At the local high school, there are the jocks, the nerds, the stoners, the rich kids, the artsies, and the populars. When Mr. Martinez, the English teacher, decides to put one student from each clique together as a group for a school project, each of them feel like it's the end of the world. They all used to be best friends, but after a giant fight in the seventh grade that's haunted each of them for years, they'd split up. But now it's time to face the truth. Should they forgive and forget, learn and love, or remember grudges and give hell for them? There's no getting out of being a group, so they'll need to work out their differences and try to be friendly. But when secrets are spilt and tears are shed, they might realize that they're not so different at all. It might've been Mr. Martinez that brought them together, but maybe it was really fate.


2. 2

The Jocks

Today, Louis actually rushes to class, flipping off his friends who try to get him to stay outside on the field to play more soccer. Today, he is going to try to get Mr. Martinez to change his group. He doesn't want to work with any of them. Something bad will happen, he knows it! He can feel it. 

Well, maybe that's just the energy drink running through his veins, not intuition. But that's besides the point. Nothing good can come from the six of them being together. It's like two magnets trying to be forced together from the wrong sides. They just won't go together, but if you finally push hard enough, they direct themselves away from each other, causing you to push the magnet into your own hand, essentially hurting yourself. You see, the six of them are the magnets and the result of pushing them together is hurt.

Don't give him that look, it makes sense!

Well, does it really? Louis was never one for the brains, always the sports. At least, after seventh grade he was.

He almost shudders just thinking about that horrible year. He'd had so much and... it had been thrown away.

It hurts too much to think about.

Instead of focusing on his thoughts, he continues to the English classroom, swearing to himself under his breath once he realizes that he made a wrong turn due to his lack of attention. Louis turns around, but before he can completely divert his body, something awful happens. 

He makes eye contact with one of the devils.

Harry Styles.

In the one second that their eyes meet, tension fills the air, suffocating Louis. Harry seems... hurt? No, no, it must be hatred. Or possibly doubt. But of what?

Louis looks down quickly, avoiding Harry's green eyes that are filled with so much emotion.

He tries to clear his head of the thoughts and instead focuses on how different Harry is now than when they were 13. Louis honestly doesn't want to keep thinking about his ex-best friend, the curly headed freak, but he must acknowledge how nice Harry has aged.

Hell, he needs to get some credit for that.

He used to be, well, kinda ugly.

He had glasses that framed his face in the totally wrong way, curly brown hair that went in every direction which didn't look very good, and his clothes were really just awful. Louis has nothing against Harry's mother, but she really had terrible taste for her son back then. He wore extremely baggy clothes and was just made of skin and bones, and it was actually kind of sad. Nobody would ever tell him this, but besides his eyes and personality, he really had nothing going for him.

He feels awful for thinking it, but it really is true. But that doesn't mean that Louis was only his friend out of pity. Well sure, it may have started that way, but after a few days of the pity party, he had realized how cool Harry really was. He had great music taste, even back then, and was great at design, photography, drawing, painting, and had this amazing style. Louis remembers thinking, why doesn't he just show everyone what talent he has? Nobody would try to mess with him!

But Louis never told him that because he thought he already knew, and he now has every reason to believe that's true. Because look at Harry now!

He's one of the best artists in their entire school, and he's actually really hot. 

Hot by a girl's standards.

Not Louis's.

He's into chicks.

Louis only know that Harry's hot by their standards because he's heard tons of girls talking about him. Plus, Harry's got this amazing girlfriend. She's beautiful and Louis always feels like he should congratulate him on getting her.

Anyways, Harry is like the King of Cool now, and everyone is actually really intimidated by him, not that anybody would tell him. And Louis has even noticed that he has some tattoos. And by some, that means a lot. Not like, tattoo freak tattoos, but more like meaningful ones. He doesn't look punk with them, because he doesn't have a lip ring or anything like that, it's in fact the opposite. They make him look like he's a story. A walking story and each of the tattoos has a special meaning in the story, and in order to be able to understand the story, you had to read the tattoos. 

Damn, that energy drink must have done something to Louis because now he's getting all deep and philosophical. 

