There're Made

I'm Darby Shelton ,and I live in New York with my best friend ,and the boy band One Direction was secretly more than what they appeared to be. I found that out, the hard way.


1. Chapter 1

I was walking home from a long day of work ,and it was quit and no one was around. I didn't think nothing about it and went on with my business.

It was a cold night and I was wearing a short dress, a light leather jacket ,and a pair of high heels. I looked amazing ,but I was about to turn into a pop sickle because it was like 20 degrees outside.

I clenched my jacket pulling it closer to me. When I heard somebody behind me and it freaked me out a little bit ,because I could tell they were drunk just by how they were talking.

I sped up so I could get away from them. I just kept going forward and I kept hearing  different voices that were yelling," What's the rush babe." and stuff like that.

I acted like I didn't hear them and kept walking when someone grabbed my shoulder and a deep harsh voice said," Where do you think your going?"

I yanked my shoulder away and ran ,but they just followed me. I ran into a alley and put my back against the wall behind a dumpster. I was hoping that they didn't see me go into the alley as I stood there motionless.

That's when I saw shadows across the ground and they were coming closer. I held my breathing and closed my eyes ,and hoped it was a cat or something. I was scared out of my mind and it wasn't helping that I was about to freeze to death.

Three tall men surrounded me and you could smell the beer they were drinking. The tallest one grabbed my shoulders and slammed me again the wall. I screamed for help ,but no one came. All they did was laugh at how terrified I was.

I tried to get loose ,but I was trapped ,so I kept screaming hoping someone would hear me and squirming hoping to get loose of his grip.

I kept thinking to myself why this happened to me out of anyone in the world.

I was light headed from screaming ,so I decided I would yell as loud as I could and if no one came I was just going to have to find another way to get loose.

I breathed in a deep breath and called out as loud as I could," HELP! SOMEONE! PLEASE!"

I felt a large hand slap my cheek as hard as possible and he said in a emotionless voice," Shut up some might hear you." The other two just stood there and smirked. A tear ran down my face and I struggled even more.

One of my arms got loose so I punched the man that was holding me down in the nose and somehow escaped so I ran as fast as I could out of the alley and down the street and I kept running until I fell and twisted ankle ,because my stupid heel broke.

I tried to get up but I failed at every attempt so I grabbed the street light for support to help me get up ,but I was to late they had caught up to me and the one I punched had a bloody nose and smirked.

He picked me up by my hair and pressed my back against the lamp post and got inches away from my face ,and he pressed his lips onto mine. I tried to scream ,but I couldn't so I took my foot that wasn't hut and stomped his foot.

He stopped and backed up and before he could say anything I spit in his face. All he did was say," I like women that have a have a feisty side."

He smirked and tried to kiss me again ,but someone tapped his shoulder and said," Leave the lady alone!" The man had a British accent and he was wearing a blue sweatshirt and blue jeans.

The man drunk man let go of my hair and I fell to the ground he said," And what if I don't?"

The British guy said," This!" and all I saw was a flash of blue light and the man that was holding me down went flying back about ten feet and so did his two friends. When they realized what happened they just ran away.

The British man asked," Are you okay?"

"Yeah." I said as he helped me up ,but I guess he could tell I wasn't ,because I winced in pain when I put pressure on my foot.

He smirked and said," No your not."

I Laughed lightly and said," I guess your right."

He walked over to my right side and helped me keep presser off of my ankle and he said," I know someone that can help you with your ankle. A few of my friends and I are staying a couple blocks away ,and Niall is really good at stuff like this. "

I looked at him and said," How do I know your not tricking me."

He smiled and said," Would a person that just saved you from three drunks really do that?"

"No. I think that's the answer."

We laughed and he stuck out his free hand and said," I'm  Louis Tomlinson by the way."

I stuck out my hand in reply and said," It's a pleaser to meet you Louis I'm Darby Shelton.


That's how it all began!!!

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