Let Me Kiss You

I went to their concert and I have fallen in love all over again.

Now, some might say Isabell met them by fate, that's what every other fan would want, but she wasn't a fan. She just knew that her best friend Kate was obsessed with them. Was Isabell going to fall in love with the boys after seeing them in person, or is it the other way round.

***this story has no relation to Isn't She Lovely***


9. Engaged?

Isabell's POV:

I woke with the feeling of moving warmth beneath me. Quick to realise that my head was resting on Harry's chest. Each breath of him moved my head in a soothing pattern. I looked up to see his eyes shining down at me, they were much lighter than last night, maybe because of the now well lit room. 

"Morning," his croaked voice broke the silence. 

I smiled, sitting up in my bed and stroke his hair once, twice....three times. I climbed over him and went into my bathroom. Checking my face, 'OH MY GOD! DID I LOOK LIKE THAT?' I was screaming in my head. I sorted my self out, washed my hands and face and stood there, looking at my reflection.

I heard movement from the bed and soon Harry shuffled in him boxers towards me. I looked at him in the reflection. He was a lot taller than me and I could see his perfect face clearly over the top of mine. Staring at one another in silence. 

"I saw the scars," he said and soon he was comforting me with a kiss on the head and arms round my waist. He slowly grabbed my shirt, lifting it just under my boobs and slowly lowered my underwear just to the side a bit, giving clear view of the scars on my stomach on the mirrored wall. staring at them for a moment.

I felt shame fill my mind, my body quivered. 

"You don't have to go through hard times any more," he spun my around and lifted me on to the counter.

"No Harry," my voice was faint and very dry, "You don't get it." I nudged past him off the counter top and made my way fast out the room towards the living room.


Harry's POV:

She stroked my hair, then left towards the bathroom which was connected with the bedroom. I heard the tap turn as I was in deep thought. Why did she do it? What is or what was she going through? I can be here for her now. She has me, I won't be leaving.

I got up, shuffling to the bathroom and saw her standing there gazing to herself and her eyes moved fast onto me. I came closer looking deep in her eyes. 

"I saw the scars," I blurred out. I didn't mean to, but I felt the need to. I got closer kissing her head and holding her waist. She needed to leave the past behind what ever it was. I lifted her shirt just above the scars and belong her boobs and lowered her underwear line a bit to the side. I saw a great amount of scars on the left side of her stomach all not in line. Staring at them for a moment.

"You don't have to go through hard times any more," I turned her round and lifted her onto the counter. 

"No Harry," words escaped her lips, "You don't get it." With that she pushed past me and made her way for the bedroom door. 

I heard her trot down the stairs and close the living room door behind her. She needed space, but I wasn't going to leave. I was afraid I would never see her again,like she would block em from her communication. I can't let that happen.

I want her comfort, I miss her already and she's in the same house. I go downstairs after a good half an hour and slowly enter into the living room. Tears were streaming down her face. I should never of mentioned the scars. I'm stupid. 'SO STUPID HARRY!' I was mentally angry at myself. 

Her eyes filled with fear, love and hate all at the same time. I didn't know what to do, but going up to her felt right.


Isabell's POV: 

'The past, the past , the past. It's nothing but the past. Forget it, forget it,' I chanted with myself as I swayed myself in the living room trying to keep comfort. I can't fall for it again. I can't. He will leave me, he is going to leave me.


*Flash Back* 

"I can't believe he asked you to marry him and you're only 17!" exclaimed Kate at my front door step as she was saying goodbye from our day out.

"I know right, but we are so perfect for one another. Been together for 4 years so it feels really right to get married," I cheered. Soon conversation ended.

"I'll see you tomorrow," Kate waved and got back to her car. That was the last I saw of her for the day as I closed the door and went for the kitchen to place down the mail I found in the letter box.

Where I usually set down the mail there was a piece of folded paper, reading 'Isabell xoxo'. Inside it read 'Sorry but I had to leave. I won't be seeing you ever again ~Love Adam x'. With an instant tears were pouring from my eyes. I shot up to our bedroom to check his side of the wardrobe. Everything...it was all gone, there was nothing left of him. Why? My eyes burned from the tears of crying for so long hold the note in my hands.


 Pain in my chest hurt like a dagger stabbing me 20 times over and over. Then suddenly I heard the door open, Harry stepping slowly in. Bless him. I can tell he cares, but because of who he is, Harry Styles, he will just leave, not even meaning to.


Harry's POV:

"I'm so sorry," I sat beside her pulling her head against my chest and stroking her arm. 

I was really stuck for words to say. Do I ask? No, I can't, I won't. That would bring her too much pain. I just sat there with her body in my arms against my naked chest rocking her softly to and fro.

Her crying eased a bit after a good 10 minutes and words broke from her now pale, dry lips. "That box on that shelf over there," she pointed gesturing me to get it. 

I slowly broke the connection of Isabell and I and went to reach the box. Sitting back down I placed it on the coffee table in front of me, staring at it's smallness. Fiddling hands. My face gazed over to her full of concern. She nod her head as if to tell me 'Yes, you can open it.' As i did. 

I inspected the elements inside and placed them on the table. A note reading 'Sorry but I had to leave. I won't be seeing you ever again ~Love Adam x'. A photograph with her and another boy. Boyfriend perhaps? And lastly there was a ring. I stared at it puzzled. Was she engaged and hiding it from me? But the note. I was confused.

"Isabell, what happened?" my voice broke as I croaked out the words scared she would react badly, "Are you engaged?"

"Was..." she corrected me. That was a relief. but what was it that was getting her so down. He left her? Is that it?

"He left you?" I questioned but knew it was true at the same time. Her wet puppy eyes looked up at mine and I brushed her hair from her face.

 "He didn't even say goodbye," she was now whispering and looked towards the ring I was holding. 

"When?" I got the nerve to ask. I really didn't want to, but I needed to know in order to help her poor soul.

"A year ago," she admitted tears began to form again. 

"Hush now, it's all in the past. Not everyone is like that you know and by everyone I'm honestly referring to me," I told her stroking a tear away before it got change to reach her now moistened lips.

"Harry, you need to come to terms with yourself. You're going on tour, you'll be leaving and you'll forget me. I'll never see you again," her voice was so hurt, so sad. I had never seen anyone like this before.

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