Girl meets boy

join Hannahs journey! She ges to the oh so cute one directions concert! will they like her? hate her? do you Belive in fate?


3. Mall

Harry's Pov

The lads and i heard Hannah scream. We rushed into the house. of course i was the first one in. I found her lying on the floor crying Her make up was running down her face. Liam picked her up and put her on the couch. I grabbed her hand and looked at her beatiful face. "hats wrong" Niall asked. "my.. my... but" she studdered. I sat next to her and pulled her in my lap.

Normal p.o.v


He rocked me back in forth. I cried into his chest. After a while the tears finnially stop. I look up. Only Harry and Liam are there. Liam looked at me very worriedly. "What wrong Hannah" he asked me. " I was watching the news and *sniff* I saw my house on fire and *sniff* My parents were found dead and *sniff* I burt my hand *sniff*" i said holding out my hand. I begain to cry a little again. Harry pulled me close. Liam left to tell the others what happened. Harry lifted my head. I looked into thoose green eyes again. "Dont worry love, It will be ok i promise. If it makes you feel better I love you" He said. I was shocked. He started to look at my lips. He kisses me for a few seconds then backed away. I smiled. "It does" i said. I tucked my head into his neck. Then his phone rung. I put my head on his shoulder then. he put his arm around me then answered the phone. "Ok, Ok, we will be there, bye" he said in a painfull tone. then it hit me. He is in pain because I am. I need to taughin up. I need to be strong, not for just myself, but for him to. "Who was that" I asked in a angel voice. He smiled a little. "We have to do a photo shoot then a concert this afternoon" he replyed. "Oh, ok then" i said not knowing what else to. "Of course you will go with us right" he asked full of hope. "As long as im not a bother" i said shyly. he smiled. "Lets go get you clothes" he said taking my hands. "Another thing you should know about me, I hate shopping" I said giggling barley being able to finnish of how silly that sounds. "Well this sexy beast will be there so it will be fun" he said winking at me. I giggled and blushed. "Oh my harre" I said i messed up his hair. " There are clothes in ym bathroom waiting for you love" He said. I kissed his cheeck then went up stairs. He called the lads in while i washed my face off and got dressed like this:  I asked Liam if i could borrow his strightning iron. Harry insested i was fine though. He gave me his brush to brush my hair. I groaned realizing i had no make up. Niall came to the door. "You alright sweet thing"? he asked. " I dont have any makeup" i said. he smiled at me. "You are beautiful without it" he said. I smiled at him. "Thanks Nialler" I said. i huged him then walked out the bathroom. Once everyone was done we hoppend in to Limo. Again, seince there was no space for me i sat on Harry. He locked his arms around me. He put his chin on my shoulder. I told the guys how bad i felt about them spening there money on me. Of course they said it was fine and that they wanted too. When we got to the Mall it was fine at first.When i was in the store picking out stuff girls begain to line up outside. Lastly we stopped at the dress tore. I found a beautiful blue dress. They all liked it on me. On the way out the girls were screaming and going nuts! Harry grabbed my hand and helped me threw them. One girl grabbed my hair and told me to back off harry. he gave them a look. she let go. He put his arm around me pretectivly all the way into the Limo. Once i sat in his lap he asked "are you alright"? "nothing i cant deal with" i said flatly. In the corrner of my eye i was him frown a bit. "They have never done that before" he said in a wondering tone. zayn snapped his faingers. "They are jelous of her" he said full of himself. Liam agreed. out of no where Harry said "Well they are going to have to deal with it" He said. All the boys nodded in agreement. 

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