The Sick

It hit suddenly, the disease. My friends got sick. The powers been out for a while. Oh god they're almost here. The sick roam the streets hunting the healthy people. They got my friends, now they're sick. First they got fevers then they started vomiting then.. They turned. If anyone gets this note, please help.

The first book in the Sick series, hopefully there will be more.
this is a fan fic of The Enemy series by Charlie Higson


1. Robert: Part 1

Hello, my name is Robert, before i begin let me just No one saw it coming, it was just like, poof everyone you know and care for are dead or worse, them.  By them i mean the sick ones. they come out of no where and hunt the no sick ones. I know its a lazy start but come on, who has time for organized writing during what ever the fuck is going on. Any who, my story begins in Columbus, OH. Wasn't that a great way to start?   

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