But the best part about the tats? Louis remembers Harry showing him sketches of some of them at the beginning of seventh grade, saying "See these, Louis? I'm going to get them as tattoos one day." Louis had laughed at him, not believing that the small boy had the tolerance for one tattoo, much less dozens, but he sure proved him wrong.

Louis's still thinking about him as he strides confidently into the English room and takes his seat in the middle row, letting his backpack fall next to him on the floor. He'd really meant to talk to Mr. Martinez before class started, but the teacher still isn't even here yet. 

Of course.

He's always late.

He entertains himself for a few minutes by playing games on his phone, but it's useless. Even though he's looking down, he can still tell when each of them walk in.

Liam was already here when Louis walked in, he knows, but Louis was the first one besides him. 

Harry waltzes through the door approximately sixteen seconds after Louis has and he can feel Harry's green eyes on his head for a second. He ignores it, refusing to look up and meet Harry's gaze, so after another second, Louis feels his eyes divert from his head, and Harry takes his usual seat in the second row of desks. A minute later, Niall steps into class, a snapback resting on his dyed-blonde mess of hair. Louis doesn't need to even glance up to know he's wearing a snapback. He wears them religiously, and since today is Friday, he's wearing the green one today. 

Don't ask Louis how he knows.

Everyone does.

His blue eyes pass right over Louis and he quietly takes his seat in the desk diagonally behind the athlete, to the right. He's two desks behind Harry. Not that Louis has memorized where everyone sits in the classroom.

Next, Zayn comes in. He walks slowly, with the utmost care to look uncaring. Pathetic. Or maybe he's just high.

 He slides his black shoes on the floor slowly while he makes his way to the back left corner of the room but as he passes by Louis, the smell of smoke, alcohol, or any type of drug doesn't hit him, so he can't be sure if he's intoxicated or not. Maybe he's just tired, like every other high school student on the Earth.

And lastly, Diana and Mr. Martinez step through the doorway, a mere minute before class is supposed to start. Their teacher allows her to enter first, and she scopes out the room quickly before hurrying to her desk behind Louis.

It must be nice to look at his head.


Mr. Martinez closes the large wooden door behind him and then turns to face the students while he walks over to his own desks and leans up against it. A big smile shows off his white teeth.

"Good afternoon, class!" he greets the class, his face animated and eyes bright. They all simply blink at him, incapable of a small action, even a 'hello' back to him. He's been teaching for a while, so he knows to expect this, though. His smile does not fade. He claps his hands together, causing Henry Flannery in the seat two away from Zayn's in the back row to make a small noise, much like he was sleeping and was suddenly woken up. Louis suspects that is, in fact, the case, because he barely sees him awake and he's in almost all of Louis's classes.

"Anyway, I'm sure you're all dying to know what your project will be, aren't you? Of course you are!" he continues, unfazed by Henry. "So right now we'll be focusing on a famous young adult author. What he writes is a little young for you guys, but you're still young adults. Anybody have a guess for who it is?"

Louis sees his eyes travel around the classroom excitedly, but nobody responds. 

He does like English, he really does, but he has more important things to think about. He's never let English take over his time. It's instead been sports, sports, sports. 

And Louis has gotten a scholarship to a university already for soccer, so what does English matter?

"Ah, I know you're all thinking of an author but you're too afraid to answer. So I'll have to spell it out for you then, eh?"

Mr. Martinez turns to the whiteboard behind him and grabs an Expo marker from the marker tray on the bottom of the board, the uncaps it. It's a pink marker. 

He writes on the board, the dry-erase marker making squeaky sounds as it releases its pink liquid onto the board. The teacher's body covers what he's written, so when he pulls away, it's a shock that he's written...

John Green.

"Yep, that's right! John Green is our author!" he exclaims, extending his hands so his fingertips are a few inches away from the 'n' in Green.

"John Green? My sister is reading his books and she's in sixth grade!" Hallie Johnson calls from the seat directly behind Louis. The teacher glances sharply at her.

"If you were listening before, you would've heard that I said that I knew that he is a young adult writer, but you're all still young adults. Now, would you like to know what we're doing with John Green?" he asks the class, and a few students nod slowly, barely reacting to his question.

