The Summer That Changed Everything.

"I don't think you can define Love." ~Harry Edward Styles


4. Finally Here

Autumn's P.O.V.

"Ummmm...... I'm so sorry... I didn't mean to.." I said nervously.
"It's alright babe. I'm Harry." He smiled.
"Autumn." I smiled back.
"Going to California?" He asked. I nodded.
"Moving there with my best friend, Aunt, and her best friend."
"Must suck having to live with your aunt."
"Nope. She's really nice and she's more like a friend. She's only 18." 
"Oh. I thought she'd be like, I don't know. Way older." He laughed. "We're on our way to a concert."
"Really? Awe. I wish I could've got tickets. We spent a lot of money on plane tickets."
"Well you are first class so.."
"Actually we got upgraded, we didn't buy them."
"Lucky!"  He laughed and so did I. "Well why don't I get your number so I can get you tickets?" I nearly screamed.
"YOU CAN DO THAT?... sorry.." I laughed. 
"It's fine, but yeah." He smiled. We exchanged phones and put our numbers in. I began to take a selfie for the contact photo.
"What are you doing?" He asked. I laughed.
"Contact Photo!" I replied and then stuck my tongue out and made a weird face and took the picture. He watched me. "Take yours!" I told him.
He laughed then took two selfies .


"You choose which one!" He handed me my phone. I smiled at the pictures.
"I'm going to put them together." I quickly out them together and made it his contact photo along as my background. 
"HARRY!" someone yelled. Harry sighed.
"I got to-" he was cut off by Kelsey. 
"OH MY GOD AUTUMN GUESS WHO I JUST ME-" she stopped when she noticed Harry. 
"Hey, I'm Harry." He smiled.
"Harry, this is my aunt... her name is Kelsey." I said. 
"Hiiiii.." She said awkwardly. He laughed. 
"Well nice to meet you Autumn and you too Kelsey. I've got to go, I'll text or call you in a bit." He smiled. We exchanged hugs and he walked away. I looked at Kelsey and then we both screamed in unison. I have Harry Styles number!!!! My phone went off and I checked to see if it was Harry. 
MY BESTIE BRYNN <3 <3 <3 :* :*
I slid the icon and unlocked my phone: WHERE ARE YOUUU!!????
HURRRY UP!! she replied. 
I put my phone in my pocket. "So who'd you meet?!" I turned to Kelsey. 
"NIALL!" She yelled, "I even have his number!" I laughed.
"Come on!" I grabbed her arm and ran back to our seats. 
"FINALLY!" Anmol and Brynn yelled. 
"ANMOL I JUST MET NIALL AND HARRY!" Kelsey yelled. Anmol froze. 
"Oh.. my... god!" She replied. Brynn looked at me.
"I only met Harry, but I GOT HIS NUMBER!" I told her. She looked shocked. 
"Well, Cody is flying here tonight as well to meet up with me!" She smiled. 
"Awww!" I sat down in my seat and so did Kelsey. We all talked about random things until we fell asleep.
~a few hours later~
"We are arriving to our location! Everyone please buckle there seat belts and we will arrive shortly!" The lady on the intercom said, waking us up. We all did as she said and got our stuff together. I checked the clock. 10:15 am... but I have to change my clock to California time. I switch it over. 7:16am. This is going to be a long day... 
We arrived and walked off our plane. 
"Hop off the plane in L.A.X!" We all began singing then started laughing. I heard the beginning of Love Money Party by Miley Cyrus start to play. 
"I LOVE THAT SONG!" Kelsey yelled. I laughed and then answered my phone. 
"Hey Autumn." Who is this? I check the call. OH MY GOD HARRY!
"Hey Harry! What's up?" 
"We just arrived. I was just going to give you your tickets now if you don't mind?"
"Sure! Meet at the Starbucks? Cause I am dying for some!" I laughed and so did he.
"Alright. See you there!" 
"You too!" and with that he hung up. 
"To Starbucks!" I yell and we all run there. We order 4 Double Chocolate Chip Frappes and sit down. No one else was inside here but us, which was odd. We suddenly heard screaming and saw 4 giant guys walking towards the doors followed by screaming girls. 
One Direction.
They ran inside and the security quickly locked the doors. 
