looked at him confused as did I. 

"Doing what?" Zayn walked in with no top.

It was clear that he was the best body of us all, so I felt as if he was going to out do me with Isabell. I peered up to see if she would gaze, but as soon as she saw he had no shirt she turned her head in the other direction. She is a very polite girl I admit.  

"Blushing. First Isabell, now Harry," Louis gave a nudge over to me. I assumed Zayn and the rest of the boys had already met Isabell because they weren't questioning her presence.

"Hardly everyone," she responded with a faint laugh. She has wits upon her too. I was so intrigued by her. 

"Ha ha very funny," Louis sarcastically said with a smile letting her know he was playing about. 

She gave him a smart smile back as if to say 'What ever'. They had a little something going on between each other, it made me a bit jealous to be honest. 

"Boy's you're all here, so 20 minutes and you're on," Paul walked in and then walked straight out, "And she can go now! The fans are inside!" he shouted from behind the walls. 

"Manager," Louis sighed, "Better let you go then."

"Oh, okay," she gazed over to me as if she was upset to leave.

"Maybe I do have a chance," I silently spoke to myself as she headed for the door.

"Dude, hardly. You only know her first name," Niall heard me. Oh crap! He was right. I ran towards the door and caught up with her. 

"Which car is yours?" I laughed making a joke. She brought out her keys, pressed the button and her car lights flashed twice with a slight beep. 

"That one," she smirked and looked towards me. Her beauty was unbelievable.

"So, are you a friend of Louis'?" I just needed to ask. 

"We only met today when I got lead into here. I was mistaken for you because of my car," she explained. 

"Great car," I admitted and she nod her head in agreement. 

"Are you and him going to hang out again?" I asked as she was now at her car.

"You boys have a show to put on don't you?" she didn't answer my question so I stood there confused looking like a fool. Was she pushing me away? Or just being friendly?

She realised I was confused and said, "I only met Louis by chance. And all you boys at that. Fans would be jealous. Just treat me like a fan. It's just a meet and great then I leave." My face dropped without my control.

"I'll be back later anyway," she added.

"Oh really? Will I see you?" I asked sounding hopeful. I was making a fool out of myself. 

She giggles a bit then said, "My friend is a huge fan, I think she would be screaming in your face the whole time." 

This was the perfect opportunity to see Isabell again, "Oh, then she shall meet us. It's the least we can do to apologise for the confusion with your car. Just bring your car round here again when you pick her up." 

"That really might not be a good idea," her hand rubbing her neck in doubt. She didn't seem interested in me, but I wanted the chance to change that. 

"Please?" I asked.

She gave a faint smile and gave in, "Okay then if you're so sure." 

"Of course," I said with a huge smile on my face. With that she left. I acted a fool but it was worth it because I will soon be able to see her again. 


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