He sighs "No enthusiasm," he mutters. He picks up a piece of paper from his desk. "But, the project you'll be doing is both a group project and an individual project. The group part will be choosing one character from your assigned book and writing a profile on that character with your partners. For the individual part, you'll be writing an epilogue from that character's point of view. This will all be within the book I assign your group.

"Luckily, we have a small class and there are only three groups, and there are three books that have been written by John Green and John Green only. We'll be using The Fault in Our Stars, Looking For Alaska, and An Abundance of Katherines

"Hallie, your group will be using An Abundance of Katherines. The characters that you can choose from are Colin Singleton, Lindsey Lee Wells, and Hassan Harbish. Max, your group will be using The Fault in Our Stars and the characters that you can choose from are Hazel Grace Lancaster, Augustus Waters, and Isaac. And last but not least, Niall, your group will be using Looking For Alaska, and the characters that you can choose from are Miles Halter, Alaska Young  and The Colonel.

"It should be assumed that you will need to read the books in order to complete the assignment, so now that that's out of the way, are there any questions?" Mr. Martinez's finishes his speech and sets his paper back down on his desk.

Louis raises his hand immediately.

"Louis," he calls on him.

"Is there a paper that says all of this?" he questions, worrying because he hasn't written anything down and he surely can't remember anything that he said. Thankfully, Mr. Martinez nods and grabs a stack of papers from the side of the room, next to his desk.

He hands them out quickly and seems like he's in a rush to leave even though they still have a half hour left in class.

"Any other questions?"

There's no response.

"Alright then, you can go once you exchange phone numbers with your partners and decide what character you'll be doing. Have a nice day."

And then he leaves the kids to their own devices and Louis's absolutely terrified of talking to his old best friends. 

"Louis, what character do you want to do?" a sweet voice comes from behind him and then he swallows because he can't avoid her any longer so he turns around and is met with a slam of memories.


(quick A/N: wow ok Louis's part was really long, I'm sorry about that. didn't mean for that to happen!)


The Nerds

Today, Liam walks as quick as he can to English, doing his best to avoid Seamus. Luckily, in his three minute trip to the classroom, there are no squeaky voices screaming Liam's name, and he almost cries with relief when he makes it to the room without Seamus noticing him.

Liam's the first one.

What a surprise!

He sits himself down in the first row, taking a peek at the windows on the left side of the room where they take place of most of the wall. It's beautiful and sunny and the sky is dotted with white fluffs. He sighs because he's stuck in this school when he could be outside, enjoying the last of the summer weather. It's the middle of September, but the temperature hasn't really dropped yet which is surprising. He hopes it won't, because he doesn't quite like the cold.

Liam takes his math folder out of his backpack and opens it up, his brown eyes scanning over the answers but he isn't really thinking about them.

He's really thinking about seventh grade... That awful year.

The year he lost his best friends, got humiliated in front of the entire grade, and lost his dignity. 

Could he have done anything better?

Well if Liam hadn't gotten up on the-

His thoughts are interrupted by Mr. Martinez, who has just entered the classroom, a wide smile on his face. "Good afternoon, class!" he says but there are no responses. Instead of looking disappointed, he merely claps, earning a snoring noise from some kid in the back of the room.

Liam honestly feels kind of bad for the English teacher, but there's nothing that he can really do.

"Anyway, I'm sure you're all dying to know what your project will be, aren't you? Of course you are!" he exclaims, not letting the lack of responses get him down. "So right now we'll be focusing on a famous young adult author. What he writes is a little young for you guys, but you're still young adults. Anybody have a guess for who it is?" he continues, his eyes sweeping the room.

No one says anything.

Although Liam pities him, he certainly does admire Mr. Martinez's enthusiasm.

"Ah, I know you're all thinking of an author but you're too afraid to answer. So I'll have to spell it out for you then, eh?" The teacher smirks and then turns around to face the whiteboard behind him. He picks up a pink dry-erase marker and begins to write something. It takes him a few seconds, but it's not long before he's finished.

He carefully steps away from the board, revealing this mystery author to the class, and then extends his arm toward the board for emphasis.


John Green.

Okay, yeah, Liam can work with that. He used to love Green a few years ago and he's already read all of his books. Nice.