"Hey!" Harry said and pulled up a stool and sat down. The others followed. Each boy introduced themselves. They then ordered their drinks and took pictures with the staff.
"Sorry bout that." Liam apologized. 
"It's fine." Anmol replied. Boomerang by The Ready Set started playing. Anmol's ringtone. "Ahh, it's Jc! I'll be right back!" She smiled and walked to the other side of the restaurant thingy. We all talked for a few minutes and shortly Anmol came back to join in on the talking. 
"Hey boys we gotta go!" Paul said as he came inside. They sighed.
"Alright Pauly." Niall replied.
"It's been a while since we've been able to just hang out with calm, nice people! Thanks!" Liam said. We all said our byes and gave hugs. 
"Hey, can we all meet up at the beach this afternoon?" Zayn asked.
"Sure!" Brynn replied. We all shrugged in agreement.
"Cool! I'll text you when?" Harry said to me.
"Sounds good!" I replied.
"Kelsey you better text me!" Louis told her.
"I will Lou! Calm down!" She replied.
"What bout me?" Niall said making a sad face.
"You too!" She laughed. 
"Text me your address and we'll pick you up when we decide on a time?" Harry turned to Kelsey. We all had exchanged numbers.
"I knew I forgot something." She replied. 
"What?" Anmol asked her.
"I forgot to get a rental car dropped off till we get mine." She sighed.
"UGH!" Anmol yelled.
"Aye Paul!" Louis yelled and Paul stuck his head inside.
"Can we give them a ride to their flat?" Zayn asked and Paul checked his watch. 
"Yeah but we have to hurry. The bus just arrived." He replied as the 4 guards came in to get them. "Get them girls too!" Paul yelled.
We got through the crowd of girls in one piece. Get it? Cause our onsies? No? Okay. We got on the bus and put our stuff in the corner. 
"So where do you live?" Paul asked us. Kelsey handed him a paper and he nodded.
They started driving. It got really quite and awkward.
"FOOD!" Kelsey yelled.
"Where?" Niall asked then laughed.
"No where. It was just awkward..." She laughed.
"Meanie! Don't joke bout food!" He laughed. They're weirdos. 
"It is awkwardly quite." Harry said. 
"Turn the radio on then!" Zayn told him and he did so. A Cody Simpson was on. 
"I LOVE THIS SONG!" Brynn yelled. 
"Of course you do!" I yelled back. "Cody's her boyfriend!" I told the boys who nodded. 
"I GOT IT NOW!" Louis yelled. We all looked at him. "YOU TWO ARE YOUTUBERS! AND YOU TWO ARE AS WELL!" He yelled proudly as he pointed at Anmol and Kelsey then to Brynn and me. We laughed.
"Nooo!" Kelsey said sarcastically. Lou glared at her and she stuck her tongue out. They started laughing. 
"We'll be to your house in about an hour.... traffic is terrible here!" Paul told us. Frankly, we didn't really care. We liked being with the boys.
"I'm so tired" Kelsey yawned, making me yawn. 
"You can go sleep on the oh-so-comfy-beds back there if you'd like to." Liam suggested. 
"I am!" Zayn got up and walked back there. 
"I think I am too! I'll see you when we get there!" Brynn followed Zayn. 
"I'm alright" I said.
"Me too." Anmol and Kelsey said in unison then laughed.
We decided to just watch a random movie. Next thing I knew it we were at the house. We said bye once again and got off the bus after we woke up Brynn and got our stuff.We walked towards the house.


Wow... this house was huge.... it was amazing! We decided to get it furnished already. Lets just say Kelsey and I had plans for me to move in before my dad even agreed so we already designed my room and Brynn's room and the whole house. We walked up the drive way and the stairs and into the house. 
"How'd you afford this?" I said looking around.
"Anmol and I have saved lots of money over the years between our 2 jobs each and YouTube and since we got scholarships to our colleges we were able to use some money from our savings accounts." She said as we set our stuff down to explore the house.
The entrance


 then the kitchen


 was just through the arch doorway thing. Upstairs we had a 'relax' room. 



We then walked to the upstairs patio.


