Never Again

Zayn and I were really good friends well we were younger! More like Best Friends. I never thought that i would have feelings for. He was a brother to me before he left. But now that hes back what do I do hes cuter too or should I say hotter!!


2. Long Time No See

"Zayynieeeee" LilyAnna screamed

"Lilyyyyyy" Zayn attacked me

"I miss you so much" Lily Started to cry

LilyAnna was woken up by someone waking her up

"Lils wake you" the voice was my mom

"What happen?" Lily was confused

"You were crying in your sleep" Lily looked down sad.

"Same dream?" Her mom, Jamie continued. Lily nodded.

"Someday baby girl, Someday you will see him again"

"Well im going to Starbucks. Want something?" Lily was calm now

"No thank you, love" mother stated


LilyAnna P.O.V

"I'll take a Cookie Crumblier please"

"Name mam?"


"Would you like a side aka my number?" I rolled my eyes

"No thanks I have a boyfriend"


I went to find a seat and its full, great!

"Lily?" That voice so familiar so soothing i cant put my finger on it

I turn around and see.....

-a/n- not over lol sorry that is mean!!


"Omg Zayn?" I attacked him with a hug!

"Long Time No See LilyAnna!"

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