Adopted by vampires!?!

Katerina an 18 year old was raped by her boyfriend Dave and ran away.she found a big tree and lived there for 2 months before people found her and took her to an orphanage.what happens when she gets adopted by one direction and finds out their vampires!?!.


2. Meeting

2 months later

katerinas pov I've been living under this tree for 61 days.i stopped finding money on the ground 4 weeks ago and you can see my veins like alot!.i layed down on my tree that had drawings that I've made on it.i found out that the tree is 576 years old by a man who tried cutting it down but the police took him away but not to jail.i started vouching blood and people were just starring at me.A woman ran up to me and asked me where my parents were and where i lived.i said my parents are dead and i lived with my ex boyfriend and he abused me.she said I'm sorry but i can't help you but you can go to the orphanage close to here and if you don't like it there you can live under this nasty old tree.we giggled and i said i would go to the orphanage.she walked me to the orphanage and signed me in and did everything.while i was walking to my room i heard laughing and talking from the kids in the lunchroom.when we arrived at my room the lady said goodbye and we had a long goodbye hug.after she left there was 2 beds 1 tv and 1 bathroom(and yes there are blankets on the beds).i turned on the tv and started exploring the room and also listening to the tv.then i heard the words i haven't heard in 2 months!."are you ready kids?.i said"aye aye captain".then it said"i can't hear you!"i then screamed as loud as i could"AYE AYE CAPTAIN!!!!".then it said"who lives in a pine apple under the sea"i said"SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!.i continued to sing the theme song and watching the spongebob marathon.after it finished i listened to my music and then heard a lady say"kids ages to 17-19 come down to the lunchroom!.i repeat!kids ages 17-19 come to the lunchroom!".i said I REPEAT WE ARE NOT KIDS!WE ARE TEENAGERS!!.i heard her say"i can hear what you say kids.i giggled and she did too.i followed the teens to the lunchroom and i sat down on a lunch table.the tables had food on them too!.i started eating the food when the lady from earlier started calling names to the adopting meeting room.i heard loud voices of the teens talking while i waited for my name to be called.then i heard KATERINA!.i asked a girl where the meeting room is and she said the last room at the end of the hall.i said thanks!.i ran over there and heard her say"welcome Katerina".when i stopped at the door my right hands was on the door knob opening it to see 5 boys in the room writing on papers crossing or putting question marks on them.then i blonde haired boy with an Irish accent said"come in love".i sat down on a chair across from them and all eyes were on me.then a guy with jet black hair said"so i could tell you like spongebob".the five boys started giggling and i did too.then a guy with emerald green eyes that you can fall in love with right away and brown curly hair said"so just tell us a little bit about you and well see if well adopt you".i said well i like alot of tv shows like sponge bob and more.i like Rihanna and skrillex and i eat everything but i don't eat alot because I'm new i berely arrived and i use to live under a big huge tree that i used to call home and i also used to find money on the ground and buy food.the money stopped being on the floor 4 weeks ago and a lady found me and took me here.the curly haired boy said how did you end up under a huge tree?im just asking you dont need to answer if you dont want too.i said its fine.ok so my ex boyfriend used to rape me after my parents died.he did it because he never loved me he just used girls when it was the right time.hes been raping me since i was 16!.hes been raping me for 3 FUCKING years!.(sorry if your young and reading this).


A/N hey guys if your wondering what Katerina looks like she has dark black hair thats curly and purple highlights and blue eyes.anyways like comment favorite i don't care as long as you do one of those!.lol hope you liked this chapter.

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