Falling For U?

Zayn Malik is my best friend. Then, he leaves for the X - Factor and leaves me. I am Kayla Williance and I am 20 and now a worldwide make - up artist for celeberties. Zayn forgot about me and we meet again. I am not sure what to do when I have to do a gig with him, will I fall for him or someone else?


1. Kayla's Past & Present

Past & Present:


I was best friend's with Zayn Malik before he left me to go to the X - Factor. I later on went to school for cosmetics and hair and now am a sucsessful make - up artist & hairstylist for celeberties. I was in love with Zayn but I got over him. I am now currently dating Zack Afferon. We don't live together because he is always on a set. I am always travling for my job though and my manager just got me a gig with One Direction. I was not so sure how she got me the gig I was happy & sad. I was not sure if Zayn was going to remember or his reaction to me, I was just going to have to wait and find out.

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