The Mystery in Silent Hill

4 completely different girls are put together to make a short film for school. When strange things start happening while they start filming they find things lurking in the darkness of Silent Hill.


1. Prologue

It seemed like a peculiar group of people to be working together for a project in film class. There was Scarlett, the popular, sarcastic, blunt, in a mean way person. There was Alexandra, the brainiac of the group and the leader of the preppy clique. Then we have Kelley. She's feisty and tenacious on the field, but clueless in the classroom. Then there's the new girl, Haven. She's very timid and mysterious. Nobody really knows much about her. In film class, they were randomly put together to make a movie, obviously because they wouldn't be seen together. The only ones who've talked before were Kelley and Scarlett on the soccer team. Anyways, they planned on filming a scary movie for their project, but due to a series of events, their scary movie was becoming a reality. These opposites have to find a way to work efficiently together to get out of their horrifying start on their own silver screen.   

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