"Yep, that's right! John Green is our author," Mr. Martinez's clarifies. 

A girl from the Rich Kid Clan, as he calls them, says something rude about the author having to do with her sister, but he's not really paying attention. Instead, he stares out the window where a plane flies, leaving a trail of white stuff - a contrail - behind it. 

And then the teacher replies to Hallie and begins to explain the project. Liam quickly pulls his pieces of lined paper out from his blue English folder and takes notes on what Mr. Martinez says.

His group will be using Looking For Alaska, which is coincidentally Liam's favorite John Green book, and they can use Miles (Pudge), Alaska or The Colonel to do the profile on. He stops himself from smirking, because this will be too easy. 

And, even though he doesn't have anybody he would tell, he's kind of excited for this project.

Mr. Martinez tells them to figure out what character they want to do and exchange phone numbers in order to leave class and Liam's just fine with that. He's got forty five minutes until his next class so he'll just go get a coffee off campus. Awesome!

Liam turns around and makes eye contact with Harry who sits behind him. They're a seat apart, but it feels like they're closer.

His veins freeze and memories circle around his brain of their old friendship while he starts coughing hysterically.

How is this project going to work?


The Stoners

Today, Zayn is feeling very proud of himself. He hasn't gotten drunk or done anything bad since two days ago. Well, he did go to sleep at 1 AM last night, but don't all teenagers do that? But he's sure his friends are mad at him for not going to the bonfire last night. Whatever, it's not like they did anything besides smoke there anyways. Zayn probably wasn't missing anything. He's feeling accomplished as he walks into English class, not for blowing them off, but for not drinking. However when the memory of what they're doing hits him, his mood drops. 

He has to do the project with them?

He had previously hoped that it had all been a dream.

But unfortunately, it's real.

Zayn drags himself to his desk in the back of the room, passing by two of his old friends on the way. He wants to just turn and shout at them:


But he doesn't. He just walks by gritting his teeth and collapsing into his desk when he makes it. He takes out his phone to pass the time, giving Thomas, a boy from the rich kid crew, the middle finger when he asks if he can buy some drugs later.

The boy recoils saying, "it was a test anyways. I wasn't actually serious." Zayn simply rolls his eyes and scrolls through twitter mindlessly until Mr. Martinez walks in, Diana walking in right in front of him. 

Zayn's eyes follow her to her seat and he can't help but wonder what everything would be like now if The Seventh Grade Thing hadn't happened. The group probably would've grown apart anyways, but what Zayn really wants to know is if he would be a druggie like he is now. If not, what group would he be part of?

He wants to stop thinking about it but he just can't.

Truly, the question has haunted him since a few years ago.

He had been sitting under the stairs near the cafeteria as a freshman, the "bad kids" hangout area, and had a clear view of the lunchroom and the windows that showed the courtyard, as well as the field beyond there. He saw Niall sitting with all of his preppy friends at one table. All of them had out their iPhones and were talking about how they hated when their maid cooked the wrong food for them. Then, his eyesight switched to Harry who was sitting at a lunch table a few away from Niall's. He and his friends were poring over Carter's artwork (she and Harry weren't a couple yet) and talking about the whether they could attend Lily's art show on Sunday. An outburst from the table in the corner caused him to look at Liam's table, next to the trashcan. He was sitting with a bunch of other smart kids, half of which were wearing sweater vests and glasses. Liam looked severely out of place with his non-nerd looks but he was concentrating on a paper in front of him, not paying attention to the argument over who got the math problem right, which was happening right next to him. Distant cheers filtered in through the open windows, and he focused on Louis who was high-fiving a bunch of kids outside, a wide smile on his face. The jock did a little happy dance and Zayn wanted to laugh because Louis looked dumb doing the dance. He kicked the soccer ball back into the goal and repeated the whole thing, and kept doing this for several minutes. Zayn got bored of this quickly and he looked at the last person... Diana. She was sitting outside in the courtyard and two of her friends were holding magazines, reading aloud from them while Diana herself was painting her nails. The free block luckily gave her enough time to do so. He watched in slow motion as she blew on her nails, her dark hair lifting slightly in the wind. Then she turned towards the window and their eyes met. There was no emotion coming from either of them, so it was just a blank stare. Zayn was the first one to look away, actually. He had to hide the blush rising on his cheek, somehow!

