Teenage Dirtbag

"Just a random 17 year old living her rebellious life, doing crazy stunts that other 17 year old wouldn't dare to do...So I guess you can call me some daredevil.
I'm nothing close to girly, mostly tomboyish. I'm an Aussie and for those who don't know what an 'Aussie' is, well it's an Australian or someone from Australia, and it's easy to tell thanks to my accent. I was born on Valentines Day (weird right?), my friends are Amy, Nikki, Andy, and Mike, and of course they're going to be daredevils like me since I always hang out with them, plus I'm just a Teenage Dirtbag baby....."


2. Who are you?

"Haha, oh my god Amy!" I heard Nikki giggling.. And something touching my face? What the- "Shh, Nikki be quiet! You're gonna wake her and ruin her surprise!" Amy scolded her. "I'm sorry Am's, I just can't help it! It's just so damn funny! I can't contain my laughter!" Nikki said trying hard to contain her laughs. "There's no need t' be quiet now, since I'm awake already." I said opening my eyes causing both girls to shriek. "BLOODY HELL CAMRYN!! Don't scare us like that!" Nikki said trying to calm her breathing. "Well Ima go downstairs now! bye!" Amy said leaving the room, rather quick I might say. "Y-yea, me to." Nikki said giggling then following Amy's movements. "Well that was weird." I said quietly to my self. I stood up and got some clothes. I turn towards the mirror expecting to see my Normal self, but only seeing the opposite. Then I noticed what happened. "OH MY FUCKING GOD!! AMY KATHERINE JOHNSON, WHAT IN THE HELL DID YOU DO?!" I screeched in anger. "Oh ya know, just a regular, normal morning make over! Just the usual, plus it looked like you needed it!" She shouted back. Oh, I can already see her smirking at me. I touched my already new bright neon pink dyed hair. "YOU JUST HAD TO DYE IT PERMANENT DIDN'T YOU?!" I said, clearly pissed. "Well of course! I thought pink was your favourite?" She said innocently. "NO!! I FUCKING HATE THE COLOUR!!" I yelled stomping my foot on the ground. "Whoops!" She said, obviously smirking. Why that little bitch just loves to piss me off!!

I touched my lips and feel a liquid substance. "IS THIS LIPPY?!" I yell. "Why yes it is Camryn!" She said cheerfully. "WHERE THE HELL DID YOU EVEN GET THIS?!" I said. I don't even own lipgloss!! "YOU PUT MAKE UP ON MY FACE?!" I yelled looking at my colourful face. "Yep! Isn't it pretty?" She chirped. "I LOOK LIKE A FUCKING WHORE!!" I raged. "EVEN BETTER!! It suits you better then!!" She said laughing at the end. I growl putting on my ripped shorts and a tank-top with the 'Of Mice and Men' logo on it. I open up my closet to get my pair of black VANS only to see red heels in their place. Guess I can always get another pair of VANS. I look at each box, only to see a bunch of heels. Converse it is then! I check each box where my pairs if Converse should be in only to see the same thing I saw with the VANS.. Heels.. I can always wear my TOMS? I check the boxes and see more heels... Then it clicked... Amy... Might as well make the best of it and wear a pair, I mean it won't kill me, right?


