So Now You Want Me?


"Why, Liam?" I asked. Tears falling from my eyes like freaking Niagra Falls.

"It's just not working, Natalee,you deserve better, " he said trying to put a hand on my shoulder. I shook it off.

"No, Liam, I don't need better! I only need you! Why can't you see that?" I cried out angrily, he's all I've ever wanted, all I've ever needed in life,you know, besides water and air, but that's beside the point, and now he's just walking away because he doesn't think he's good enough? That's not the Liam Payne I know.

"Liam," I said reaching out and outting a hand on his shoulder in a weak attempt to make him stay. "Please don't go."

He turned back to look at me with tears in his, then turned back towards the door, and left, without saying anything.



I've gotten over Liam, I hardly ever think about him. I've also gotten quite good at lying


4. Chapter 4

Arieus POV (oooooooo :) look at meh! Changing POVs like a boss!)


Well that was cruel, what was her problem? I for one would love to work with One Direction. Louis Tomlinson is freaking SOL. Sex On Legs! I could stare at him for long periods at time, because he is pur-fect. Completely perfect. Not that Jacob isn’t great, he is. I love him and all, but Louis...he could have me any day, any time, any where. This just got really weird. I apologize.

Not really.

Sorry not sorry.

“What’s your problem Natalee?” Anna asked, practically reading my thoughts, you know, except for the whole ‘Louis Tomlinson could have me any day’ part. That’s my little secret.

“I just don’t want to work with them,” she said shrugging. She just doesn’t want to work with them my butt. Everyone wants to work with One Direction. They’re hot, they sing like freaking heaven, and they’re hot.

“Well, sorry to burst your little bubble, Natty, but this is big for you guys, you’re working with One Direction, and that’s final,” Josh said. Oh yeah! We’re working with One Direction! I’m like, fangirling! Oh my Jesus!

“Hey, Bari, are you okay?” Anna asked looking at me curiously.

“Um, do unicorns poop skittles?” I asked looking back at her.

“No, no they don’t.”

“Are you sure? I think they do. I’ll have to look into that,” I said pondering the mysteries of life. Just kidding, I didn’t ‘ponder’ anything. That would be weird. I don’t like thinking, let alone pondering.

“Anyway, ladies, that’s beside the point,” Josh started. “The boys are actually here so that we can start planning rehearsals.”

“Yes! They’re here! They’re here! They’re here!” I said pumping my fist up and down in a very Jersey Shore like motion. Everybody gave me awkward glances.

“What? Can’t a girl be excited?” I asked. Everyone turned back around except Jacob. Is that jealousy I detect? I think it is. Did I mention how incredibly attractive jealous? I have to applaud myself for scoring him, he’s a great catch. He can sing, play guitar, write music, and he’s hella cute. However, don’t get your panties in a twist thinking he’s perfect. Because, if I let my inner black girl out, ‘Gurl, he aint nothin but fried chicken without hot sauce!’ Meaning; he’s great, but not perfect. He snores like a elephant on steroids, and he hates shopping. Like, what?

“Anyway, like I was saying, we should be expecting the boys in about, um, I don’t know fiv-” Josh was interrupted by the door opening and laughing filling the air. Oh! I know that laugh anywhere!


I literally jumped from the couch and into his arms. Like, legit no joke. He stumbled and fell back looking up at me like I was some crazy psycho path as I got up.

“Uh, hi?” He asked looking at me awkwardly.

“Sorry, I’m a bit of a fan,” I said smiling, not really sorry at all.

“No problem, babe,” He said smiling back at me. Holy cheese fries! Louis freaking Tomlinson just smiled at me. I can feel my heart beating in my chest. By beating, I mean trying to escape my rib cage. My heart never went this fast, not even when I sprinted.

“Hey, babe, why don’t you come over here, baby. Don’t you want to sit with your boyfriend? I have some pictures from our last date that I wanted to show you,” Jacob said, putting his arm around my waist and guiding me towards the couch, continuously glaring over his shoulder at Louis who  was just standing there looking highly amused. The boys beside them trying their best not to laugh.

