So Now You Want Me?


"Why, Liam?" I asked. Tears falling from my eyes like freaking Niagra Falls.

"It's just not working, Natalee,you deserve better, " he said trying to put a hand on my shoulder. I shook it off.

"No, Liam, I don't need better! I only need you! Why can't you see that?" I cried out angrily, he's all I've ever wanted, all I've ever needed in life,you know, besides water and air, but that's beside the point, and now he's just walking away because he doesn't think he's good enough? That's not the Liam Payne I know.

"Liam," I said reaching out and outting a hand on his shoulder in a weak attempt to make him stay. "Please don't go."

He turned back to look at me with tears in his, then turned back towards the door, and left, without saying anything.



I've gotten over Liam, I hardly ever think about him. I've also gotten quite good at lying


1. Chapter 1

I sat in my apartment glaring at the T.V. All you ever hear is blah blah blah blah, One Direction, blah blah blah, 1D, blah blah blah, Directioner! It gets so annoying. Like, seriously, people? Don’t you have anything better to do with your lives? Apparently not. Clearly, because every hormonal female teenager in the entire world is sitting on their laptops tweeting about One Direction, or writing some fan fiction. I, honestly, could care less about One Direction, their music, or what their fans do, if it weren’t for one person in the band. One single person that made me despise every tiny little thing about them.


Liam, Liam James Payne. I can’t believe I actually thought his name. I need to go wash my mind out with soap. I absolutely hate ‘Daddy Direction’. Everything about him makes me want to burn my eyeballs, or puke my guts out. Everyone thinks he’s so perfect. He treats girls with respect, doesn’t judge a girl, well, to put it simply, they’re wrong... but no one wants to go into detail about that right no-


“Natalee? Are you ready? The limo is here!” My manager called out from the doorway. Who gave her a key? Why on Earth did I think giving her a key would be a good idea? Nice going Natalee, now she can creep up on you. You’re going to have to sleep with one eye open.


“But I don’t wanna go!” I whined as I ‘got up’ from the couch, which could probably be better described as grumpy cat walking like zombie.


“Too bad, Nat,” she said in monotone using the name she only used for me when she was annoyed.


“Fine, Mrs. Sunshine,” I said sarcastically seeing as she was just about but Mrs. Sunshine. If we wanted to get technical, we could go with names like, Mrs. Satan, Satan’s mother, The Wife of Satan, Satan’s child, just about anything that had to do with her and Satan being in some shape, or form related.


“Fix your attitude, and grab your bags,” she said sternly pointing to the four million bags sitting, not-so-neatly, by the door waiting for someone to carry them out to the limo.


“But they’re heavy!” I complained stompin around my living room with my arms across my chest pouting like a four year old boy who just got his power rangers taken away.


“Then I’ll send someone up to get them, but you need to hurry, and get your pop star behind down to that limo, or we’ll miss our flight, and won’t make it to London until Wednesday,” she said walking out of the door, already starting a conversation on one of her many phones about my whereabouts for tomorrow, Tuesday, and Wednesday.


I picked up my phone from the coffee table that was in the middle of the living room, even though I’m not sure why I still call it a coffee table considering I don’t drink coffee, I should call it a Diet Dr. Pepper table, yeah, I’ll do that.


I took one quick glance around the apartment making sure I hadn’t forgotten anything that I may need on this trip, and made my way out the door skipping down the hallway, despite the fact that it was two thirty in the morning, and I’d had a measly four hours to sleep.


When I got in the elevator I pressed all the even numbers between one and fifty-two. I smiled to myself and let out this noise that I would call a laugh, however I don’t think that anyone who could hear would classify this as a laugh, more like a tone-deaf llama trying to make seal mating calls. I don’t even know what that sounds like, but I’d have to imagine it sounds better than my laughing does.


You see, when I’m sleep deprived I go into this mental state that resembles that of an incredibly drunk man. It proves difficult to make rational decisions, or come up with legitimate answers to questions, so when my manager asked me why it had taken me so long to get down stairs, our conversation went a little like this,


“Natalee, what took you so long? Your bags are already here, and they had to make three trips, plus the elevator wasn’t working.”


“I just wanted to explore the world,” I said pouting as I sat in the backseat, and draped the blanket, that had been thrown across the seat, over my body and closing my eyes.


“What world, exactly, was there to explore?” She asked annoyed.


“The Unicorn Land. You, Mrs. Sunshine, of all people should know all about The Unicorn Land,” I said while yawning, and snuggling further into the seat.


She gave up with a sigh, giving the driver directions as to where we were going.


I was shaken awake by my manager, who was angrily yelling at people about not getting my bags to the plane fast enough.


I opened my eyes, trying very hard to do it like they do in the commercials, you know the ones where all the birds were chirping and they stretch their arms, and yawn, all while looking beautiful? Yeah, I tried doing that, but I’m pretty I sure it didn’t work out correctly since I ended up on the floor of the limo.


“Hurry up, Honey Buns,” my manager called out. ‘You can sleep on the plane.”


I walked, once again like a zombie, out of the limo and over towards the plane, where I ever so gracefully, climbed the steps, before running towards the first seat I saw, and collapsing down onto it.


I dreamt of unicorns, and gum drops, and candy canes the entire flight. I woke up happy, and energized, actually excited for the meeting I was supposed to be at in like, an hour, but all my happiness was over when I stepped out of the plane, stretching like a monkey, and probably looking like one too, and saw his face.

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