The Doctor's Hourglass Part 1

What says 'holiday' more than a trip to the medieval era of King Arthur? The Doctor and Clara are in Camelot where all the townsfolk are having nightmares. Upon calling on Guinevere they find that she knows more than the Doctor would really like. And she's not letting them go till they tell her what she wants to find out.
There's also a mystery man that keeps trying to kill the Doctor. He calls himself The Riddle but does he work for the Silence or are they there to stop both him and the Doctor?


3. The Doctor's Hourglass 3



(It's morning and the Doctor finds Clara walking around the marketplace. She smiles at him)

CLARA: Where did you go last night?

THE DOCTOR: For a walk.

CLARA: You seemed upset.

THE DOCTOR: I wasn't upset, I was just angry.

CLARA: Personally, I think that Guinevere is even more crazy than you are.

THE DOCTOR: Agreed. Hey, have you had any weird dreams lately?

CLARA: No. Why?

THE DOCTOR: I was just wondering.

CLARA: Okay. But what are the TimeLord Sands anyway?

THE DOCTOR: I can't tell you here. Maybe later.

(Clara goes back to looking at the various stalls)


(Cut to Clara and the Doctor sitting in the hall at night. Guinevere has left. The torches flicker)

CLARA: So? What are they?

THE DOCTOR: The TimeLord Sands? They're an important part of Time Lord history that barely anyone has heard of. Usually people just suppose that we're able to survive without a heart because we have two. No. The Sands are hourglasses that were kept on Galifrey till it was destroyed of course. They were our source of life. The sand ran until we regenerated and it replenished and started again. My Sand is the only one left and I hid it away. I don't remember where though. If someone were to destroy it, Clara, there wouldn't be any Time Lords left.

CLARA: Oh. That'd be bad.

THE DOCTOR: Bad with a capital'd better get off to bed.

CLARA: Excuse me?

THE DOCTOR: To bed. Go to bed.

CLARA: Are you my dad now?

THE DOCTOR: No, but I'm older than you and you should respect your elders.

CLARA: Fine.

(Clara stands and exits the hall. The Doctor follows but pauses when he sees Guinevere looking at him from her bedroom door)


(Cut to Clara in bed. She's writhing around as if having a nightmare)


(Cut to Clara's nightmare. She's sitting in an empty room watching the sand run down an hourglass. She's bound to the chair. A man steps into the room. His face is hidden by a cloak. He lifts up a heavy tool and smashes the hourglass to smithereens. Camera shows Clara's arms and hands and face that are covered in tally marks)

DORIUM V/O: Silence shall fall when the question is asked.

THE DOCTOR V/O: No. Silence shall be broken when the question is answered.

CLARA: Doctor!

THE DOCTOR V/O: If someone were to destroy it, Clara, there wouldn't be any Time Lords left.

THE RIDDLE V/O: I know everything!
THE DOCTOR V/O: Then answer the question! Doctor Who?


(Cut to Clara being woken up by a maid)

MAID 2: Are you alright miss?

CLARA: I'm fine. I'm fine.

MAID 2: Would you like some water?

CLARA: No thank you. What time is it?

MAID 2: Almost daybreak miss. It looks like a fine day today. Ring the bell if there's anything you need.

(The maid exits the room and Clara falls back. She closes her eyes and sighs)

CLARA: I hate having dreams.

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