Ever since that day, seeing all of his old best friends in such different groups... it's made him wonder. 

Henry snoring a few seats next to him brings Zayn out of his thoughts abruptly. The redhead boy looks up, rubbing his head as if the entire class isn't staring at him, and Zayn smirks. 

His minds wanders off for the rest of the class until a paper reaches his desk, stating the guidelines for their project.

"Alright then, you can go once you exchange phone numbers with your partners and decide what character you'll be doing. Have a nice day," Mr. Martinez says after Zayn reads over the paper. 

And then Zayn's looking forward and he's looking at Niall while the thoughts and memories are choking him and he's wondering if maybe he is actually high and these are the effects, but knows he's not because the same thing is happening to the blonde boy. And by the looks of it, the phenomenon is occurring throughout their entire group. Zayn looks down at his paper again, not wanting to talk to any of them, only wishing that he could get out of the school and drink and drink and drink until their faces disappeared like the alcohol in a hollow glass bottle.


The Rich Kids

Niall is very grumpy. Very, very, grumpy.

Because Jeff's party last night sucked and he saw Melanie Lipsy making out with another guy and dang, he really had his eye on her. And once he remembers what he's doing in English today, his mood drops further. 

He has a frown on his face as he walks through the sunny halls of the school, and when he notices people giving him weird looks, it's all he can do to not flip them off. 

A girl asks him to donate to the Steering Committee as he passes her and he actually growls at her. Her face is disappointed and Niall thinks that maybe if he does something nice that it'll make him feel better so he stops, pulls out his wallet and tosses a crisp 50 dollar bill at her. She's so startled that she doesn't catch it and just watches the money drift to the floor with wide eyes. Her face is pale.

"Th-thank you," she says, so Niall smiles for a split second before continuing to English.

Did it help?

Nope. Not at all. But hopefully his money will help to give them a 'prom to remember', even though it probably won't. Prom is stupid anyways. He will need a date in order to go, and he will have to ask her and Niall really doesn't have time for that.

He sighs and walks through the doorway of the classroom and makes his way to his desk quickly, avoiding the stares of kids in the room. What the hell are they looking at anyway?

He sneers at most of them and then collapses in his seat, his mind stuck on the painful memory of Jeff's party. Niall showed up at the right time but it was not a real party. There was cheese and crackers and actual food and everybody but Niall had actually brought their own beer and nobody would share so he was sober and watching the girl he liked sticking her tongue down another guy's throat. As he said before, it sucked. 

When Niall finally gets his head back on straight and starts listening to what Mr. Martinez is saying, there's a pile of a few papers on his desk so he hands all but one backwards before looking at the paper in front of him. He reads it quickly and forces himself to understand what it's saying but he's still really confused. They're using John Green's books? Which one is his group using? He mentally slaps himself because Mr. Martinez probably said it and now he'll look like an idiot in front of his old friends. 

Mr. Martinez tells them to exchange information with their partners and decide what character to use - what the f*ck does that mean? - and then they go. So Niall turns around in his chair taking deep breaths in with his nose and immediately, his gaze lands on Zayn.

His eyes go wide and he shudders, remembering what good friends they used to be while the sound of the guy's laugh echoes in his head, bouncing around.

What happened to friendship?


The Artsies

Carter is sick today and Harry has been planning all day what do bring over her house. He hasn't told her that he'll be coming because he wants to keep it a surprise, but if he can't think of anything to get her, then what's the use of going?

He's frustrated with himself.

He rounds the corner going to the English room and then there's a roadblock. More like Louis Tomlinson. He's wearing his soccer jersey as usual, but his mouth falls open when he sees Harry. Hurt flashes through Harry's eyes but he quickly tries to cover off any other emotions before Louis can see. Harry can already see Louis's confusion and he curses the boy for still being able to read him so well after all these years. Not out loud, of course. But then Louis is turning around and walking in the direction that Harry is and Harry's left to look at his back on the way.

This project will be one of the first times that they've spoken since The Seventh Grade Thing. Harry shivers at the thought while he watches how Louis walks.

