The Doctor's Hourglass Part 1

What says 'holiday' more than a trip to the medieval era of King Arthur? The Doctor and Clara are in Camelot where all the townsfolk are having nightmares. Upon calling on Guinevere they find that she knows more than the Doctor would really like. And she's not letting them go till they tell her what she wants to find out.
There's also a mystery man that keeps trying to kill the Doctor. He calls himself The Riddle but does he work for the Silence or are they there to stop both him and the Doctor?


4. The Doctor's Hourglass 4



(Cut to The Doctor is walking down a long corridor. He hears scratching and goes to investigate. Upon opening a door he yells out in exclamation)

THE DOCTOR: What is that?

(The Doctor steps inside. It's dark. Something reaches out in the darkness. The Doctor spins around)

THE DOCTOR: Who's there?

(No reply. He lights a torch with his sonic screw driver. Nothing is in the small room. The light flickers and dies down)

THE DOCTOR: That's strange. I thought I heard-

VASTRA: Don't move. Literally. Don't move.

JENNY: I brought the guns ma'am.

VASTRA: Thank-you Jenny.

(Vastra is pointing her gun into the darkness)

THE DOCTOR: So I'm just supposed to stand here?

VASTRA: Basically...yes.

JENNY: I can't see anything miss.

VASTRA: No. You wouldn't...fine, Doctor. Get out of the room so I have clear shooting range.

(The Doctor slowly backs out. He jumps when he sees his hands tattooed with tally marks)

THE DOCTOR: Oh, well this is unexpected!

JENNY: What's unexpected?

THE DOCTOR: The Silence. That's what inside the room.

(Vastra shuts the door and steps back, gun still raised)

THE DOCTOR: They're quite harmless. A bit cute actually. That's until you provoke them. Then they'll electrocute you.

VASTRA: Get the girl.

THE DOCTOR: You mean Clara?

VASTRA: Yes. I mean Clara. We need to talk to Queen Guinevere.

(The Doctor runs down the corridor)

STRAX: Can I blow her up?!


STRAX: But surely-

VASTRA: No. Now where was I? Oh yes, we need to talk to Queen Guinevere and ask her why she's keeping Silence in an unlocked room.


(Cut to Clara sitting upright in bed to the sound of the door opening. She's fully dressed as if expecting the Doctor)

THE DOCTOR: Hello Clara.
CLARA: Hi. You know that weird dream you had?


CLARA: I had one of those. It had this man smashing an hourglass to pieces and there were voices-

THE DOCTOR: We need to hurry Clara.

(Clara gets out of bed)

CLARA: Ready.

THE DOCTOR: Good. You remember Vastra and Jenny and Strax don't you?

CLARA: You mean that human girl, the Silurian and the potato in metal armour?


CLARA: Yeah, I remember them.

THE DOCTOR: Vastra and I both agree something's up.

CLARA: You just realised that?

THE DOCTOR: There's no need to be sarcastic. Anyway, we'll meet her in Miss Guinevere's quarters. There's some things we need to ask her.

(Cut to Guinevere lying in bed. It's still night so the only light source is a few torches. Vastra, Jenny and Strax are standing in the room)

GUINEVERE: What are you people?

VASTRA: I'm a Silurian. And Strax's a Sontaran.

STRAX: And if you say anything I'll have no choice but to kill you.


JENNY: Strax!

(The Doctor and Clara rush into the room)

THE DOCTOR: Did I miss anything?

VASTRA: Strax threatened Guinevere by her life...other than that, no.

THE DOCTOR: Right. Let's get down to business.

(The Doctor sits on the edge of Guinevere's bed)

THE DOCTOR: Why were there dangerous aliens inhabiting one of the spare rooms?

GUINEVERE: I don't understand.

THE DOCTOR: Why were there Silence in the room?


THE DOCTOR: She didn't know about them.

CLARA: Someone else must've put them there.

GUINEVERE: I don't understand.

THE DOCTOR: Not many people do.

GUINEVERE: When he came everyone began rejoicing. It was like Arthur had returned.

THE DOCTOR: Oh, um, I see.

GUINEVERE: All the bad dreams went away...but then the dreams came back and they were worse.

THE DOCTOR: Tell me who he is and I can help you.


THE DOCTOR: Then I can't help you.

GUINEVERE: Wait! H-he said his name was The Riddle.

THE DOCTOR: Weird name. Probably a weird man.

GUINEVERE: Now you answer my question, Doctor. What are the Sands?

THE DOCTOR: I'm sorry but I can't tell you.

(The Doctor stands up to leave)

THE DOCTOR: That explains the weird dreams. Whoever talked to Gwen here is the cause of this.(The Doctor turns sharply back)

GUINEVERE: If you're wondering, he told me everything.

THE DOCTOR: How does he know about the TimeLord Sands?

GUINEVERE: You'll have to ask him yourself.

VASTRA: There's no use sitting around. Jenny, take Strax someone where he can't harm little children.

JENNY: Yes ma'am.

CLARA: Where are we planning to go?

GUINEVERE: The Druid Chamber. He'd be there.

(The Doctor eyes Guinevere suspiciously before everyone runs out of the room)

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