Alice is just a normal girl who happens to be bullied, but what happens when she falls in love with two boys at the same time? What will she do? Read the story to find out ;)


8. Lou Lou

I can‘t believe it is he going to leave me back here alone?? I think Zayn noticed how I was feeling because he asked me to come with him. I followed him and Louis out of the cafeteria and we walked into some empty classroom. I sat down in one of the chairs and stared at my nails. Louis sat down beside me and  took my hand in his. Zayn sat down on the teachers table end sighed. “You know what I’m not going to leave you here alone.”  I was a bit confused at first. “So I’m coming with you to where ever you are going?” I asked tearing up. “Yes you are” Louis said and kissed my forehead. I nodded and we went back to the cafeteria hand in hand with Louis, I think we are no longer pretending to be together, at least I am falling for him, hard.

 We sat down at the table with the rest of the boys and they talked about x-factor. I was far far  away in some deep thoughts  about life. I don’t even know why. I snapped out of that thought and decided to socialize a bit. “So when are you guys leaving?” I asked. “We leave tomorrow after school” Niall said. I noticed Harry just playing with his food, I poked him and asked him if he was ok he just nodded and gave me week smile. I’m not sure but I noticed something odd about him. I just shrugged it off and decided to speak to him later. The bell rang and we all headed in our separate direction.


After school Zayn and I drove home and packed, went to McDonalds to get something to eat and then we went back and got some rest for tomorrow.


I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. I looked at the ID and it read Louis. I answered and before I could say Hello he said “ Let’s ditch school today, all of us and just head out to London”

“Yeah sure, I would love to. Just let me talk to Zayn and then I’ll call you back” He said ok and hung up. I tried to get up but it took all my power to stand up. I was so tired. I walked into Zayn’s room and laid down on his bed. I did the most meanest thing you can do to a person when you are waking them up…  I poked him in the nose. Maybe you guys don’t think that is bad, but trust me when you do that to Zayn, he will go nuts. Haha. He almost fell on the floor and woah he was angry! But calmed down when he realized it was just me. “What do you want?” He said clearly annoyed. “Mm Louis asked me if we were up to ditch school today and just head out to London early”

“mmm yeah sure” he said not listening to me, but I don’t care, he agreed so I will call Lou.

After few rings he answered.

“Hey Lou Lou, Zayn agreed to skip school!”

“That’s great, we will probably leave at noon,  5 – 6 hours from now. “

“Ok great see you then”

“See you there, and Alice one more thing”

“What is it?”

“Don’t call me Lou Lou”

“Hahahaha ok Lou Lou, see ya later”

And then I hung up haha.   



Okay guys, so next week will be crazy for me so i probably won't be able to update. The store I'm working at is moving so i will be working every day. And I am having oral exam in English, i am also trying to go to the gym more so i wont fail in that class. So i will probably not update until after  3. november.. I'm so sorry guys.I hope you like it so far and will be able to forgive me. And remember to cmt, fan, like and fav!

-justsimplyme <3

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