 We decided to go back downstairs and look at the back patio and the pool which had a waterslide/waterfalll leading to the main pool (not the background, just pool). 


The movie room was one of my favorites.


We actually had another in the basement along with huge 4-section game room(room 1 room 2 room 3, also part of cont. room 3 and room 4).


Next we went to Brynn's Room. 


By the way the bathtub is fake. We all actually have ladders in our rooms that lead up to a room that was not very tall. We had to crawl through it was the whole thing was one big hammock floor.


We would crawl across it to get to the others room. We crawled across to my my room.


My bed upstairs was probably my favorite thing about it.


We then went into Kelsey's Room. 


She even had one of these. 


It made sense that she had the best room. She did pay for 75% of the whole trip/house together. We went to one of the guest rooms.


Then another quest room.


Then another.


Then last the master guest room.


Which Anmol was debating on taking instead of her room.


We even had a "secret" book room which actually had a hidden door from the movie room(upstairs) and another from the dining room.


We went to the  Lastly, we had the "castle room" as I like to call it. And that is our house.


After two hours of us exploring every inch and looking at every detail of our house we put our bags and stuff in our rooms. We decided to eat. We ordered a pizza and it was here withing 45 minutes. He got lost trying to find our house. We ate our pizza and had a chat for about 1 more hour.We didn't worry about unpacking. We went to the upstairs movie room to watch a movie. We flicked through the channels and settled on A Walk To Remember. This movie always makes me cry. Kelsey got a call.
"Hey.....yeah.... sure... we're watching a movie... A Walk To Remember... YOU'VE NEVER SEEN IT?.... Then come over.... No..... Your driver should have it or Paul..." must be Niall. "alright... see you soon!" She hung up then turned to us. "They're less then 15 minutes away."
We made 3 bowls of popcorn and as the last one was being put in the bowl the doorbell rang. 
"COME IN!" All four of us yelled in unison. Then 5 boys started yelling as they walked in. 
"WHERE ARE YOU BEST FRIEND?" Obviously Lou yelling for Kelsey.
"KITCHEN! OVER HERE!" She ran towards them and they ran to us. 
"Hope you don't mind but Perrie, Ele, and Sophia will be here soon?" Zayn said. We shrugged.
"No problem." Kelsey said.
"The O2L boys are coming over along with the Brits and them. Jenn, Andrea, Anthony, Jack, and Troye as well. Joey, Sawyer, Meghan, and David are coming too. oh and Tyler." Anmol added in.
"Oh and Cody just got here an hour ago so he'll be here any minute!" Brynn said.
"Looks like we will have a house full!" I said laughing. The doorbell rang.
"COME IN!" All of us yelled. 
"Brynn?" An Australian voice yelled.
"CODY!" She screamed and ran to the door. Shortly after she walked back to the kitchen. 
"I told the rest of them to just walk in when they get here." Anmol said.
The doorbell once again. I sighed. 
"COME IN!" We all yelled... once again.. This time is was Perrie, Ele, and Sophia. We all introduced ourselves.
Suddenly you hear yelling and screaming. 
"They are here.." I smiled.
"OH MY GOODNESS GRACIANYAS! I'VE MISSED YOU GUYS!" Kelsey screamed and hugged everyone. We all talked for about an hour.
"How about the movie?" I ask.
"What movie?" Ricky asks.
"A Walk To Remember." I say.
"Ehh, why not?" Connor said. We made 3 more bowls of popcorn and everyone got two drinks each. Good thing we had Andrea and Jenn stock us up on food for us. We sent them money and they got what we asked for. They followed us upstairs and to the movie room. We all laid on the pillows. I sat next to Harry. Kelsey was with Niall. Brynn and Cody. Jenn and Connor. Jc and Anmol. Ele and Lou. Sophia and Liam. Perrie and Zayn. Meghan sat with Joey and David. Everyone else just scattered around and cuddled together. Harry and I were cuddling.


Kelsey and Niall ended up falling asleep within the first 10 minutes.


Brynn and Cody were cuddling and occasionally kissing.


By the end of the movie everyone was asleep except me. So I decided I'd just fall asleep as well....


~~The pictures on this one didn't work and I don't feel like redoing it so I'll fix it another time. On quotev they should work though~~

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