Louis has this way about him... Harry can't tell if it's egotistical or just a harmless confidence. Based on all he used to know about him, Harry thinks it's the latter. Louis was always very well-spoken, polite and poised, but never conceited. And he doesn't think that Louis can change that quickly.

See, Harry remembers when Louis was Little Louis. Harry remembers his obsession with scarves, striped shirts that looked small, and he remembers when Louis would crack a joke at any point. He would say things that weren't even the slightest bit true, just to make Harry laugh. Just to make all of them laugh. Harry can remember the time that Louis got dared to put duct tape all around his head and then tear it off. Louis had been able to do the first part quite easily, but was so scared to do the last bit. Harry can still see Louis's blue eyes looking up at him expectantly. He made Harry tear off the tape, but Harry almost couldn't do it; he couldn't stand seeing his best friend in pain. What a different world it had been back then. 

Harry thinks about Little Louis all the walk to English. His little blue eyes, his high voice, the sound of his laugh, how short they both had been, how his hair was back then, everything. He almost laughs out loud because Little Louis had been so hilariously ridiculous. He used to make a joke out of anything and everything and had been able to cheer up anybody, although he had been kind of weird and crazy and spontaneous. Why did he change? Everybody loved Little Louis. If Harry could communicate using only texting characters, he would say: ☹ right now.

He marches into the classroom and the first thing he sees is Louis's bowed head, hunched over his phone. As Harry makes his way to his desk, he continues looking at the boy's head, willing him to look up, but he never does. So he just sighs and sits down at his desk.

He pulls out his phone and flips through the pages on his iPhone until he finds his trusty Safari app. He clicks on it, and types into the search bar:

gifts for a sick girlfriend

because he really lacks creativity outside the art world. The page takes a few moments to load, and then hundreds of results pop up. He picks the first one, a Yahoo! Answers link.

Harry's eyebrows furrow as he sifts through the results, until a user called Meg says something that sparks a memory. Her answer is: "One of her favorite movies that she doesn't already own."

Harry likes that.

He remembers when Carter was raving about Just Like Heaven a few days ago and how she couldn't believe how she hadn't seen it before. She made a sad face about how she didn't have it and how she didn't have enough money at the moment to buy it for herself. And then Harry had kissed her cheek and made her laugh and then she was happy again.

He smiles fondly at the memory. 

And then he shuts his phone off and grabs a pen from his backpack, writing a reminder to go to the movie store on the back of his hand. No less than a second later, Mr. Martinez walks in and starts class. 

Harry isn't quite listening, but he manages to figure out that the project is both a group project and an individual project, the author they're focusing on is John Green, his group will be using Looking For Alaska, and who the characters they can choose from are.

Harry automatically, having already read the book, wants to do either Miles (Pudge) or Alaska, because their relationship has always intrigued him. Mr. Martinez then sets them off loose to exchange phone numbers and figure out what character to use. Harry almost laughs because it sure will be awkward exchanging numbers, since he hasn't deleted any of theirs. All of them probably deleted his already so he'll just look stupid. He's so caught up in this that he doesn't notice that Liam is staring at him until the 'nerd' makes a coughing noise, doubling back. So then he focuses on Liam and has to catch himself from falling out of his chair with everything that hits him. It's just a slam of memories and Harry feels like crying because he really does miss these boys- he misses his best friends.


okay hi, quick A/N: this chapter is dedicated to @vale.stayne for commenting and having a super cool conversation with me. also, I realize that the book may seem like The Breakfast Club right now or may seem stupid, but I can promise you that it won't be like that movie, and that it'll get better. I can't tell you how it won't be like the movie because then I'll give away the whole plot, but trust me. and honestly, when I thought of the idea, I wasn't thinking about The Breakfast Club. I only realized it sounded like it after. argh okay this is getting too long but thank you for reading and please comment with feedback or a prediction or something because I want to talk to you!

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oh and I meant to apologize for being stupid by choosing John Green but honestly, I know his books so well that it'll be easier for me to write. I'll try to not give away the plots of any of the books but it might be hard for Looking For Alaska so I advise you to read it before continuing. thanks!

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