The Butler, Lover

Ciella is engaged to Alois Trancy and he seems great at first, but when a mysterious fire kills her parents and she's forced to live in the Trancy Estate, she realizes her fiancé isn't as great as she thought. When things take a turn from the worst, will a certain demon butler be able to save her?


2. Fire

Alois called upon Ciella at least once a week at first. They would switch from his manor one time to her's the next and the butler, who Ciella had finally learned was named Sebastian, was always there. After a few weeks of this, they started seeing each other almost every day. Ciella had actually started to enjoy their time together and her parents were thrilled too. They were already planning the wedding, convinced Alois would ask her formally to marry him any day. Ciella hoped that wouldn't happen any time soon. Yes, she was enjoying being around him more, but there was still something about him that she didn't quite like. Unfortunately, she couldn't voice that to her parents. They were convinced Alois was the perfect young man. He was a gentleman majority of the time, but there were some times when he started pushing boundaries- physical boundaries. At this point in their courting, a few good night kisses every so often was all right, but they had to be chaste kisses. Alois had a tendency of making their kisses not so chaste. It made Ciella very nervous. When he got like that, it was very hard to stop him from having his way with her right there. Sebastian often had to step in when Alois didn't listen to her.
About a month had gone by and Alois had called on her again, so she went to his estate. They had a lovely day walking in the garden and playing chess. Ciella was having such a good time, she didn't notice Sebastian leave the room during one game of chess. Alois must have, though, because he stood up and walked around the table to Ciella. "Would you care to dance, my lady?" he asked, hand extended towards her.
"How can one dance without any music?" she said with a little laugh.
"We shall hum our own song!" he declared. Ciella giggled and took his hand, allowing him to pull her to her feet. His other hand went to her waist and hers rested on his shoulder. He hummed a tune she had never heard before and they danced to it. Once they had gotten the tempo down, he stopped humming to say, "You are absolutely stunning today, Ciella."
She blushed lightly. "Thank you. You also look as handsome as ever," she complimented.
He smiled a little but a strange expression had overtaken his face. "So beautiful," he said quietly. They had stopped dancing now and were just standing with their arms around each other. He said, "It's hard to resist." Before she could do anything to stop him, he kissed her hard. She tried to move away but he moved both of his arms around her and held her in place. She shoved against his chest as he opened her mouth with his. It seemed to get his attention, for he pulled away, but the victory was short lived because he merely moved to ravish her neck.
"Alois! Stop!" she tried not to yell as she fought but in her panicked state, it was hard. She looked around the room for Sebastian but he was not there. Tears started to make her vision swim as she felt Alois' hands move up from her waist to her breasts. He was going to have her then and there and then call of the courting. He would most likely spread rumor of what had happened, making her seem like a harlot and no one would ever associate with her again.
Suddenly, they were split apart. Ciella found herself in another's arms. She could feel a graceful strength coming from them and she looked up to see Sebastian looking down at her. His face remained as calm and smooth as ever, but his eyes showed surprising concern for her. Her heart was pounding at their closeness and she could feel her face heat up. Instead of asking if she was all right, he informed her, "Your carriage is here, my lady." When he let her go, she saw she had her coat on, already buttoned.
Alois was on the other side of the room somehow, glaring at Sebastian with open dislike. Then he looked at Ciella, the glare melting away and he laughed like everything was normal. "Goodness! Is it time for you to go already? But we've only just started our game!" he said, motioning towards the forgotten chess board.
"It's late. I should be getting home," she said dryly, ready to leave this place.
"Perhaps your father would let you stay for the night? After all, it isn't safe for a pretty girl like you to be alone this time of night," he offered.
Ciella fought back a shiver. "I don't think that would be wise, Lord Trancy."
"At least let me accompany you home," he said, another strange glint in his eyes.
Ciella wanted to refuse. At this point, she felt safer taking her chances alone in the carriage than spend another moment with him, but she couldn't very well tell that to his face. "That would be fine," she said. Alois grinned and they walked out to her carriage. Thankfully, Tanaka was driving so Sebastian was able to sit in the carriage with them. The ride was strained and silent until they saw the smoke. First they didn't think anything of it, thinking it was probably from the city. Then Ciella saw what direction it was really coming from.
The mansion.
She told Tanaka, "Please go faster." He nodded and they went faster. When they reached the mansion, Ciella gasped.
The entire mansion was ablaze. Some servants were standing in front of it, watching in horror with soot covered faces. As soon as the carriage stopped, Ciella ran out to Abigail, who was sobbing loudly. "Miss Ciella!" Abigail exclaimed when she saw her. "Thank goodness you're all right! You should leave now. The smoke isn't good for your asthma."
"Did everyone get out? Where are my parents?" Ciella demanded.
Abigail looked at her sadly before sobbing uncontrollably. "I'm so sorry!" she cried over and over again.
Ciella felt her heart stop as she looked back at the flames. "No," she whispered. Then, she was running into the burning building. She heard people calling after her but she never even looked back. She had to save her parents. They had to be okay. She had to save them. She ran into her father's study, the most likely place to find them. There, she saw two bodies lying on the floor, burnt to the point where she couldn't tell who they were. Then she saw her father's ring. Her legs gave out and she screamed, tears flowing down her face. She screamed and cried until the smoke filling her lungs took over her body and all she could do was cough. The coughs wracked her whole body and she couldn't breathe. Black dots swam before her eyes and the last thing she saw were a pair of blood red eyes.

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