So Now You Want Me?


"Why, Liam?" I asked. Tears falling from my eyes like freaking Niagra Falls.

"It's just not working, Natalee,you deserve better, " he said trying to put a hand on my shoulder. I shook it off.

"No, Liam, I don't need better! I only need you! Why can't you see that?" I cried out angrily, he's all I've ever wanted, all I've ever needed in life,you know, besides water and air, but that's beside the point, and now he's just walking away because he doesn't think he's good enough? That's not the Liam Payne I know.

"Liam," I said reaching out and outting a hand on his shoulder in a weak attempt to make him stay. "Please don't go."

He turned back to look at me with tears in his, then turned back towards the door, and left, without saying anything.



I've gotten over Liam, I hardly ever think about him. I've also gotten quite good at lying


3. Chapter 3

"Anna!" I yelled into the face of the girl standing before me. "Oh my God! I missed you so much! I almost died! Oh God, don't ever leave me again!" I said clinging on Anna as if my life depended on it.

"I've been gone for like a week," she said chuckling. "But, I missed you, too, nonetheless," she said smiling.

"Hey, Anna," my dad said from inside the room sitting down on one of the incredibly comfortable looking chairs.

"Hey, Mark!" Anna said pushing me off her body so she could turn around.

"Where's Barf-frog?" I asked seeing as my other bestie wasn't here greeting her queen with a bow. Which reminds me, Anna hasn't bowed yet, I'll have to work in that.

"Barf-frog?" My father questioned. Haha, father. Who says father anymore? Luke, I am your father! Haha! I'm funny, you can be jealous, it's okay.

"It's what we call Arieus. Long story," Anna said shrugging. It actually wasn't a long story, our friend Elysa thought that Anna had saved Arieus' phone number as Barieus, which she actually had, but she read it as Barfieus. She then decided that Barfieus sounded more like Barf-frog, and that she should forever be called Barf-frog. Nothing else. It just kinda caught on.

"Well aren't you just a group of creative kids?" My dad said raising his eyebrows.

"Who's a group of creative kids? Me? Yes, yes I am. Ladies and gentlemans, Arieus Reames, the ninja-unicorn-Pegasus-dragonslayer-lady has arrived, accompanied by her lovely side-kick, Jacob! You can bow down now," Arieus said walking into the room looking like a 'supermodel'. Her hair was in one of those messy bun things that everyone can do except me, and she was wearing a sweatshirt, that was clearly Jacobs seeing as it was a good two sizes too big, and leggings. Only she would look good wearing that. Wait, never mind, I was wearing the same thing, and I looked hella attractive. Just saying.

Hash tag I look good

Hash tag I'm so gangsta

Hash tag I'm done now

Hash tag bye

"Arieus! ERMAHGERD! I've missed you!" I can't believe it's been like an entire week!" I yelled running over to Arieus and pushing Jacob out of the way seeing as he was blocking my wifey.

"Natalee! I've missed you like Jacob misses me when I go on tour!" She said tackling me even though I initiated the football approach.

"Hey!" Jacob said. "What was that supposed to mean?" He asked offended.

"Nothing, babe, nothing," Arieus said patting his head.

He slapped her hand away huffing, and went to sit with my dad. They started having some type of 'manly' conversation.

"So, what have my precious munchkin mushrooms been up to?" Arieus asked sitting on the couch in front of the desk, propping her feet up.

"Well, I went back up to Arizona to visit my family!" I said laying down on the couch putting my head on her lap.

"I went and ate food!" Anna said proudly lifting my feet up, sitting down, and replacing my legs on her lap.

"Me too!" Arieus said high-fiving Anna across the couch.

I swear, those two eat all the time, and what happens? Nothing. Nothing at all. I mean, I guess they work out, like, more than they need to, but they claim it, 'gives them an escape'. That's the largest load if crap I've ever heard. They only go to see cute topless guys.

"Ahem!" I heard from the corner where my dad and Jacob were sitting.

"Oh yeah, and I hung out with that guy,' Arieus said pointing a thumb towards Jacob who was smiling sarcastically.

"Aww! How sweet, glad to know you care!" He said sarcastically, his voice was almost as sarcastic as his smile, which was saying a lot.

They really were the cutest couple! I still ship Narieus. That's me and Arieus, just in case you were wondering.

"I still love you, Jacob!" Anna said flinging herself off the couch and into Jacob's arms, laughing like a wild maniac.

"Aw! My snugly-wuggly-Anna-poo!" Jacob said rocking her back and forth snuggling her into his chest.

"Ew! Gross! PDA!" I shouted just as Josh walked in.

" Joshy-woshy! I missed you!" I shouted jumping up and into his arms. It seems we have a thing for hugs. What can I say? I love hugs! A lot. Probably more than I should. Whatever. YOLO. Oh my, I said it again, I'm sorry, you have every right to de-friend me.

"Hey there, Nat!" He said as I pushed off laying back down on Arieus.

"Hey bro!" Arieus said. Arieus and Josh were actually brother and sister. Their mom was from London, and their father was from Africa, so they have this really awesome skin tone and really awesome accents. I'm from Arizona. That's it. Nothing fancy about me. Anna's, well, Anna was born and raised a Texan! Yee-hah! Actually, apparently the part of Texas she's from, Austin, they don't say anything like that. At all.

" Sup funny looking?" He said pushing her feet of the desk.

"Hey!" She yelled.

"Hello, Josh," Anna said leaving Jacob and joining the QotSP and Arieus the 'ninja-unicorn-Pegasus-dragons layer-lady'.

"Anna," he said nodding in her direction. They had this really strange relationship. It was very, very formal.

I find it weird, because neither of them are formal people. Something must be going on between them...

"So, I'm assuming you want to know why I've called you in," he continued glancing at each of us. I knew our break was over and we started recording next week, so I couldn't imagine what he wanted to talk to us about.

"Well, they're hosting a battle of the bands competition for charity, and we, meaning DP records and you guys, are invited!" He said cheering.

"Yay! Battle of the bands! Who are we going up against? Is anyone joining our group? What song are we going to sing? When do we start practicing?" I ask, rambling off questions in a way that would hopefully express how excited I was.

"Well, Natalee, you guys remember Uncle Simon right?" We all nodded.

"Well, he has group joining as well and we decided to combine you two,"

"And? Who's joining us? Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!" Anna said jumping up and down on the couch.

"One Direction!"

Oh. Hell. No.


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