Adopted by vampires!?!

Katerina an 18 year old was raped by her boyfriend Dave and ran away.she found a big tree and lived there for 2 months before people found her and took her to an orphanage.what happens when she gets adopted by one direction and finds out their vampires!?!.


4. Love birds!{~|~}

Louis p.o.v i came in the house and saw them already feeding on her.i said MY TURN!.i got them off her and bit her on the arm.


katerinas p.o.v i woke up on the ground and blood was everywhere i got up but then fell back down i tried again this time grabbing the couch.

I limped to the door and opened it only to be pulled back in.i turned around and saw harry.he said"why are you leaving love"i said"I've been adopted by vampires and they bit me why wouldn't I be leaving!"he said"I'm sorry we were hungry!"i said"then why did you adopt me!"

he did the unthinkable and kissed me.he grabbed my waist and i grabbed his neck.when he stopped he said"your room is the first door in the hall"i said"i can't walk"he but his arm and gave me his blood.

i said"what are you doing?"he said"helping you walk"i sighed and drank it.i tried walking and i succeeded.i opened the door and saw the beautifulest room ever!.it has black walls with a bed that has white dots and black over them and the pillow is the same and white laptop that says"our beautiful teen" and the laptop was on a desk with a black chair and the desk is white.

i jumped on the bed and it was a water bed.i got up on the bed and started jumping.then harry came in and said"like your room?"i said"yes!"he said"hey i never got to know you,tell me about yourself"

i stopped jumping on the bed and fell on the bed right on my butt.harry sat on the bed with me and then grabbed this controller that said"waterbed"on it and pressed a stop button and the bed stopped moving.

i said"COOL!"he started laughing and i did too.he said"so tell me who is Katerina rose?"i said"how do you know my last name?"he said"it doesn't matter just tell me about yourself more"i said"we'll my full name is Katerina Edward rose and i eat alot of food I'm sweet kind but if you mess with me i will HURT you"

Harry said"my middle name is Edward too and I'm sweet and kind too"i smiled at that.i said"how old are you?"he said"19,how old are you?"i said"18 but my birthday is in 2 days so ill be 19"he smiled and said"Katerina Edward rose the first time i saw you i knew my heart belonged to you(yes they have hearts)and i love you i hope you have the same feeling s for me"i said"i do"he said"will you go out with me?"

I thought about it and said"yes!"i jumped on him and we fell on the ground he ended up having his hands around my waist and my arms around his neck.i leaned in and kissed him.he kissed back and kissed down to my neck and to my chest.he stopped there got on top of me and pulled my shirt up a little and kissed my stomach all over.he stopped and met my lips.

he asked for an entrance and i let him in.we started playing with each others tongue and when he took his tongue out he started kissing my neck again.i smiled.when he stopped kissing me on the neck he went to my lips and then i got on top of him i took off his shirt and kissed his abs.i went up to his neck and then his lips.

when we finished kissing he put on his shirt and asked if i was hungry.i said"yes"we went downstairs and he gave me lucky charms.i finished my cereal and said"harry aren't you hungry?"he said"yes but i can't eat it"i said"why?"he said because i fell in love with it"then he threw up blood.

i smiled and said"bite me"he looked at me confused.he said"are you sure?"i said"harry your going really pale and your throwing up blood,yes I'm serious"he said"fine"he came up to me and went to my neck.he carefully tilted my head and then bit me.when he finished he licked where he bit me.

i smiled and i kissed him.he smiled too.i said"wheres everyone else?"he said"you live with me now the boys and me decided that because they didnt like your blood but i did"i laughed a little.he kissed me on my neck and whispered on my ear"i love you so much"i whispered on his ear"i love you more"


A/N hey guys tell me if you want any parts because i have enough parts for everybody so if you want a part and somebody else has it ill find you another part and ask if you want it.josh and Ed will be in the book hurry and get the parts!.and pretty plz like comment and favorite but mostly comment.PRETTY PLZ!.

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