*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*


I WAS WRONG!! COMPLETELY WRONG!! THESE HEELS ARE KILLING MY FEET!!! "Ow, ow, ow, ow, ouchy!" I winced at every step I took. "Ok Camryn you can do this! If you can manage to do thousands of deadly stunts, then you can manage to walk in heels!" I said to myself. I walked around the room, now getting the hang of it. "HAH!! Take that Amy! I can walk in heels now!" I cheered jumping up and down, before I face planted the ground. "Note to self, never jump in heels." I groaned. I got up and walked towards the mirror and brushed my hair and put it into a upside down braid bun. I walk down the stairs, careful not to fall and lose my head. "And there!" I said reaching the last step. I walk into the kitchen and grab a banana, then I head down to the music room to see Nikki, Amy and Andy doing a twitcam. "Oh look who decided to show up!" Amy exclaimed smirking. "Oh hey Cam-WOAH! What happened to you?" Andy said in shock. "Oh I don't know, maybe someone thought it would've been funny if they put make up on me and dying my hair pink PERMANENTLY!!" I said glaring at Amy. "Hah! I never thought that I'd live to see the day Camryn wore make up and pink hair!" Mike said behind me causing me to jump and face plant the gound, again. Ouch. "Oh that's got t' hurt!" Nikki winced. "Ya think?" I shot back. "Whoa, someones grumpy." Mike said helping me up. "Whatever." I mumbled sitting down in a seat crossing my arms, sending daggers at Amy with my eyes. "Sheesh,If looks could kill!" Amy chuckled. I rolled my eyes and began to read the comments from the fans. "@Rainb0wzRK00L says 'Awe, it's ok Camryn! You still look beautiful as ever!' Oh well that's sweet! THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU FOR MAKING MY DAY!" I said smiling. "@JulieSaysRawr says 'You look cute with pink hair! You should keep it like that!' I don't do 'cute`, but thank you anyways, and I'll think about it, even though I really don't fancy having pink hair!" I responded. "@ShowMeTheLuke says 'Are you wearing heels?' Yes, yes I am wearing heels." I answered her question. 'Wait you're wearing heels?!" Andy exclaimed looking down at my feet. "HOLY SHIT THATS AWESOME!! YOU'RE FINALLY WEARING HEELS!!" He yelled jumping up and down in his seat. "@TammyDaKat says 'Why?' I'm wearing heels because someone switched my collection of VANS, TOMS  and Converse with heels, so I ended up like this!" I said in one breath. "Wait so you're wearing heels for the first time in your life and you can walk perfectly fine in those and your feet don't even fucking hurt?!" Mike said surprised. "My first time? yes, How can I walk perfectly fine in them? I got the hang of it after walking in them for about half an hour, Do they hurt? They did at first, but now not so much." I shrugged.We answered some questions and laughed now and then until it was time for our twitcam to end. "Well we have to leave now! au revoir rebelles!" Andy said winking at the camera and ending the twitcam. "Aaaaand we're of to see the wizard! The wonderful wizard of Oz!" Mike stood up and danced around the room pulling me up from my seat and out the door with Nikki, Amy and Andy following us.


"Mike slow down!" I yelled at him fo about the millionth time. "Oh c'mon Camryn! Hurry we're almost there! just a few more steps and we'll be at the cachette!" He said pulling me further. "But Mike I'm wearing heels for Pete's sake!" I said trying to keep up with him. "Fine." He huffed out walking slower, but at a good pace-for me though. We were close enough to the cachette, and we started to hear noises. "Guys be quiet do you hear that?" I shushed them. "My bad, I didn't know you could hear me fart." Andy said. "Ew! What the hell? No not that! It's coming from the Cachette!" I said. Everyone stayed silent. "Yea I hear it! Those are my drums!" Nikki said. "And my guitar!" Mike said, "And my guitar too!" Amy added. "Hey Camryn isn't that your bass playing too?" Andy asked. "Yeah it is... I hear someone singing too!" I said. "THEY'VE DONE IT AGAIN! THOSE 10 YEAR OLD BRATS ARE AT IT AGAIN!!" Mike yelled in anger. "C'mon lets go before they break any thing!" I said running in the cachette with them following close behind. "GET OUT YOU LITTLE BRATS!! LEAVE OUR INSTRUMENTS ALONE!! GET OUT BEFORE WE CALL 'EM COPS ON YA!!" Amy shouted. "HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HAVE T' SAY IT!! LEAVE OUR INSTRUMENTS ALONE!! GO GET YA OWN!!" Andy yelled. "NOW GET OUT OR WE'LL MAKE YA!!" Mike said. "I SWEAR IF I CATCH YOU TOUCHING MY DRUMKIT AGAIN I WILL HURT YOU TO PIECES!!" Nikki raged. "YOU LITTLE BRATS BETTER GET OUT OR I WILL-" I stopped at mid sentence when I finally reached to the little studio and saw a bunch of guys about the same age as me or older. "Who the hell are you and what are you doing here?" I asked. "Uh I could say the same to you." The guy who was using Nikki's drum kit pointed a drum stick at me. "You didn't answer my question mate." I said rolling my eyes. "Well someone woke at wrong side of the bed." The guy with Mike's  guitar said. "Tell me about it! She's been like that all Morning!" Mike agreed. "Yea, well if only Amy didn't do this t' me I wouldn't be like this!" I said motioning to my hair, face and shoes. "Well if you didn't push me in the pool I wouldn't of done it!" Amy said. "Well if you didn't sassed at me I wouldn't of pushed you!" I yelled at her. "Ladies, ladies, ladies stop arguing!" Andy stopped us. I scoffed rolling my eyes and turned away from her crossing my arms. "Anyways, looks like we got off on the wrong foot, the name's Andrew but I go by Andy, that's Mike, this is Nicole but she goes by Nikki, my twin sister Amy and of course Camryn but you can call her Cam or Cammy." Andy introduced us. "Well nice meeting you guys, I'm Luke." Said the guy with the lip ring, holding Amy's guitar and standing in front of Andy's mic. "Michael, but I go by Mike or Mikey!" The guy with his hair dyed blond and black and holding Mike's guitar waved at us. "I'm Ashton, but you can call me Ash!" The guy wearing a bandana around his head and holding drum sticks. "Calum or Cal." The guy with black hair and holding my bass said. "It's nice meeting you guys too!" Mike said cheerfully. "Sorry if we scared you guys, we thought you were a bunch of 10 year olds messing with our instruments again." Nikki Apologized. "Nah it's ok, I think we should be the ones sorry for using your instruments." Micheal said. "Yea and for breaking in you 'Hide out'" Luke said. "Say you guys look familiar." Amy said squinting her eyes. "I agree, have we met before? actually I don't really think we have." Nikki agreed. "Oh, well we're a band, I don't know if you've heard of us but we're 'Five Seconds of Summer'" Calum smiled. "Oh yea! I've seen ya guys in the front cover of some magazines and I heard some songs by you guys on the radio!" Amy said. "You guys are pretty good." She added. "Why thank you!" Ashton said cheerily. "Well I haven't heard you guys play, but I've seen you on the cover of magazines." Nikki said. "I haven't heard you guys, hey why not play now? I'd like to hear you." I said. "Sure why not?" Michael shrugged. "Ok then lets start then." Luke said getting ready.

