Alice is just a normal girl who happens to be bullied, but what happens when she falls in love with two boys at the same time? What will she do? Read the story to find out ;)


5. Cuddle

*Ava’s P.O.V*

We were eating our food when Louis asked Harry about Iceland? What was he doing there? Harry was shocked by his question. By the look on his face I could tell he did something bad there.

“Erm.. it was ok I guess” Harry said

“Nothing exceeding?” Louis asked

“No” Harry said and giving him death glare.

Louis just nodded and we continued eating. When we finished our food Zayn asked Harry if he wanted to come to our house and play GTA with us. And he said yes. Great thanks Zayn. I don’t know but I think I have feelings for Harry. The way he smells and looks, I just melt every single time I see him. And Louis woah I don’t even know where to begin. I was pulled out of my thoughts when Louis smashed his lips on my cheek giving me electric shoots down my back.

“We are here Alice, are you going to come with us or stay in the car and make out with my best mate?” Zayn asked.

I slapped the back of his head and he pretended to be hurt, haha I love him so much but he can be so much dick and overprotective sometimes but I guess most older brothers are like that. When we got inside I decided to check my account since I haven’t in like forever.  As usual there were these mean questions that made me tear up. Unfortunately for me Zayn saw how upset I was.

“What are you doing Alice?” Zayn knows about the bullying so he probably knows what I’m doing..

“I’m just checking my ask account” I said as one tear escaped my eyes. I couldn’t lie to him, he already knows so it would only make it worse if I was lying.

“Why would you do that? You know I don’t want you to go on that site!” He said and pulled me into big hug. I love his hugs. He ran his fingers through my hair and then let me go. Ever since our parents died last summer, he has been feeling like he needs to take their place.

When I looked up at Harry he had tear in his eyes? Why? I don’t think that he cares about me so why would he be crying? Anyway I decided to go into my room and rest a little before they would play GTA, they will probably start without me but I don’t care, I’m tired so I’m just going to take a nap. When I had been lying in my bed for like 15 minutes someone opened my door and came in. I didn't bother to look up and see who it was. I didn't care. I felt someone sit on my bed and that’s when I turned around to see who it was. Louis, the boy I wanted to see. I wanted so badly to cuddle with him, I just need someone to lay for a second with, nothing else. No talking and no kissing. It’s like he read my mind. Before I knew it he wrapped his arms around me and we fell asleep. I couldn't feel any safer. It was perfect.



I'm SO SORRY for not updating! I finally had time to write one short chapter. I'm so sorry about the chapter! And i have new co-author! 


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