Girl meets boy

join Hannahs journey! She ges to the oh so cute one directions concert! will they like her? hate her? do you Belive in fate?


5. Tears

Normal p.o.v

He sighned one last photo. He walked to me and sat down. Out sides almost tuching. "Im so" he started to say. I placed a fainger on his mouth. "Your ok, I understand" i said. He got up and held his hand out to me. Right before i grabbed itsomeone knocked me over. I got up. It was the same girl that pulled my hair at the mall. She took a running start. She grabbed my hair and knocked me onto the ground, making me land on my wrist. "Harry" i screamed! He came running over. he pulled her off of me. He told her to stop. but in the middle of that she kissed him. My face turned red with anger. I stood up. I was just about to punch her when Harry caught my face. He simply removed her and came to me. He grabbed my wrist and i yelped in pain. He looked at it. It was all brused. He took my other hand and we walked t the limo. I could see pain on his face. When we got to the house he rapped it and put ice on it. The boys asked what happened. I explained everything. They were speackless. Theyeventually left. It was just me and Harry.He looked me in the face.

Harry's p.o.v

I keep getting her hurt. I cant stand to see her in pain. Its all my fult. She deserves better. Maybe one of the other lads can take care of her better than i can. I love her too much to let this keep happaning. I thought this would be easy. I cant bealive it. I have to break both of our hearts. For her saft, for the better of her. Hopefully she can Happly move on.

Normal p.o.v


"I keep getting you hurt. Its not safe for you to be around me. Maybe we should stop us" he said. I could feel my eyes getting watery. "Its not your fault. it never has. It dosent matter what happends. I love you" i said. A tear went down my cheek. "Im sorry love" he said. He kissed me on the forehead. Then he got up and left.  That was the end of us. I felt sick. I needed fresh hair. I went outside and sat on the fronch porch steps. I tried to hold back the tears.

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