The Summer That Changed Everything.

"I don't think you can define Love." ~Harry Edward Styles


2. He Said Yes.

Autumn's P.O.V.

"PLEASEEE!!!!" I begged, "Let us go live with Kelsey in LA!!!" I was trying to convince my dad to let me and my best friend move in with my Aunt, Kelsey. My best friend, Brynn, moved in with me over a month ago when her parents died in a car accident. 

"No. That's final!" He yelled. 
"WHY? You KNOW how much this means to us! Especially me! It's my DREAM!" I shouted. Why won't he let us go. He knows Kelsey won't let anything happen to us.
"No. I'm done discussing it." He said. 
"PLEASE. I PROMISE THAT I WILL DO ANYTHING WHEN I COME BACK!" I yelled, "SO WILL I!" Brynn yelled from her room. "JUST ONE YEAR! I WON'T DO ANYTHING BAD. PLEASE! This could be amazing for the school I want to go to. Please Dad.." I was close to crying. 
"Fine..." he sighed. I screamed and jumped to give him a hug.
"THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOUUU!" I let go and ran to Brynn. "HE SAID YES!!!" I shouted and she screamed. 
"CALL KELSEY!" He shouted.

I called her and we went over the details. I'll be meeting her at the airport tomorrow morning. They were visiting us for a while before going back and had their flight planned. She said she'd buy our tickets. My dad and her talked for an hour whilst Brynn and I packed our bags. 
"She said to bring all our money and cards. All of our clothes and other thigns like that... OUR CHARGERS!" I pointed to them on the floor.
"Electronics... Hygiene stuff. Bags and purses. Jewelry. Skateboards and things like that..." Brynn added as she gathered the things she listed.
"Hats, beanies, filming equipment... oh yeah! We need to make a new video soon." I said and picked up my tri-pod and lights.
"How bout we just vlog tomorrow and upload it late that night?" She suggested.
"That works." I said as I set down my onsie for the morning. I already took my shower for the night and had pajamas on. We planned on just wearing our onsies on the plane. "Brynn, what time is it?" I asked, knowing it was late.
"12:30 in the morning..." She looked at me. It wasn't late, but we had a plane to catch.
"And how early is our plane?" I questioned.
"5 A.M." She sighed.
"And we have to be at the airport by 4... and meet up with Kelsey by 3:30... UGH! Now she wants to be all early... atleast we can sleep on the plane!" I said as I got in my bed. 
"I know... GOOD NIGHT DAD!" Brynn yelled as she got into her bed. 
"Good night Brynn. GOOD NIGHT DAD! THANK YOU AGAIN! LOVE YOU!" I shouted.
"LOVE YOU TOO! GET SLEEP YOU CRAZY CHILDS!" He yelled back... why is my dad so weird?

~~~~I wrote a  better chapter but when I was almost done my computer crashed and shut down... so it was deleted and I didn't feel like re-writing a long new one so I did this. I hope it's not terrible. I'm just reall tired.~~~~~

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