Adopted by vampires!?!

Katerina an 18 year old was raped by her boyfriend Dave and ran away.she found a big tree and lived there for 2 months before people found her and took her to an orphanage.what happens when she gets adopted by one direction and finds out their vampires!?!.


3. Ouch!

Katerina's pov after i finished my story i wiped my tears off.the curly haired boy said"my name is harry that's niall that's louis that's Liam and that zayn but you should know right?."i said "no".they all looked shocked and then Liam said well were done with you ok.i said ok.i got off the chair and left the room.i sat down on the lunch table and i guess i was the last one because the lady said"ok everybody's here now?".then the five boys went on the stage and said"we have picked who we wanted to adopt and its a girl.her name is............KATERINA!.".

few minutes later~~~when they got off stage Liam told me to come and i did.he leaded me to the car an opened the door for me.i got in and a few minutes later the boys came in.i was in the back in the middle and niall and harry are next to me while zayn drives and Liam is in the passenger seat.i put on my seat belt and everybody did too except niall and harry.when we passed my tree i still had the drawings i carved into it.when we got to my new home i unbuckled myself and got out.i got inside and looked at the house that looked expensive.i layed down on the couch and was comfortable.harry and niall came up to me and i got up.i said whats up?.theey were getting close to me that i backed up till i reached the wall.then harry grabbed my curly long hair and pulled it out of the way of my neck and niall did too.then they bit me!.i screamed so loud but niall covered my mouth.they kept on drinking and drinking but i just never fainted.then Liam and zayn came and took niall and harry off of me.then Liam said its our turn.liam and zayn did the same thing except the pushed me down on the floor and bit my stomach.then i blacked out.

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