The Doctor's Hourglass Part 1

What says 'holiday' more than a trip to the medieval era of King Arthur? The Doctor and Clara are in Camelot where all the townsfolk are having nightmares. Upon calling on Guinevere they find that she knows more than the Doctor would really like. And she's not letting them go till they tell her what she wants to find out.
There's also a mystery man that keeps trying to kill the Doctor. He calls himself The Riddle but does he work for the Silence or are they there to stop both him and the Doctor?


2. The Doctor's Hourglass 2



 THE DOCTOR: How do you know about them?

GUINEVERE: You didn't answer my question.

THE DOCTOR: I'm not planning to until you tell me where you found out about them.

CLARA: What's going on?

GUINEVERE: My dear girl-

(Clara twitches in annoyance)

GUINEVERE: -the Time Lords were a powerful race of beings who had found a way to travel and perhaps even control time itself. This didn't make them unstoppable however as it became evident when they died out during the great Time War. I didn't believe the Doctor was alive until I saw his TARDIS appear outside Camelot. The TimeLord Sands were almost scared to them and I want to know why.

THE DOCTOR: I'm not going to tell you.

GUINEVERE: The funny thing is, Doctor, is that I'm not going to let you leave until you do tell me.

THE DOCTOR: I'm not going to tell you until you answer my question.

GUINEVERE: Then we'll have to come to an agreement that one of us has to reply to the other before anyone leaves.

CLARA: What're the TimeLord Sands?

THE DOCTOR: They're gone now. Destroyed.

GUINEVERE: All of them?

THE DOCTOR: Yes. All of them.

(The Doctor storms out of the room, leaving Clara with Guinevere)


(Cut to night in the hall. Clara and the Doctor are eating dinner at a table where a feast is laid out. Guinevere is at the head of the table. The Doctor stops eating)

GUINEVERE: Are you not hungry, dear Doctor? Or is it not to your satisfaction?

THE DOCTOR: The first one. I'm going for a walk.

(The Doctor stands and exits the hall. Clara stands. Her chair creaks as its pushed backwards)

CLARA: I'm need the fresh air too.

GUINEVERE: Sit down. You're not leaving.

(A servant steps forward a pushes Clara back into her seat)

GUINEVERE: Now, my dear girl, you and the Doctor seem quite close. Has he told you of the Sands?



CLARA: I've been meaning to ask, but he won't answer. He's weird that way.

GUINEVERE: Yes. Weird indeed. Can I ask of you a favour?

(Clara shifts uncomfortably)

CLARA: Okay?

GUINEVERE: about we find out what the Sands are and the Doctor lives.

CLARA: What do you mean by the Doctor 'lives'?

GUINEVRE: You see. I have a job and I need to fulfil it as soon as possible. Understand? You may go now.

(Clara stands up and stalks out. The door makes a soft thud as it closes)


(Cut to the Doctor wandering down the streets of Camelot. The faint sound of singing from the pub can be heard. The moon casts a shadow across the houses and stalls. Someone steps out)

JENNY: Hello, Doctor.


JENNY: Ma'am, I found 'im.

(Vastra smiles at the Doctor)

VASTRA: Long time no see. How's the new body feel?

THE DOCTOR: Marvellous. Sadly, no ginger this time either. What're you doing here?

VASTRA: The same reason you're here I presume. To stop him.


VASTRA: Maybe not.

JENNY: Ma'am, should I go check on Strax? I don't think we want him blowin' up the whole Castle just because there are people in metal walkin' 'round.

(Strax waddles out, holding a ray-gun. He grins triumphantly)

STRAX: I subdued the attacker!

VASTRA: It was a cat.

STRAX: Nasty little vermin! He put up quite fight but I gave him a good punch and...

VASTRA: Strax! I'm sure you were gallant but that's completely irrelevant to what's going on now. STRAX: He was evil-

VASTRA: Strax! Why don't you go off and blow something up other than the whole of Camelot?

STRAX: If that is what must be done then yes.

(Strax toddles off happily with ray-gun in hand)

THE DOCTOR: Who's 'him'?

JENNY: Ma'am, we should go.

VASTRA: Soon, my dear. Now, Doctor, you have to believe when I say you're not safe here-

THE DOCTOR: I'm never safe.

VASTRA: That is true. But now it is most evident.

JENNY: Ma'am. The guards on patrol are coming this way.

VASTRA: Believe me, Doctor, when I say there's no where safe for you now.

(Vastra and Jenny exit, leaving the Doctor alone)


(Cut to The Doctor walking around a frozen pond. Frozen in the water is a massive watch)

THE RIDDLE V/O: Doctor, Doctor. What would happen if I were to...let's say...break the glass?

THE DOCTOR: Don't you dare.

(The Doctor stops pacing and glances around for the owner of the voice)

THE RIDDLE V/O: The funny thing is that you seem scared, Doctor.

(Something bangs against the ice. The Doctor looks down to see a Silence hitting the frozen water. The ice shatters and the Silence steps out. The watch breaks)


(Cut to The Doctor sitting upright in a chair. He puts a hand to his head)

THE DOCTOR: That was a weird dream.  

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