“Someone’s a little jealous, aren’t we, Jacob?” Josh asked, no longer trying to keep his laughter in.

“What? Me? Jealous? Why would I be jealous? He’s got nothing on me!” he stated proudly, puffing his chest out.

“Uh-huh, sure,” Nat’s dad said from the corner of the room.

Josh got up from his desk and walked over to where the boys were standing.

“Hey, guys! I’m Josh, the girls’ manager,” he said shaking hands with each of the boys.

They made their way over to the couch that sat next to the one we were on, that I surprisingly didn’t notice before, and took a seat before stating their names, which was highly unnecessary by the way. I know who they are. That sounded creepy.

Natalee’s POV

“I’m Liam.”

No, you’re big headed boo-boo caca head!

That sounded a lot better in my head.

No it didn’t. I lied.

“I’m Anna,” I heard Anna say next.

“I’m Jennifer!” Arieus said. This had become a normal routine for us. I found it retarted, but the fans loved it, so Arieus kept doing it. When asked for her name, our when we were introducing ourselves at interviews, she would either answer ‘I’m jennifer’ or ‘I’m not Jennifer’.

“No you’re not,” we all said in monotone. Even my dad had caught on. It takes a long time for him to catch on.

“You guys suck!” she said. “Fine, I’m Arieus, but I prefer ‘Queen Awesome Socks of the land of Swag’.” And now they think that we’re freaks, not that I care what they think.

“And I’m Natalee,” I said looking directly into Liam’s eyes. Like, in a creepy way. Oops. Sorry not sorry.

“And we’re the Unicorns!” Arieus shouted out from her position on Jacob’s lap, who was still glaring at Louis like there was no tomorrow.

“No we’re not,” Anna and I said at the same time. Arieus pouted folding her arms across her chest and leaning back into Jacob.

“You guys are no fun,” she mumbled.

“Aw!  I’m sorry my beautiful Barf-frog! I still love you!” Anna said, leaping into Arieus causing them to both fall to the ground in laughing ball of sweatshirts, dark hair.

“Hey! I’m feeling a little left out here, guys!” I said. Jacob pulled me into his arms screaming,

“No! I won’t let them take you! You’re all I have left! They already took my girlfriend!”

I began laughing when I heard someone clear their throat.

“Now I’m the one feeling left out!” Josh said leaning back in his chair. His ROLLY chair that he never let me sit in.

“Haha! You can’t play because you have to act all business-y! Sucks to suck!” I said sticking my tongue out at him like the four year old I am.

“Um, I don’t mean to interrupt or anything, but if I can’t join in on the fun,” Louis started looking to Jacob. It was obvious they were having a conversation with their faces.

‘I want to play!’

‘I will not let you roll around on the floor with my girlfriend!’


‘Girlfriend stealer.”

“I think we should get some work done,” he continued, looking up at Josh.

“Ew! Gross! Work! I’m getting out of here!” My dad said, already at the door. He was never one for business, that’s why being a sports announcer was the ‘best job for him’.

He was out of the room without a second glance, and the room settled into an uncomfortable silence.






“Okay, um, so, what song did you want to do?” Liam spoke up looking at us. Well. technically looking at Anna and Arieus.

“I wanted to do ‘Stay’ by my homegirl Ri-Ri!”  Arieus said at the same time Anna said,

“‘Just Give Me a Reason’ by P!nk!”

“I like both of those options!” Liam said smiling.

“I like both of those options!” I mocked him under my breath, moving my like it was talking.

“What?” Liam asked.

“None of your bees-wax!” I snapped glaring at him.

“Can I talk to you for a minute?” he asked, standing up. “Alone?”

“Anything you have to say to me can be said in front of my friends,” I stated looking up at him.

“Natalee,” he said sternly. Jesus, give me a break dude. I don’t want to talk to you. Don’t you get it.

I followed after him anyway. When we made it out of the room, and the door closed I turned around.

“What?” I snapped.

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