Alice is just a normal girl who happens to be bullied, but what happens when she falls in love with two boys at the same time? What will she do? Read the story to find out ;)


9. Road trip

Zayn and i got dressed and threw the rest of our stuff in our bags. Few minuets later Louis and the boys pulled up and we headed out to the car. Luckily i sat beside Lou. He kissed me on the cheek and took my hand. God these butterfly's in my stomach won't leave, i get them when I'm around Louis AND Harry. I feel like I'm slut for that, god i need to talk to someone, no not someone i need to talk to some girl, who understands what I'm going through, i guess i could maybe talk to Niall or Liam. I could never talk to Zayn about this, he would kill me and then kill Louis because he is his best friend. Before i could think about this more we pulled up to Starbucks. We ordered our usual and sat down in the nearest booth. Everyone was pretty tired so we didn't speak much, they only went over it how it will be when we come to London.

When we finished eating our breakfast we were back on the road to London. I fell asleep shortly after we started driving again. When i woke up i heard the boys talking about someone. They were talking about me. What why? "I just, she is my world, i love her so much" I think Louis said that, "You are very lucky" Harry said blankly i think. Then there was awkward silence so i decided to "wake up". 

"Morning sunshine" Harry said. "Heyy you are awake" Louis said and gave me a kiss on the forehead. I just nodded and laid my head on Louis's arm. The whole car ride they sang and fooled around.

When we arrived in London it was late so we just went to our hotel rooms and went to sleep.



Sorry for keeping you guys waiting it has been crazy couple of weeks for me, i have exams coming up so i have to focus on studying. Thank you for your patience! I hope you like it so far.



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