Adopted by vampires!?!

Katerina an 18 year old was raped by her boyfriend Dave and ran away.she found a big tree and lived there for 2 months before people found her and took her to an orphanage.what happens when she gets adopted by one direction and finds out their vampires!?!.


1. Homeless

Katerina's p.o.v as i still felt the pain that Dave made me feel when i ran.the way he would rape me would just hurt.i finally stopped running and i felt a huge pain on my must hurt because i kept on running and felt too much pain.too much pain can kill you(it can).i looked at where i was and noticed i stopped next to a big huge tree.i decided to live thee and count down the days i stay here.i found a rock next to the other trees and made a little line on the tree(which i was now living in)which meant day 1.i laid down on the tree and it wasn't comfortable but it is the only thing i had so i just stayed there.i fell asleep worrying that Dave would find me.

I woke up and felt the cold wind rush through my skin which made me shiver.i remembered the memory's from yesterday and broke down.i wiped my tears and my stomach grumbled which meant i was hungry.i got up off the tree and got my phone out of my pocket and put my favorite music on like Rihanna and skrillex.I saw a 5 dollar bill on the ground and picked it up.i looked for a store around here and found the dollar tree.i ran to the store and bought bread and peanut butter and jelly and a brush for my hair.after i payed for the things i went back to my tree and brushed my hair until it wasn't tangled.i got the bread and the peanut butter and jelly.i ended up putting the peanut butter and jelly on the bread with my index finger and my middle finger.after i finished it i kept on listening to music on my phone and ended up falling asleep listening to the music.


A/N hey guys if you like this plz like,favorite,and comment plz because I'm really liking this book and also read my book one direction vampires and the sequels.anyways if this book is nice plz comment and if I'm not writing good plz tell me some tips!.but she'll get adopted eventually.

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