The Doctor's Hourglass Part 1

What says 'holiday' more than a trip to the medieval era of King Arthur? The Doctor and Clara are in Camelot where all the townsfolk are having nightmares. Upon calling on Guinevere they find that she knows more than the Doctor would really like. And she's not letting them go till they tell her what she wants to find out.
There's also a mystery man that keeps trying to kill the Doctor. He calls himself The Riddle but does he work for the Silence or are they there to stop both him and the Doctor?


5. The Doctor's Hourglass 5




(Cut to The Doctor stopping in his tracks in the Castle grounds. Clara, Vastra, Jenny and Strax all stop as well)

VASTRA: We haven't got time to be all scientific.

THE DOCTOR: Clara go back to the Castle.

CLARA: I'm not going back there with Guinevere. She creeps me out.

THE DOCTOR: Vastra, Jenny and Strax go back too.

VASTRA: We're not going anyway.
THE DOCTOR: I need to go alone this time.

(The Doctor runs away from the group)

VASTRA: Let's do as the Doctor said.

CLARA: But you just said-

JENNY: It's alright Clara. He'll fine. Right ma'am?

VASTRA: Hopefully that's the case.


(Cut to the Doctor carefully treading down a small slide of rocks to the entrance of a cave. Inside the cave it's warm and lit by a giant fire in the middle surrounded by a wall of stone. On all the walls are pieces of paper with scribbles)

THE DOCTOR: Interesting.

(A man in a cloak enters the room with an hourglass in his hand. He also holds a piece of parchment and a quill)

THE DOCTOR: Who are you?

THE RIDDLE: Who are you?

THE DOCTOR: I'm the Doctor.

THE RIDDLE: Ah! The Doctor. Last Time Lord isn't it? Yes. You're quite bitter about it aren't you. Angry inside. Of course I am but a humble man that knows all.

THE DOCTOR: Who are you?

THE RIDDLE: They call me The Riddle, Doctor. Do you know why? It's because I never make sense. I know everything.

THE DOCTOR: You can't know everything.

THE RIDDLE: Oh but I do dear, Doctor. I know much more than you. I know what will happen in the future. What has happened in the past. I know your secrets. I even know your name.

THE DOCTOR: That's a lie.

THE RIDDLE: Is it? Or are you too scared to admit that I know. Yes. You're scared. Scared that I do know.

THE DOCTOR: Then who am I? Answer the question! Doctor Who?

THE RIDDLE: You want me to say it don't you? To prove myself.

(The Doctor steps toward The Riddle who steps away. The Riddle sets the hourglass on the stone wall)

THE RIDDLE: Ah. Not yet. You're not allowed to see me yet.

THE DOCTOR: I asked the question. Now you answer.

THE RIDDLE: Persistent aren't we? Well, sorry to disappoint, but no. I'm not going to say.


(Cut to Clara, Vastra, Jenny and Strax pacing in a corridor in the Castle. Clara sighs)

CLARA: I don't trust the Doctor.

STRAX: He'll be fine. He'll blow up-

VASTRA: Not now, Strax.

STRAX: Sorry.

CLARA: Can't we do something? Anything?

VASTRA: We have to trust him.

CLARA: Like I said, I don't.

(Clara walks back to her room. The flames in the torches flicker strangely as she leaves)


(Cut to the Doctor and The Riddle. The sand in the hourglass is almost out)

THE DOCTOR: Why bother these people with dreams?

THE RIDDLE: I'm certain you understand me when I say I'm bored. I write things. And nightmares. People's worst fears are incredibly fascinating to write about. Just the other day I wrote a small ballad about you, Doctor.

THE DOCTOR: So you're not trying to hurt anyone?

THE RIDDLE: Other than you? No.


THE RIDDLE: You know the location of the Sands. I want that power.

THE DOCTOR: I don't remember which timeline I put them in.

THE RIDDLE: Pity. I was hoping you'd say the opposite.


(Cut to Clara reaching her bedroom door. She opens it. The inside is dark but she doesn't light any torches. Clara lies on her bed)

CLARA: I don't trust him one bit.

(The torches flicker and a spark starts. Clara stares at them)


(Something moves in the dark. The lights flicker. Clara crosses her arms. There's tally marks all over them)

CLARA: What?!

(The Silence appear in the room. Clara yells out in exclamation. Then the Silence are on the roof)


(The Silence stare down at her)


(Cut to the Doctor and The Riddle. The Riddle pushes the hourglass to the floor. It smashes)

THE RIDDLE: That's what'll happen. That's what we'll do to the Sands.

(The Doctor ducks away from The Riddle as he advances. He side steps and grabs the hood and pulls it back)

THE DOCTOR: That is hideous.

THE RIDDLE: You know now. You know that silence shall fall.

(The camera cuts to the front to reveal The Riddle is indeed a Silence)



Didn't expect that ending did you? Well, I haven't put a preview since there's a second part to this. I absolutely love the medieval era, which is where my inspiration came from. The idea to bring in the TimeLord Sands when I reflected on the past Doctor Who seasons. Everyone of them had this on-going theme. David Tennant- 4 knocks and Bad Wolf. Matt Smith- the question: Doctor who? So, basically, the Sands are these hourglasses that belonged to the Time Lords. They all had one and the sand monitored their life. Every time they regenerated the sand inside the hourglass replenished. All of the Sands were destroyed during the Time War, except for the Doctor's. He used an Emergency Temporary Shift to move his Sand into a different time stream with a time lock. If someone destroys it he's dead. However, one of favorite parts writing this would be Strax's dialogue. (Respect the potato).

All in all, I can't wait to release part two!

Yours Sincerely,


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