Girl meets boy

join Hannahs journey! She ges to the oh so cute one directions concert! will they like her? hate her? do you Belive in fate?


9. Suprize

At first i did not move. Then i kissed him back. I realized i Love him more than anything in the world. He is the only thing i have. He pulled bak. He smiled, a unsure smile. With my answering smile his turned into a full blown grin. He takes my hand and Leads me down the stairs.
    When we reach the kitchen the boys smiled at us. "Welcome back" Liam said. Harry looked down at me. We shared a brief smile. We sat down for dinner. The boys were Talking like usual. I thought about everything i have gone through. It seemed like an endless list. 
  At the end of dinner i was beat. I went To mine and Harrys room. I grabbed one of his shirts. i put it on. By the time i finished Harry slipped in. He walked up to e and wrapped his arms around my waist.
  "Tired Love" He asked smiling at me. I nodded my head rubbing my eyes. He chuckled at me. He placed a kiss on my head. He stripped down to is boxers. we Laid down. I put my head on his chest. he put his arms around me. "You know you have never told me your birthday" harry stated. I smiled. "November 21st" i relied. I kissed his chest and fell into a deep sleep.
                                                   ***The next day***
  When i woke up where Harry was is just empty space. I put shorts under Harrys long shirt. Right before i turned around arms wrapped around me. I turned around. There stood Harry. "Happy Birthday Baby" he said. I giggled. "Thanks". He kissed me passionately. he Pulled back. he put a blindfold on my eyes. "How am i supposed to get down stairs" i asked. Harry chuckled. "I got it covered. He picked me u bridal style and carried me down the stairs. 
   Harry Finally stopped moving. he gently laced me on the ground. "Ready"? he asked. I nodded my head. He removed my blindfold. There was a baby blue box with pink polka dots and ribbon on top. "Aww Its so pretty" I gush! "Its inside the box Hannah" he said. "Oh" i replied. I giggled at myself. I walked over to the box. I Heard a sneeze.
   "Did it just sneeze" I said laughing. Harry chuckled and shrugged. I Opened the box. There was a pug. "How did you know i have always wanted a pug" i asked. he chuckled. "I did not it was a lucky guess" he admitted. I pecked him on the lips. "Have you named him" i asked. he shook his head. "How about T-Bone" I asked. "sounds perfect" harry relied. A deep voice was heard from behind us. "Harry You got competition now" they joked. I turned around to see Louis. I giggled. "No one can resist the cupcake face" he said. he did the face. I smiled at him. "I can" Louis replied. Harry smiled and playfully punched him in the arm. Louis walked away.
    That night Harry told me he was going to take me out. so here i am getting ready. I have on a long tight fitting dress with black boots. Topped off with smokey eye shadow and nude lip glossed lips. I just finished straightening my hair. T-bone ran up the stairs. He licked and slobbered all on my dress. "T-Bone" i yelled! Niall came out his room. He laughed. I whined my dress and walked down stairs. There was all the boys in tuxes. Harry grabbed my hand. We walked outside. there was thousands of screaming girls. The girl who pulled my hair happened to be in the front row. She stared me down. I was about to say something when-

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