Back in high school we used to take it slow

Red lipstick and high heel stilettos

Had a job downtown working the servo

Had me waiting in line couldn't even let go


'Cause I don't want to be that guy,

who doesn't even get a taste

no more having to chase

to win that prize


You're just a little bit out of my limit

Its been two years now

you haven't even seen the best of me

And in my mind now I've been over this a thousand times

and its almost over

lets start over!


Back in high school we used to make up plans

Called you up one day to meet split ends


'Cause I don't want be that guy

who doesn't even get a taste

No more having to chase

to win that prize


You're just a little bit out of my limit

its been two years now

you haven't even seen the best of me

And in mind now I've been over this a thousand times

and its almost over

lets start over!

Luke stops singing and Michael plays his guitar solo, then Luke starts to sing again.

You're just a little bit out of my limit

It's been two years now

haven't even seen the best of me

and in my mind now I've been over this a thousand time

and its almost over

lets start over.

Luke stops to sing and so do the rest of the guys. "YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!" Nikki shouts startling me making me jump and face plant the ground, again. "Ow." Mumbled into the ground. I tried to stand up only to fail. I look down at my feet only to see that one of the heels broke off. "Ah fuck." I groaned and let my back hit the ground. "Stupid heels, fucking hate them!!" I said taking the shoes off and throwing them at a corner. "Well why did you wear them in the first place?" Micheal asked. "Lets just say that some people love to piss me off and they decided to switch all my shoes to those pieces of shit." I said glaring at Amy. I stood up dusting of the dirt from my clothes and knees.'GOD DAMMIT CAMRYN GET OVER IT!!" She yelled, "SAYS THE ONE WHO PRANKED ME AFTER GETTING PUSHED IN A POOL!!!" I shot back. "Are we supposed to be worried or?" Luke said look at us terrified. "Nah its alright, it happens a lot, so its normal. Now if they start to attack each other, which will probably never happen, then yes we should start to worry." Andy said. "Ok then." Michael nodded. "Hey, I'm guessing that you guys can play too? I mean since these are your instruments and all." Ashton said. "Yeah, we do in fact we are a band our selves." Mike said nodding. "Really? Whats your band name?" Calum asked. "'Les Rebelles in Town'" I answered smiling. "Wait, you mean the one band that they say that the band menmbers are also known as 'Les Rebelles de Sydney'?" Luke asked. "The one and only." Nikki said smirking. "So what you're saying is that you guys are 'Les Rebelles de Sydney'?" Ashton asked. "Yep." I said poppong the 'P'. "So you guys that did all the crazy stunts and all that daredevil stuff that Sydney's been talking about?" Michael asked surprised. "Yeah, pretty much." Andy said nodding. "Even you three girls do that?" Calum asked. "Of course we do!" Amy said smirking. All the guys had shocked expressions. "I've never met such girls like you." Luke said still shocked. "Is that supposed to be a good thing or bad thing?" I asked. "Good, defiantly good." He nodded. "Oh well than you? I guess?" I said shrugging. "Yea, your welcome." He said. "Well it's late now, and we got to leave, we'll see you tomorrow then, maybe you can play a song or two for us?" Calum said putting the bass down. "Yea sure, see ya, bye." Mike said, receiving a chorus of byes. 


Well there you go! second chapter and the guys are in it!! WOO HOO!!

Anyways hope you enjoyed it! And I here's a picture of Nikki!!


I choose Taylor Momsen.


And then there's Amy!


I chose Avril Lavigne!


Well thanks for reading! I'm putting a video of 'Out of my limit'! enjoy!




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